It is crucial for tourists who visit Bali to think about the choices of transportation in Bali for tourists. It helps find the best option to reach some spots without sacrificing the traveling experience. Without a doubt, there are several transportation modes available for tourists to consider.

Of course, many factors come with different options. Thus, it is important to know about it before having a holiday trip to Bali. So, what are the crucial things about this particular matter to consider?

Personal Preferences For Transportation in Bali

Without a doubt, the matter of transportation in Bali comes to the personal preferences of the tourists. It depends on the desired traveling experience in Bali. For example, those who want to optimize their comfort on the road can consider booking a car in any available car rental on the island. On the other hand, those who want to go through small back alleys and interact with the locals can consider riding either a motorcycle or scooter. That is just the start on the matter of personal preferences, indeed. 

There are more things to consider according to individual preferences. In many ways, getting around in Bali is easy. One can even walk down the streets to reach some of the popular spots on the island. It leads to the matter of cost when choosing a transport to get to one place after another in Bali. Without a doubt, renting a car will be more expensive than a motorcycle. The cost of each mode of transport has to be within the consideration when choosing one of the available options.

Furthermore, the availability of online transportation in Bali for tourists these days adds up to the choices. Tourists can get to one place by ordering a specific ride using a smartphone. It is the perfect choice for those who want to have freedom when exploring the island of paradise. There are no limitations regarding the spots to get the ride as well as the time to be at a particular location. See, there are several choices already which can be beneficial to accommodate different preferences. 

Spots Considerations

Best Transportation in bali

Another thing to consider about Bali travel & transportation services is the places to visit. Without a doubt, some places are only accessible by using certain vehicles. Some spots are even only accessible through water or air transport. Of course, it affects the available choices of transport to take. Therefore, it is fundamental to think about the places to visit in Bali beforehand. It will affect the choices of transport as well as the cost to pay for it. So, put that matter into consideration as well.

When it comes to the variety of places to visit in Bali, there will always be the so-called busy hours. It means that there will be a time when most tourists will visit the place. At this point, the cost of transportation in Bali for tourists can be different from regular hours when there are not many visitors to the locations. It affects the consideration to have in mind regarding transportation itself, indeed. It is best to avoid the busy hours to save a bit on the transportation cost itself. 

It is best to think about visiting places in one region on one go. It reduces the cost to pay for transport. For example, plan to go to a beach, an art gallery and a traditional market on one go in one location. For example, think of the location of the Canggu accommodation of choice before deciding which places to visit. Without a doubt, it affects the available choices of transport as well as the cost to have one of them. 

Travel Packages

transportation in Bali for tourists

The matter of transportation in Bali for tourists is often included in the tour or travel packages of choice. Any available choice on that thing will include certain places in its itinerary. More importantly, the means of transportation to reach those places are also included in the package. It is the best way of securing transport without having to consider many things beforehand. Usually, the tour agents will find the most appropriate type of transport according to the spots included in the package. 

Nevertheless, it is fundamental to think about the cost of the tour package before choosing one. Choosing one that comes without transport can be cheaper on some occasions. It can be beneficial for those who have a rather limited budget. At this point, it comes back to the matter of personal preferences of the travel itself. Sometimes, sacrificing one thing is better than spending more money on this thing. Transportation in Bali for tourists will be more expensive than for the locals, indeed. 

Choices of Transport in Bali for Tourists

riding a motorcycle in Bali

Here come the choices to consider in terms of transportation on the island of Bali. Renting a motorcycle or scooter is the best option for those who want to cut down the transportation in Bali cost. It is easily the cheapest choice of transport on the island for tourists. The daily rate starts from $4 and hits $10 as the highest one. Yet, it is crucial to think about everything that comes with it before renting one. For example, the gas for the motorcycle is not included. It adds to the cost, indeed.

The best advantage of riding a motorcycle in Bali is the freedom to choose almost any open road. It is easy to explore the island since it fits small back roads. It is also the best way to avoid jammed traffic when going out during busy hours. Nevertheless, it comes with a disadvantage that public roads tend to be dangerous. Especially for newbie riders, interacting with other vehicles of different sizes and speeds can be overwhelming. So, consider wisely before choosing this transportation method. 

Bicycle rentals are also available for those who want to travel healthily. It is also cheaper than other transport which will only cost about $2.50 for day rent. Yet, it is not recommended to use on main roads and highways. It is the perfect choice to get to the beach from an accommodation nearby. For example, going from Canggu accommodation Echo beach to the beach itself is possible with a bicycle. Mostly, bicycles are only allowed on country roads on the island of Bali. 

Renting a car is another choice in this particular matter. It is one of the most flexible choices of transport to visit various places in Bali. The cost starts at $20 for a day without gas. Some rentals provide drivers with additional costs. Of course, it is crucial to consider that there are only right-hand-drive cars available on the island. Please consider the places of stay before renting a car. Think about the available roads around it as well.

Furthermore, taxis and tourist shuttle buses are also available in Bali. Nevertheless, they are limited to some areas at the moment. For example, taxis operate around the Southern area of Bali and Ubud. It costs about IDR7,000 at the start with IDR6,600 for every kilometer afterward. The so-called shuttle bus is also limited in its availability at the moment. So, it is best to check the location of your stay in Bali beforehand.

The Final Words

The matter of transportation in Bali for tourists is highly crucial. Fortunately, we are offer many available choices for tourists to personally consider the best choice accordingly. It affects the overall traveling experience in Bali by choosing the perfect transportation mode.

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