Kuta is the top spot to spend your holiday in Bali. This area is big, with many top attractions and food. Restaurants in Kuta are the places you have to visit when you are on holiday. It will give you the best experience while enjoying the food on your plate.

There are many reasons why you should have the best dishes here. Besides choosing the best fresh food, the ambiance in the restaurants is exciting. Your eating experience is going to be unforgettable. Here are some reasons why you should eat in some top restaurants in Kuta.

Why You Have to Eat at Restaurants in Kuta

1. Balinese cuisines

If you are trying Balinese cuisine, coming to Kuta is the best choice. Kuta has many warungs or restaurants that serve Balinese cuisine with original flavor. The tourists will be amazed at the flavor because it is tastier than other meals. Plus, it spices up with Indonesian original spices.

Balinese cuisines are not disappointing. After all, you can try a lot of dishes and side dishes here. The price is also affordable for tourists, both domestic and foreign. They usually serve the dishes with a traditional style platter for local cuisines. You might never find it in other places.

The restaurants serve the dishes with fresh ingredients too. For vegan or gluten-free, the restaurants have special offers for the guests. Usually, the most delicious cuisines of Balinese are sold in smaller restaurants with local architecture and the owner is also a Balinese.

2. More international cuisine

It is normal for a foreign tourist wants some international cuisines that are the same as they enjoy at home. Kuta has many restaurants and cafes that serve international cuisine. Most of them are authentic westerns but with local ingredients. But don’t worry, the taste is excellent.

Before you are going to one of the restaurants in Bali that serves international cuisine, you had better seek further information about the menu they have. Restaurants in Kuta have places where you can get international dishes in general, and the rest are more specific to a particular country’s specialties.

Where to eat Kuta Bali that have international cuisines? They usually have big-size restaurants with contemporary designs, both interior, and exterior. The price will depend on how popular the restaurant is. You can try some signatures by visiting the specific restaurant that is suitable for your taste bud.

3. Competitive price

The best restaurants in Kuta have competitive prices. This is the reason why many tourists choose Kuta to have a beautiful vacation and try some of the best dishes. There are many restaurants and cafes in this area and they serve with a little gap in the price for the same kind of dishes.

Each restaurant also serves the best ingredients to serve the plates to the guests. You’ll have a delicious meal and won’t think that the restaurants will trap you with the bill. You’ll find similar prices at other restaurants in the Kuta area, so you won’t experience any losses after paying the bill.

For cheaper food, you can try the restaurants that have small-sized buildings. They might not be instagramable to flex on your social media, but the food is still amazing at reasonable prices. Cafes and restaurants compete with one another to get more guests by serving cheaper food.

It’s a different story if you only want to try the food that is served in a grand restaurant. They charge you more for plate design and service from the chef. Restaurants in Kuta are simpler than in other areas such as Nusa Dua and Sanur which have numerous fancy restaurants.

4. Gets some live music

Live music in Bali? You can get it for free when you are enjoying your dishes at restaurants in Kuta. Some restaurants have a mini stage inside or outside the venue. The musician can be the popular one in Indonesia or the visitors who are willing to contribute to the entertainment.

Live music while eating at the restaurant in Kuta will improve your happiness since it’s way memorable for the visitors. This experience is on another level than listening to the MP3 that the staff plays through the speaker. This is why eating in Kuta is wholesome for the experience.

The singers themselves can be the real singer that the restaurants invite. If you are willing to contribute to their entertainment, you can book the stage and sing with some instruments they provide. As long as you are doing it greatly, other guests will be entertained too.

However, this experience might not apply to all restaurants in Kuta. For example, Hard Rock Cafe in Kuta provides live music every day because the theme of their restaurant is lice music. Smaller restaurants might not provide this restaurant because of the limited space they have.

5. Beach view

Another reason to have a great eating experience in Kuta Bali is their beach view. Some restaurants have a beach view when you are inside or outside the restaurant. It’s a whole new mood to have a good time, either in the afternoon or in the evening. The Beach view in Kuta is the best, after all.

Most restaurants in Kuta have open spaces and open seating. It’s either the main building or the rooftop. The guests can enjoy their dishes at the place they want. However, the demands are high for some open seating. You can book a table before you are going to the restaurants to have the perfect spot.

The beach view while eating is the most beautiful when you are enjoying the afternoon. Sunset moment in Kuta Bali is a memorable moment that you have to enjoy or capture with your camera. While drinking your favorite coffee and some snacks, you can witness the beauty of the sun setting at Kuta Beach.

Some restaurants might charge you more for special seating since it is a high-demand spot. You can contact the restaurant that you will come to beforehand and request a special seat. Eating alone or with your fellas, the beach view will spoil your vacation in Kuta.

6. Eat and party

Having a party after eating at a restaurant in Kuta? Why not? Some fine dining Kuta provide a dance floor or a big arena to have some parties. Even though it is not an everyday agenda, you can choose a place where it holds a party on a particular day.

Usually, the restaurants will invite a DJ to come to the restaurants to play the music. For the time before 8 PM, the nuance is still casual. The DJ might only play some music to entertain all visitors having casual dining and famous dining spot.

When it reaches after 8, the restaurants will open the dance floor and start to play dance party music. The guests can go to the dance floor without additional charge. After they have some dishes, they can join the party. The nuance of the restaurant will change into a party mood.

Even so, not all restaurants will hold a party at their restaurant. It needs a very large area to accommodate the visitors who will join the party. Since the restaurant is different from than bar, the party might not be that hardcore to appreciate other guests who only have fine dining on their seats.

7. Back to nature

The back-to-nature theme is more popular not only in Ubud but also in Kuta. Some restaurants in Kuta offer different vibes than the normal ones. Though the beach view is the top priority to offer the best experience while eating, some restaurants have a back-to-nature concept.

Some restaurants were built in the middle of a paddy farm. It’s quite far from the beach arena in Kuta, but it’s a new atmosphere for some visitors, especially foreigners. You eat the dishes with greenery and a tropical vibe around you. The restaurant usually has decks.

Another option for going back to nature is the restaurant that has some fish ponds. The place the guests will sit in is the gazebo with a fish pond under it. As for eating, you can feed the fish with the food you can get from the staff for free. Plenty of restaurants have this concept, but they are farther from the beach.

8. Relaxing ambiance

The relaxing ambiance is the reason why more people come to Kuta than other places. Kuta is less crowded even though this area is also one of the biggest spots for tourists to visit, both domestic and foreign. It is more relaxing because it feels like home, with many locals around.

The traffic in Kuta is also not as bad as in other areas such as Nusa Dua, Sanur, and Canggu. The street has fewer private vehicles such as cars and motorbikes. It is very promising to get a relaxing ambiance while eating in many restaurants in Bali.

The restaurants are less crowded too even though it is at peak hour. You can enjoy the table in the restaurants without making any reservations just to have a nice breakfast and brunch. Just come directly to the restaurants you want, and you will have a seating area to sit and eat the dishes.

Restaurants in Kuta not only serve the full delicious food, but also authentic flavor and ambiance. The visitor can enjoy the food with beautiful scenery around the restaurants. At affordable prices, it is perfect to try many dishes they have.


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Angela Julie

Angela Julie is an Australian-born freelance writer and world traveller. Based in Bali, this free spirited adventure addict, with long hair and sandy feet, is always in search of wonders off the beaten...