Bali Tour Packages are tickets that you must order for a vacation to the island of the Gods. Vacation activities on the island of the Gods certainly won’t be boring if they are properly scheduled. Please note that we recommend EZY Travel and Trip to make your vacation to Bali more enjoyable.

Why Choose Cheap Bali Tours?

Reasons to Choose Cheap Bali Tours

Bali Tour Packages is a travel agent that must be purchased because it is proven to be cheap with satisfying service. This travel agent is the agent that can be chosen by tourists who want to visit Bali.

Cheap travel can benefit you and your family on the trip. So that the trip becomes much more enjoyable, and we all get an unforgettable experience. With very cheap travel places, customers can save on budget and expenses, so activities become much more enjoyable.

What are Cheap Bali Packages?

Best Cheap Bali Packages

EZY Travel and Trip is the best place to choose when you decide to have a vacation to Bali with your family. Our travel venues provide services that are very satisfying to customers, because we really listen to customers for schedules to be visited and places to eat that will be enjoyed later.

Holiday package prices to Bali only apply to participants with Indonesian citizenship. Because, the price will be different if the participants who take part are foreign citizens. Bali tour package prices for foreign nationals are accompanied by paying entrance tickets to tourist attractions so it is much more expensive.

Bali tour packages include tourism transportation and tourism drivers. The package price also includes the cost of parking a car at each tour visited on the Bali package itinerary route. It does not include airplane tickets because the freight services are separate.

Tour packages in Bali are also not included, especially if there are personal expenses when joining the tour package. Thus, these personal expenses are fully the responsibility of the customer. As for marketing tour packages, you can order at the vacation package reservation service so that it is faster and easier in the service process.

What are Bali Tour Packages 6 Days 5 Nights Tours?

Get to know Bali Tour Packages 6 Days 5 Nights Tours

Bali Tour Packages 6 Days 5 Nights Tours

The Bali Tour Packages 6 days 5 nights is a tour package that is more than enough for tourists to get around the island of Bali. Tourists can also visit famous tourist attractions and culinary tours, namely in several famous restaurants.

Bali Tour Packages 6 days 5 nights are provided at low prices at EZY Travel and Trip. Of course, tourists must choose carefully, because tourists should not be tempted by very cheap Bali tour package prices. Because, no one wants a vacation to be disappointing by ordering a Bali tour package.

Ezy Travel and Trip provides tour packages to Bali without neglecting the quality of service, because it always prioritizes guest satisfaction. We know that your satisfaction is the best promotional tool to improve company branding.

What are the Things to do in Bali With Friends?

Touring Bali

Of course there are activities that you can do while in Bali with friends and family. One of the activities that can be done is traveling around Bali, and doing some exciting activities such as watersports or visiting temples.

What are the Ezy Travel and Trip Tour Package Schedules?

Schedule for Day 1

Our package provides pick-up at Ngurah Rai Denpasar international airport which can be adjusted to the arrival time. After arriving at Ngurah Rai airport, our driver will take tourists to the hotel where you are staying. Tourists can rest at the hotel so they can take part in the Bali Tour Packages from EZY Travel and Trip.

Schedule for Day 2

The second day’s schedule is for the driver to pick up at the hotel, then will take him to the Bali Barong dance performance. Furthermore, tourists will visit the center of batik and souvenirs in Galuh. On the second day, tourists will go to Celuk village, which is where Balinese silver crafts are made.

After these activities, tourists will be invited to the tourist attractions of Goa Gajah. After finishing Goa Gajah, participants will have a vacation to Kintamani tourist attractions. When tourists are at the Kintamani tourist spot, tourists will enjoy lunch at the Grand Puncak Sari restaurant.

Views of the lake and Mount Batur can certainly be enjoyed during lunch on the second day. This happens because the type of restaurant is Buffet style so you can eat as much as you like without being limited by budget and others.

The travel party will also accompany tourists to visit the tourist attraction Tirta Empul Temple, Siring to enjoy the next trip. If you want to buy souvenirs, then you can buy Balinese souvenirs at low prices here.

After that, the travel party will accompany you to enjoy dinner using typical chicken rice with a place to eat located in Renon Denpasar. After you finish dinner, the driver will take you to the hotel where you are staying.

Schedule for Day 3

The driver will pick up where you are staying on the third day, because you will be escorted to visit the tourist attraction at the Taman Ayun temple. After that you will visit the tourist spot of Lake Beratan Bedugul which is the location of the temple in the middle of Lake Beratan.

The temple is known as the Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul temple. You can enjoy lunch at the Bedugul Mentari restaurant which is the best restaurant. The restaurant serves Indonesian food in buffet style.

After lunch, you will visit the tourist spot of Alas Kedaton, a nature reserve where there are many gray monkeys with long tails. If you travel at the base of Kedaton, you will then have a vacation at the Tanah Lot temple tourist spot.

From the Tanah Lot temple location, you can see the sunset view with the stunning Tanah Lot temple silhouette to behold. You will then enjoy a dinner with the Gilimanuk betutu chicken menu. Our driver will then take you back to the hotel where you are staying, with the facilities provided.

Schedule for Day 4

Our driver will pick you up at the location of your stay in Bali on the 4th day. Because you are going on vacation to the Kerta Gosa tourist spot in Klungkung regency. After completing your vacation at this object, you will visit the largest temple tourist object called Besakih Temple.

On the way from Kerta Gosa to the temple, you will be invited by the driver to stop at the Bukit Jambul area. The point is to see the view of the rice fields there. Then you will enjoy lunch at a stopover village with a menu of Balinese specialties serving seafood dishes.

You can travel to the tourist attractions of the Goa Lawah temple, because you will see lots of bats hanging in the area. Then you will be invited to see the life of traditional fishermen on Kusamba beach, Klungkung.

The next place is to go to a tourist spot where you can enjoy dinner at Mrs. Andika’s spicy rice. Until finally you will be escorted by the driver to the hotel where you are staying.

Schedule for Day 5

On the fifth day the driver will pick you up at the location, so you can have a vacation by visiting Tanjung Benoa beach attractions. The beach is a beach that offers a white sand beach with calm waves and is the center of the activity location.

After your vacation at Tanjung Benoa beach, you will enjoy a vacation at Garuda Wisnu Kencana. At that location you will enjoy lunch, until finally visiting the Uluwatu temple tourist attraction. You will also visit several places for shopping for Balinese souvenirs at Joger.

Schedule for Day 6

The next activity is the driver will pick up at the hotel you are staying at for airport transfers. As for the tour package schedule to Bali that does not suit you or your family, then you and your family can change the schedule. In its changes, this vacation package will have an impact on the price you pay later. You can also fill out the holiday package problem form by making a booking.

Please note, that every customer who wants to take a vacation definitely wants privacy on their vacation, so we really understand this privacy. This privacy will also affect customer satisfaction, so we do not combine other customers with you in one vehicle.

The car used is a tour package that is kept clean. In other words, we really pay attention to this because it affects customer comfort. The places to eat that we include in all tour packages are not just simple places to eat.

The places to eat that we include are cafes with quality food that must be kept clean. Most of the customers are Indonesian or Malaysian citizens who are Muslim. So we only recommend and invite you to restaurants or cafes that provide halal food.


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    A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches, food and local lifestyle.

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Veby Merta

Veby Merta

A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches,...