Tattoo Studios in Bali has become an inherent part of the Bali region. In addition to being easy to find, many temporary tattoo artists are walking around the coast to promote their services. You can also find professional tattoo studios, especially in famous areas like Seminyak and Legian.

What are the 10 Best Tattoo Studios and Artists in Bali?

Tattoos in the area of ​​Bali are not something surprising, because many people are promoting it as well as using its services. You can visit several studios or professionals available in Bali, especially in famous areas.

  1. Mason’s ink is the best studio in Bali, so you can entrust your tattoo business to this studio. This studio provides several complete equipment for doing tattoos, of course the equipment is equipment that is guaranteed to be clean.
  2. Mex Tattoos is the best tattoo studio that provides signature tattoo designs from Yakuza Japan.
  3. Bali Tattoo Studio-Gods of Ink Is a tattoo studio that is considered the best tattoo studio, because the character artists are very talented and experienced. In this place, the employees use very high quality work equipment and work professionally.
  4. Artful Ink Tattoo Studios Bali is a tattoo studio located on the main route of Seminyak area. This studio is known as a professional, because this studio always maintains cleanliness because it uses sterile and disposable equipment for clients.
  5. Two guns tattoo is a studio owned by Australia and run by a skilled tattoo artist.
  6. Redskin Bali Tattoo is the best tattoo studio that has a minimalist design with a comfortable and complete waiting room.
  7. The Tatau tribe is the best cage that uses hand tapping techniques with traditional tools such as wood or bamboo. Of course the results you get later are the best results commensurate with the pain.
  8. Charlie Rose Tattoo Studio is a tattoo studio located in Canggu and is included in the professional studio category.
  9. Balinesia Tattoo Studio is a tattoo studio located in Legian and Kuta, this studio is included in the studio category that accepts special and creative designs.
  10. Kamikaze is the best tattoo studio in Bali, the services of this studio have been used by various visitors.

What are the Best Tattoo Studios in Bali?

As a visitor as well as a consumer, you can visit the best tattoo studios in Bali. These famous areas such as Kuta, Seminyak and Legian, which have become a staple when you are in Bali. Moreover, tattoos are very easy to find.

Balinesia Tattoo Studio

Balinesia Tattoo Studio runs two studios in Bali, the studios are in Legian and Kuta. The studio is manned directly by local artists with extraordinary expertise and experience. There is an interesting part about this studio, because they specialize in custom and creative tattoo designs.

It is also one of the few reputable studios, which can do body piercing. Offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, they also pay a lot of attention to the equipment used.

The equipment used by this studio is standard Australian hygienic equipment. In addition, this equipment has quality ink with new sterile needles. This one place is open every day from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Two Guns Tattoo

Two guns tattoo is an Australian owned tattoo studio run by skilled tattoo artists. By and large, they used American ink and tools. Of course there’s one great thing about this place, because you can ask them to cover up or fix a bad tattoo.

This one tattoo can do the restoration of old tattoos that have faded. Two guns have been recognized by the professional tattoo association of Australia, and have very advanced medical sterilization equipment. This quality tattoo studio is open daily from 10.00 to 06.00 pm.

Hendric Shinigami Tatto Studio

Hendric Shinigami Tattoo Studio is the best tattoo studio in Bali located on Jalan Mertanadi no 12, Seminyak. Of course there are interesting things about this tattoo studio, because Hendric Shinigami Tattoo Studio is the best tattoo studio in Bali located on Jalan Mertanadi no 12, Seminyak. established in 1997, led by legendary artist Hendric Shinigami, offers a unique tattoo experience. With top-notch artists specializing in diverse styles, safety and cleanliness are paramount.

Talking about the results here, of course the design of the Hendric Shinigami Tattoo Studio is known to be very detailed and worth the pain. If you are interested in going to this place, then you can visit Jalan Mertanadi no 12, Seminyak, Kuta.

Mason’s Ink

Mason's Ink

Mason’s ink is the best tattoo studio managed directly by the Australian tattoo seminar and has two studios in Bali. One of them is located in Seminyak and the other studio is located on Jalan Legian. Mason’s ink is run with hospital-grade equipment and setup, so you can guarantee cleanliness while you’re here as this place maintains good hygiene.

Mason’ ink offers you, the consumer, extraordinary works of art that come from various designs in colorful inks. As for the crew contained in our members are professionals and talented shop artists.

The presence of professionals and artists, makes our studio provide the best service. So you can ask them to help you get a snack or drink, while waiting for your tattoo to be done.

Where to Get a Tattoo in Bali?

Tattoos are works that are painted on the hand either as a form of joy or challenge. Tattoos are usually given to those who agree to the terms of the terms. Where can we find tattoos? Surely you have to go visit the studio or professional and best.

Mex Tattoos

Mex Tattoos is a studio or the best in Legian, of course offering a large selection of designs so you can request your own motif. The designs that are offered are the very best and stunning designs. As for Mex Tattoos is the best tattoo studio, which is very clean and well laid out.

This tattoo studio has a famous signature design from the studio. The signature design is a Japanese Yakuza tattoo. In addition, you can confirm the operating settings contained in this region. Because the operation is well organized and clean, so it will not disappoint you.

Redskin Bali Tattoo

Redskin Bali Tattoo has a minimalist design, this tattoo studio comes with a comfortable and complete waiting room. In addition to a very comfortable studio, redskin Bali Tattoo always ensures that healthy procedures are carried out using international standard equipment.

In addition, the equipment used is imported quality ink and needles from America. You can visit this place, precisely at Jalan Kartika plaza Number 69, Kuta, Badung, Bali. The studio is open daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Artful Ink Tattoo Studios Bali

Artful ink tattoo studios Bali is located on the main route of Petitenget area, Seminyak. This studio uses authentic Italian and Californian inks, giving birth to truly high-quality tattoos. You don’t need to worry, because this studio always maintains cleanliness by using sterile and disposable equipment.

Definitely sterile equipment and after use that is used only for one client. When you decide to come to this studio, the employees at the studio will offer you several options. In addition, this one studio is famous for its translation of Sanskrit designs.

Tattoo Hut Bali

Tattoo hut Bali is a studio run directly by Australians and offers a wide variety of freehand styles. The standards maintained are high standards of hygiene with new disposable needles for each customer.

In addition, this one tattoo uses imported ink from America. As for this place, you can get a wide selection of sizes and tattoo designs. Determine it to happen based on whatever you want.

What are the best Tattoo Shops in Bali?

Keep in mind, bringing the best tattoos usually provides certain services. One of these services is a tattoo shop in Bali. The tattoo shop is the best place when you want to shop for some supplies you need when you want a tattoo or after it has been tattooed.


Kamikaze is the most famous tattoo studio, as it houses many artists from abroad and local residents. These artists are highly skilled and always put the client first. Of course this happens so that the design is made properly and correctly.

The studio is known for its great tattoo pieces, including full sleeves and portraits. Kamikaze studios provide comfortable, tailor-made chairs for long sessions. You can visit this place every day from 11.00 am to 11.00 pm.

Charlie Rose Tattoo Studio

Charlie Rose Tattoo Studio is located in Canggu, which is one of the professional tattoo studios in Bali. This studio is filled with minimalism, so you can see the best and open spaces that are bright and airy.

Please note, that the studio from Charlie Rose is a good studio and always maintains cleanliness around the Studio. In this studio, you can always ask for the design you want, so you can make the best impression when you’re done.

Bali Tattoo Studio-Gods of Ink

Bali Tattoo Studio-Gods of Ink is the best place that calls itself Gods of ink, located right in Legian. This place is considered to be one of the best tattoo studios in the area. As for the tattoo artists in this studio, they are very talented and experienced, because they use international quality inks and equipment.

Why Bali is the Best for Tattoo Tourism?

As we know, that Bali is an island of the gods that has become a tattoo place. Tattoos themselves have become a habit while in Bali. In this area, tattoos are very easy to find because of the many temporary tattoo artists who wander the coast.

  1. In Bali there are many professional artists who can be relied on, so doing a tattoo in Bali is better and more secure.
  2. In addition, studios in Bali generally provide very clean and sterile work equipment. Moreover, the equipment is only intended for one client and is not used repeatedly
  3. You can reach several places in a tattoo studio in Bali, because apart from the best, some of the places there are very affordable.
  4. The tattoo artists in Bali are professional and qualified artists.

What are the Tips for Safety Getting a Tattoo in Bali?

When you decide to get a tattoo, of course you have to pay attention to several things. These are tips for the safety of getting a tattoo while in Bali. Moreover, tattoos have become commonplace when you visit Bali.

Especially for health and safety reasons, it’s a good idea to do some research before getting a new tattoo while in Bali. You can get a closer look at which studios are the best in terms of clean equipment and process safety.

Also make sure the results you get later are good results. In this case you can remember and pay attention to when the artist prepared their station and used a clean needle. You must pay attention to the cleanliness of the place and the tools used in making the tattoo. The following are some tips to consider, including:

  • The first thing you should make sure the tattoo work is done by an artist or professional who has been trained to perform the procedure.
  • You should also make sure that the tools used in making this tattoo are clean and equipped with new needles.
  • Also make sure that the tattoo artist has washed his hands first, and put on new gloves during work.
  • Also, make sure that the ink used for this tattoo is properly sealed before use to prevent bacterial contamination.
  • Don’t forget you should also make sure the water or solvent to dilute the ink is clean and sterile.
  • Also make sure that you can treat a tattoo that has been imprinted on your hand or on any area of ​​your body. This can be done with proper care. If not treated properly, of course the tattoo you have will experience an infection later.

Well, that’s the discussion that can be explained in this article. For those of you who do not understand about this, you can listen to the reviews in this discussion, and I hope this article is useful.


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Stefan Miles

Besides being curious about people and their cultures, Miles enjoys writing and messing around with a camera. Miles’s favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs,...