Backpakeroo has a privacy policy that must be understood by its users. We have this because we strive to be committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This site contains personal data from users who use backpackroo as their guide.

The privacy policy has provided you with information about our views, policies and practices regarding several matters, namely, the collection, use and disclosure of personal data that we receive from site users. By submitting personal data to us, you indirectly agree to us using your personal data for the purpose of your interests.

When you decide to use our site, we will ask you to provide certain personal information. And this information can be used to contact or identify you. Personally identifiable information includes but is not limited to names, email addresses, usage data, passwords and cookies. We usually use your personal information for the following things.

  1. We will send information in the form of a bulletin from time to time with a certain frequency.
  2. We will manage contacts and send messages to you.
  3. We ensure that content from our site is presented in the most effective way for you and your computer.
  4. Provide you with the requested information and the information is very interesting to you.
  5. Carry out obligations arising from any type of contract entered into between you and us.
  6. Interact with external social networks and platforms such as social media widgets or share bars.
  7. Allow registration and authentication such as affiliate portals and membership areas.
  8. Allow access to third party service accounts and perform infrastructure monitoring.
  9. Manage hosting and backend infrastructure, and interact with chat platforms directly.
  10. We also do re-issues and behavioral targeting such as display ads.
  11. We display content from external platforms as well as perform affiliate commercials such as display ads.
  12. We carry out interactions with support or feedback marketplaces and maintain user databases.

In addition to the above, we may also collect log data along with collecting cookies.

Backpakeroo Records Data

Like operators on sites, we collect information that is sent through your browser every time you visit a site that we own. The log data referred to contains information such as internet protocol addresses, your computer, browser type, browser version, the pages of our Site that you visit.

In addition, we may also use third party services such as Google analytics whose job is to monitor and analyze data. So, your data is ensured to be very safe under our auspices.


Cookies are text files with a small number of words that may represent a unique or anonymous identifier. Cookies are usually sent to the browser from the website, where they are usually stored on a computer or tablet mobile device specifically designated for cookies.

The cookies themselves are a standard practice of using them with the aim of giving you a better experience when using the website. As with other sites, we use cookies to identify and collect information that is relevant to the use of the site.

You can see our cookie policy for the information we know from cookies. It also includes the purpose of using cookies and how to control cookies. On your first visit to the site, we will ask for consent to the use of cookies except for absolutely necessary things.

Data Storage

The privacy policy has an important duty to store the personal data that you have. By submitting your personal data, of course you agree to the transfer, storage or processing that occurs on the site. As site owners, we will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely.

The data that we have must be treated safely because it must comply with the privacy policy. The legal basis for processing personal data regarding users will apply as follows:

  1. The user must have given consent for one or more specific purposes.
  2. Provision of exact data is necessary for the implementation of agreements with users or pre-contractual obligations.
  3. Data is processed necessary to fulfill legal obligations to which we comply.
  4. The process also relates to tasks performed in the public interest or in the exercise of official powers vested in us.
  5. The process is also strictly necessary for the purposes of legitimate interests that are usually carried out by us or third parties.

Data Retention

Data retention contains the process of storing your personal data as long as necessary and adjusted for the purposes for which it was collected. Data retention privacy policy that must be understood by site users.


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