Adventure activities in Bali are activities that you can do while in Bali. Natural adventure tourism or adventure on the island of Bali is a choice of attractions that many people are interested in. Of course, this is not only available for adults, because children really like adventure.

What are the 12 best adventure activities in Bali that you must try?

The choice of adventure tourism gives visitors in Bali its own sensation. Because this activity is in great demand by tourists, some adventure activities also fill family vacation activities, especially children.

  1. Mountain climbing in Bali is one of the activities that you can do, because this activity is a very light activity for children. Although this activity requires very supportive physical stamina and requires very large guts.
  2. Riding the Odyssey is an activity that you can do with your family, and this activity is a must try if you want to know the depth of the sea of ​​35 meters.
  3. Rafting in Bali is part of the 12 best adventures that you can find in Bali. This activity can make the stress you feel disappear and become much more relaxed. You can also enjoy the beauty and be served at some of the best white water rafting spots in Bali.
  4. The next activity you can try is to do waterspot activities in Bali. Some motivator activities that you can do are parasailing, flying fish, or other activities.
  5. You can also try to explore the entire rural area by bicycle. These activities will not cost you a lot, and you will have a different experience.
  6. The next best adventure activity in Bali is hunting for souvenirs. You can find it in several souvenir shops in Bali.
  7. You can also experience some dancing activities such as cycling, which can be done with the family.
  8. The next activity you can do is to watch dolphins in Lovina.
  9. There are also other activities that you can do in Bali, such as enjoying an animal that was deliberately imported from outside to meet the needs of tourists. The activity is to ride a camel, thus adding to the exciting experience that you can feel.
  10. You can also ride an elephant in Taro which is one of the adventure tours or nature adventures that gives a fun and interesting sensation.
  11. The next activity you can do is to visit some historical places in Bali.
  12. You can also do some other activities such as trying some of the culinary delights found in Bali.

What are the waterspot activities in Bali?

Please note, that there is one activity that you can do while in Bali. These activities are waterspot activities, you can try this activity with your family or friends while on vacation in Bali.

  1. The waterspot activity that you can do in Bali is parasailing, you can do this activity by choosing the right watersport. This activity will make you feel the sensation of flying above the sea surface.
  2. Besides that, you can also try other exciting activities such as flying fish, which will make you fly and have an unforgettable experience.
  3. The next activity you can do is to try the flying board, so you can feel the experience that you can’t repeat again. You can do this activity with your family or friends while on vacation.

What are the children’s activities in Bali?

Bringing children to Bali is a very fun activity, because a vacation in Bali is the dream of many people. When you bring children, then you must know what activities the children should do while in Bali.

Bike Tour

Cycling tours are an adventure activities in Bali to enjoy the beautiful nature of the mountains and down country roads. You can explore country roads and are rarely visited by tourists. These activities will provide a very interesting new holiday and tourism experience.

This one adventure tourism activity is known as a cycling tour activity, which is widely offered to tourists. Tourists will be asked to explore the mountainous and rural nature of the Ubud Gianyar area, of course this activity is an exciting activity for anyone to do.

You can start this journey or adventure by brewing warm tea first. The next activity you can do is descend the beautiful countryside for the next 4 hours. The trick is to cover a distance of about 40 meters from the adventure and end up in the village of Pejeng Tampak Siring.

This adventure tour can be done with family, both children and adults. Moreover, the path chosen is far from the crowd, so you can traverse rural areas with local residents’ activities.

Odyssey Submarine Bali

The next adventure activities in Bali you can do is Odyssey Submarine Bali. This adventure tourism is a very interesting underwater adventure or adventure attraction. The location is on the beach of Labuhan Amuk Karangasem, or in the East Bali tourism area.

This tourist area is one of the recreations in Indonesia, which uses a submarine and dives with a depth of 35 meters. This area allows you to dive up to several meters above the seabed.

Recreation or adventure nature tourism with a Submarine submarine is the most unique and sensational recreation. You can take your children when they want to be creative in this area. Of course, you can’t just miss this activity, because this activity is specially designed with safety and comfort in mind.

The security and comfort contained in this submarine is indeed very suitable to fill a family vacation. You can take children or even babies to adults to dive as far as 35 meters.

The Odyssey Submarine ship is a ship with a capacity of 36 passengers that has a comfortable and air-conditioned atmosphere. This one ship has a room that is bright enough, so the children feel comfortable in it. This ship uses power from batteries from complete equipment so that it can float automatically in certain situations.

What are adventure travel in Bali?

There are so many exciting adventure activities in Bali. Because, Bali is not a place to just enjoy a recreation. In the Bali area, there are lots of adventures that can fill family vacation activities such as children.

Mountain climbing

Climbing the mountain is one of the adventure activities in Bali that you can do, besides being light, this adventure activity can also involve children. You and your family can enjoy the beautiful natural panorama that stretches from the coastal area, the expanse of green rice fields and the natural beauty of the mountains and lakes.

When you decide to climb a mountain, then you need enormous guts and physical stamina that supports it. Adventure recreation is certainly not in demand by many people, because mountain climbing is an activity that starts from each person’s hobby.

If you want a different sensation, you can try new challenges and experiences while on vacation on the island of the Gods. Adventure tours in nature with the family will provide a valuable experience. Because, it gives a new story in life’s memories, so it will provide several options for adventure tourism such as mountain climbing.

What are Bali Activities Holidays?

Vacations are one of the activities that are eagerly awaited by many people, it is not surprising that many people are looking forward to vacations. Bali is one area that is often occupied as an area with a lot of tourism, therefore you can go to Bali for a vacation.

Rafting in Bali

Rafting in Bali is the best adventure activity you can do. By doing this activity, you can wade through beautiful rivers in Bali, which is a fun adventure. Besides you can feel the challenge of rafting, of course you can feel the beautiful natural scenery and the surrounding area is very beautiful.

The area around these rivers becomes a therapy for the mind from feeling saturated and stuffy. Of course there are a number of interesting places to do rafting the most popular. Some of these recreational places are the Ayung river Ubud which presents beautiful natural scenery.

You can also adventure activities in Bali visit the reliefs of the Ramayana on the river bank and beautiful villas on the edge of the cliff. Also visit the Telaga Waja river in Karangasem, where the flow of this river is very clear and more challenging river water. So that it offers views of the rice fields and beautiful views of the towering Mount Agung.

The last rafting recreation place that you can visit with your family is the Melangit River. Melangit River is a rafting place in the Klungkung Regency area which is quite special. You can do a variety of adventure activities in Bali for families and children, which you can only find here such as elephant rides and ATV rides.

Doing Waterspot Activities

Waterspot is an activity that you can do in Tanjung Benoa, the area is located in the village of Benoa, South Kuta. This South Bali tourism area is the most popular watersport recreation destination on the island of the Gods, because you can at the same time feel the beauty of white sand.

In addition, you can feel the sloping beach atmosphere and almost no waves. Tanjung Continent is one of the most ideal places for marine tourism activities. When you are in the Tanjung Benoa Beach area, then you can see adventure tourism attractions for children and families at low prices.

You can experience adventure tourism attractions for children and families such as banana boat activities, snorkeling, seawalker and by boat or glass bottom boat sailing to Turtle Island.

While the number of adventure tours for adults you can enjoy too. Because, there are lots of adventure activities in Bali for adults such as jetski, diving and new underwater scooter games to enjoy underwater adventures or adventures.

You can feel flying above sea level which can stimulate adrenaline, some of these activities are flying fish, parasailing and new flyboard tours. A vacation on the island of Bali will not be complete if you don’t try a tour towards South Bali tourism, therefore this one tourist attraction is a must visit.

What are the activities to do in Bali?

There are so many activities you can do while in Bali. You can try some adventurous activities to fill your vacation, or visit some fun activities. Because, there are lots of interesting things that you can do and serve in Bali.

Climbing Mount Agung

Climbing Mount Agung or trekking is an activity that you can do in Bali, this activity is a more challenging journey. It also offers a very interesting climbing sensation to tourists, making it the most popular choice of tourists in Bali.

Mount Agung has two peaks for climbing purposes, especially for those who are beginners. So it’s better for them to try the second peak first with a height of up to 2000 MDPL. You can also try another challenge, by visiting the 1st peak of Mount Agung.

The climbers are expected to reach the top around 06 o’clock, so from the top you can enjoy the beauty of the sunrise from Mount Agung. The climbing adventure starts from the Pasar Agung temple, which for the climb itself takes about 6 hours of climbing.

Meanwhile, to get to the top 2 it takes about 4 hours of travel. Fit stamina is also very much needed in climbing adventure activities in Bali. Because, during your stay you will be accompanied by an experienced guide.

Elephant Ride in Taro

Riding an elephant in Taro is an adventure tour or natural adventure that gives a fun and interesting sensation. Especially if you want to fill a family vacation activity, then you can ride a large, tame animal with experienced onions.

Elephant safari park Taro Ubud provides an appropriate tour option to be enjoyed with the family. While in this area, you will be invited to ride an elephant for 30 minutes. You will also be invited to witness the truth of the elephant in drawing or playing ball. You can also enjoy some other fun, while in the Taro area.

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