Gym in Bali is a type of activity offered by Bali besides endless tours. Gym in Bali tend to be nice and comfortable for exercising. There’s nothing wrong with stopping by this place, to stay fit during the holidays.

6 Recommended Best Gym in Bali, Denpasar

Fitness Plus

The way to maintain fitness is to exercise regularly. Especially when you are on vacation or in Bali and want to keep fit, then you can do it with the gym. No need to worry because this activity is accompanied by a very professional coach.

The best gym in Bali is Fitness Plus , and is known for having quite complete fitness equipment. Customers can enjoy a variety of tools ranging from lifting weights, bodybuilding, to a variety of other tools to strengthen muscle mass.

If you are a beginner, then you can ask for the help of a trainer to guide you in using the gym equipment. If you are interested Fitness Pluss have many branches, namely Renon, Teuku Umar,Sunset Road, Sanur, Batu Bulan, Ubud and els you can visit all Fitness Plus gym branches withextra cost. Fitness Plus also offers other classes such as RPM, Yoga, Body Combat, Zumba and many more class

Celebrity Fitness

Celebrity Fitness is the best gym in Bali located at level 21 of the Denpasar city mall and Lippo Plaza Sunset. This place has various packages for members with prices that adjust. As a member, you will feel comfortable exercising because the facilities and equipment tend to be complete and good.

Fit Hub

Fit Hub is cheap fitness and gym in Bali, so you can become a member by paying the offered price. They have 3 branches, namely Renon, Teuku Umar, and Sunset Road, and you can visit all Fit Hub gym branches without extra cost. Fit Hub also offers other classes such as Muay Thai, Yoga, Body Combat, and many more class

Bali GenerationFitness

The next cheap gym in Bali Generation Fitness which is an affordable place at pocket prices. You can also become a member after paying the price. If interested you can visit Jl. Tukad Pakerisan No.130, Panjer, South Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80225.

Stargym Bali

Stargym Bali is the next gym located in Bali, Denpasar. This place has a cafe inside which provides healthy food. So that customers can enjoy healthy food after a tired workout.

The fees offered are relatively cheap costs because there are lots of promos that can be obtained while being a member. The address that this place can be visited is precisely at Jl. Gatot Subroto Barat No.283, which is located at Pemecutan Kaja, North Denpasar.

5 Best Gyms & Fitness Center in Kuta, Seminyak and Canggu

Hammerhead Gym 

Hammerhead Gym is a well-known fitness center located in the Legian area of Bali, Indonesia. It is a popular choice for both locals and tourists looking for a place to work out and stay fit while in Bali.

Hammerhead Gym offers a wide range of fitness facilities and equipment, including cardio machines, free weights, resistance machines, and more. They often provide fitness classes such as yoga, spinning, and other group fitness sessions. These classes can vary, so it’s a good idea to check their schedule for the latest offerings.

Hammerhead Gym located in the Legian area, making it easily accessible for those staying in nearby hotels or accommodations.

Rai Fitness Sunset Bali

Rai Fitness Sunset Bali is the place to go when you want a super gym complete with a sauna or swimming pool. This place is very spacious and equipped with complete facilities. You can enjoy a hot spring bath after exercising and pamper yourself in the sauna which can refresh your body.

You just pay very cheap gyms in Bali for one visit. Of course it’s different if you take a package, because the cost will be much cheaper. The address that you can visit is Jl. Mertasari Temple, Pemecutan Kelod, Kec. Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80221.

Bali MMA and Fitness

Bali MMA and Fitness is a well-known gym and training facility located in Canggu, Bali. It’s a popular choice for both locals and tourists, especially those interested in mixed martial arts (MMA) training and other fitness activities. 

Bali MMA is renowned for its high-quality MMA training programs. They offer classes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, and MMA itself. The gym is known for hosting professional fighters and trainers.

Beyond MMA, they offer various fitness and martial arts classes catering to different skill levels. These may include yoga, fitness boot camps, and more. The gym is conveniently located in Canggu, making it accessible to those staying in the Canggu area or nearby.

Fitness Centre at Finns Recreation Club

The Fitness Center at Finns Recreation Club is a fitness facility located in the Canggu area. It offers various exercise and training options for individuals who want to stay active and maintain their fitness while in Canggu. In addition to the fitness center, Finns Recreation Club also has many activities in Bali such as the Tennis Center, Bowling, Sports Bar, and the famous Beach Club in Bali, which has become a popular spot for tourists and local residents looking to enjoy sunset by the beach and swimming pools while enjoying music, drinks, and food to delight the guests. Please note that specific details and offerings may vary, so it is recommended to check the facility directly or consult their website for the most current information about the services, equipment, and facilities they provide.

Body Factory Bali

Body Factory Bali is best Gym and Yoga studio in Canggu area is the most suitable place if you are still a beginner and need the guidance of a trainer while in Bali. This place is one of the recommended places because you will become a member if you subscribe.

Another facility At Body Factory Bali offer an extensive range of classes for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. With 20 classes available. This place has a rating of 4.3 on Google because it has very affordable prices. Not only that, because this place has a very large area and beautiful scenery.

Wanderlust Fitness Village

Wanderlust Fitness Village is the best Canggu Cheap Fitness Place for those of you who are on holiday in Kuta and want to exercise at the gym. This gym is suspected of having other classes besides gyms, such as zumba and sauna. In fact, the crossfit wanderlust place is a favorite place for foreign tourists because of its affordable price and strategic location.

That’s what can be reviewed in this article, hopefully it’s useful.

5 Benefits of Going to the Gym in Bali

While the 5 benefits of gym activities that you can feel are as follows:

Maintain Bone and Muscle Health

With a variety of movements in fitness or the gym, you can indirectly maintain healthy bones and muscles. You can do activities such as lifting weights or resistance training, because they can maintain bone health and stimulate muscle building.

This happens because the body will release hormones that can increase the ability of muscles to absorb amino acids during exercise. Especially if these activities are accompanied by adequate protein intake.

In fact, not a few people think that exhausting exercise will trigger the body to produce more energy. A study revealed that regular exercise can increase energy, especially for those who often feel tired and weak.

Maintain Skin Health

Regular fitness can also make your skin healthier. This happens because physical activity can make the flow of oxygen and blood increase. So that the intake of nutrients needed by the skin can be fulfilled properly.

Not only that, because collagen production will also increase, so the skin will look flushed and look fresher after exercising. You can also reach your ideal body weight after doing strenuous exercise such as gym or fitness.

A study revealed that the cause of obesity is a lack of physical activity or exercise. The body’s metabolic rate is proven to be normal so it can burn more calories. This situation certainly has an impact on weight loss, so your body will feel healthier.

With regular exercise, it will certainly maximize the burning of fat from the body and maintain muscle mass. Body weight will also be more maintained if you exercise well and for a very long time.

Prevent Depression

Another benefit of fitness is not only to maintain physical health. This is because exercise is also very good for mental health because the hormone serotonin in the brain will experience an increase. Serotonin hormone is a hormone that manages mood including preventing depression.

Regular fitness can increase the production of endorphins which help you feel happier and reduce pain. Thus, you also avoid anxiety and stress when exercising properly and comfortably.

Reducing the Risk of Disease

Physical activities such as gym and fitness can be done regularly so as to reduce the risk of various chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Exercise is also able to help the body fight free radicals that trigger cancer such as colon and breast cancer.

Improve Sleep Quality

Exercising is also very capable of improving sleep quality because a study has revealed this. The sleep you have will feel more sound and quality, this happens because of an increase in temperature when exercising. Thus triggering the body to produce chemical compounds that can increase the urge to sleep at night.

The benefits of exercising are very good for those of you who have trouble sleeping or an elderly person who often has sleep disturbances. There are lots of fitness sports options that you can choose from, even though they are generally done at a gym or fitness center. Of course, you can take advantage of the various facilities available to maximize the benefits of your fitness or gym.

You can try lifting weights or taking part in various sports classes such as yoga classes which are conducted together with experienced instructors. Fitness sports can also be done at home if you have qualified equipment. Because you can do it by lifting light weights using a barbell or a drinking bottle.


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Tommy Lewis

Social and adventurous at heart, you will find Andrea on a multi-day trail in a remote wilderness, climbing a mountain, kayaking down a desolate river, learning to fly a plane, and working on his surf....