First time travelers to Bali is a fun activity because Bali is a province known for its natural beauty. Not only modern and exotic, Bali makes customers discover the thick culture such as traditions and ceremonies that are held there.

5 Mistakes First Time Travelers to Bali

Going on your first time travelers to Bali can be both exciting and overwhelming. Here are some common mistakes that people make on their first Bali trip, and how to avoid them:

1. Not Preparing Vacation Plans

Bali is a fairly large tourist area, so make sure you visit this place with full consideration. Apart from that, try to also prepare vacation plans, because if you don’t prepare in advance, of course you will feel confused while in Bali.

2. Wrong Clothing Preparation

It’s good to prepare personal needs properly, because when you prepare personal needs wrong it will be fatal. Pack light and bring comfortable, breathable clothing that will keep you cool in the heat. If you want to climb a mountain in Bali, try to bring a mountain jacket to protect you from the cold. 

3. Wrong Day

One of the mistakes that tourists who visit Bali for the first time often make is the wrong day. Going to Bali is useless if you have the wrong day. Because this will certainly make you miss some of the interesting moments in Bali.

4. Not respecting the local customs

Bali is a Hindu-majority island, and it’s important to respect local customs and traditions. Be mindful of dress codes when visiting temples, and avoid touching or stepping on offerings.

5. Not trying local food

Bali has a vibrant food scene, and there’s no shortage of delicious local dishes to try. Be adventurous and try new foods, but be mindful of food hygiene and avoid eating street food that looks questionable.

10 Things not to do in Bali

While Bali is a beautiful and welcoming destination, there are some things you should avoid doing to ensure a safe and respectful trip. Here are some things not to do in Bali for first time travelers to Bali:

  1. Not paying attention to the local rules that have been set in the area.
  2. Not wearing clothes according to the place, or not dressing modestly while in the sacred area of Bali.
  3. Ignoring health protocols that make the surrounding area uncomfortable.
  4. Do not have a driving license, but bring a private vehicle or rental vehicle.
  5. Violating applicable laws and regulations, by making mistakes such as distributing drugs.
  6. Using single-use plastic which is not recommended in Bali, because Bali implements all tourists using environmentally friendly equipment.
  7. Spread hoax news on social media about the state of Bali.
  8. Damaging several places and public facilities in tourist destinations.
  9. Not respecting the norms and customs that have been established in Bali.
  10. Giving bad reviews about services in Bali and these reviews are not in accordance with the conditions in Bali.

4 Best Places to Stay in Bali for First Timers

Here are some suggestions to help you find the perfect location to stay in Bali a first time travelers to Bali:

Spazzio Bali Hotel

Spazzio Bali Hotel is a place to live in Bali and you can visit it. The location of this place is a strategic location for first time travelers to Bali, so you can easily visit the beauty of Kuta beach which is only 1.58 m away.

Seminyak Beach can also be visited when you decide to stay at this place. If you decide to buy souvenirs, then you don’t need to worry because this hotel is very close to the center of Balinese souvenirs.

Spazzio hotel is a hotel consisting of 61 rooms which have two types of rooms, namely superior and deluxe types. All available rooms are equipped with supporting facilities such as cable TV and air conditioning. In addition, there is also a bathroom complete with toiletries, so that visitors will be facilitated with supporting facilities such as 24-hour room service.

Atanaya by Century Park

Atanaya hotels are hotels that offer luxurious facilities at pocket-friendly prices. The total rooms owned by this hotel are 109 rooms equipped with cable TV and air conditioning. Other facilities are WiFi, refrigerator, safety box, complete bathroom with toiletries.

Visitors can also enjoy the various supporting facilities provided such as cafes or beauty facilities, billiard tables, banquet halls, conference rooms, restaurants, laundry, medical services, parking areas, and various other supporting facilities.

Apart from the facilities that ensure that visitors are safe and comfortable inside, you can also access interesting locations around the hotel area. This hotel is very close to the airport and several other tourist destinations such as Kuta beach and double six.

Not only is it close to natural attractions, this beach makes its visitors take care of interesting rides at the Trans Studio Mall Bali which can be reached with a distance of 500 meters.

The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali

The Anvaya Beach Resort Bali is a place to stay in Bali which is close to tourist attractions. Not only the hospitality of its employees, this place makes visitors comfortable with the public facilities provided.

The facilities provided by the hotel include a fitness center, swimming pool, bar, conference room, restaurant, children’s play area and various other public facilities. The advantage you get if you spend the night in this place is a strategic location because it is close to attractions such as Kuta beach.

Grand Zuri Kuta Bali

Grand Zuri Kuta Bali is an in located in the Kuta area and is popular with first time travelers to Bali. This 4-star hotel is close to tourist attractions in Bali because it is designed with contemporary architecture. In fact, every room in this hotel is equipped with cable TV and a refrigerator.

Of course there are other supporting facilities such as public facilities provided to support the convenience of visitors. These facilities are Cafe, parking area, restaurant, meeting room, swimming pool, WiFi, 24-hour room service, and others.

If you decide to stay at this place, then you need 10 minutes to drive to Kuta beach. Not far from the hotel you can buy Balinese food because the hotel is surrounded by various shopping centers.

5 Bali Tips For First Timers

If you’re planning your first time travelers to Bali, it’s always good to be prepared. Here are five tips for first-timers to help you make the most of your Bali experience:

Preparing Vacation Plans

Before going to Bali, you can make a planning list, starting from what to go on a trip to how long the vacation will take. For more details, you can collect information from the old Bali provincial tourism office. So you can get references about tourist destinations that can be visited.

If you have made careful vacation planning, you can prepare your luggage while you are in Bali. It’s a good idea to bring clothes with natural fibers to keep you cool. What’s more, it is known for its exotic beach tourism, so you have to bring clothes that match the tourism schedule.

Choose the Right Holiday

It will be much better if you choose the right vacation day when you want to visit Bali. The best time is from May to October. This happens because it rarely rains and the sun’s rays are not too hot. So, you can enjoy the beauty of Bali’s beaches on these days.

Book Tickets and Hotels in Advance

Airfare prices can soar high, just before the holidays. So that you can avoid this, you can order tickets and book hotels in advance through online media. If you are lucky enough, you will get promos for booking airline tickets and hotels.

Vehicle rent

If you don’t bring a private vehicle, then you can try to rent a vehicle in Bali. Of course, there are lots of vehicle rental services in Bali that offer low prices. You just have to make sure that the vehicle has insurance and is in good condition.

To make it safer and more comfortable, you can also hire a local driver to take you around Bali. If it’s just a short trip, then all you have to do is take a taxi or other online transportation.

Enjoy Balinese Dishes

Besides having many interesting tourist attractions to visit, it turns out that Balinese food is also not to be missed by the first visitor. Because a vacation to Bali isn’t complete if you haven’t tasted some of Balinese specialties that are currently popular, such as ayam taliwang or satay lilit.

You can also apply this principle by following local customs while on vacation in Bali. Bali itself is known as a place with high spirituality in addition to the beauty of its natural charm. And when you visit a holy temple, try to wear clothes that are polite and closed.

That’s what can be explained in this article about things you should know before making your first time travelers to Bali. Happy holidays and I hope this article can be helpful and useful.

What are the advantages of using public transportation in Bali?

More Efficient Expenses

When you decide to use public transportation in Bali, the daily costs tend to be cheaper than private vehicles. The price offered by the government is also relatively cheap, especially for facilities such as commuter lines and busways.

Can Utilize Time Better

When you decide to use public transportation to drive to a place. Then you can make better use of the time during the trip for other activities. Starting from reading or looking for inspiration and various other activities.

You can also have interactions with new people, because being on public transportation gives you the opportunity to interact with new people. Through small things like giving a smile or greeting to opening a new topic while filling in the blanks.

If your goal is to work or travel, then you can indirectly gather energy to carry out these activities. Especially when you have poor sleep quality, so relaxing will make you fresher for the work that awaits you.

Please note that there are lots of private vehicles passing by in Bali. So that makes many people compete to find a suitable and adequate parking space. By choosing public transportation, it will reduce competition in finding parking spaces.


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Stefan Miles

Stefan Miles

Besides being curious about people and their cultures, Miles enjoys writing and messing around with a camera. Miles’s favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs,...