The arrival of Russians in Bali is not without reason because the tourism sector in Bali supports these activities. It is proven that the war between Russian and Ukrainian had an impact on Bali, although not in a negative way.

Is Bali Safe for Travel?

Safe Travel to Bali

Thousands of Russian and Ukrainian citizens are reported to have come to the island of the Gods. Citizens from both countries made Bali a new home after listening to their countries following the invasion almost one year ago. Even in January 2023 alone there were more than 2500 arrivals of these citizens.

Please note, Bali is a very safe place for evacuees of foreign nationals such as Russians and Ukrainians. Because Bali has good tourism with citizens who tend to be friendly. Until Bali was made an option so that foreign nationals such as Russia and Ukraine would not conscription in their own country due to inter-geopolitical wars.

2022 also saw more than 58,000 Russians arriving in Bali. It’s certainly different from earlier this year, as there were over 22,000 arrivals making Russia the second-largest foreign arrivals country last month.

According to the Central Statistics Agency, tourists will continue to rank 9th in 2021 in terms of spending money in Indonesia. They spend an average of 3.7 10 US dollars per trip. The data also comes from the investment coordinating agency which shows that Russian businesses account for more than 6.5% of foreign investment.

If there was no war between Russia and Ukraine, there would not be an explosion in the number of Ukrainian and social tourists going to Bali. This is because the two countries consider Bali to be superior and unique compared to other regions.

Despite the distance, there are countless Ukrainians and Russians who still hope to return to their homes after the conflict ends. Not only that, because these two countries believe that living in Bali is the best choice that can be taken.

Ukraine and Bali Tourists Do

Foreign tourists in Bali misuse tourist visas to work illegally, by taking local people’s jobs which are considered very detrimental. This has the potential to kill other countries’ officials for holidays to Indonesia.

It was reported that the majority of the tourists being highlighted were from Russia and Ukraine. If this problem is not immediately addressed, then Indonesia is considered not optimal in resolving violations by foreigners.

Drastically foreign tourists have reduced actual arrivals to Indonesia. This is because according to international relations experts, the tourism target has not been achieved. The existence of foreign tourists from Russia who do not work according to the story cannot be separated from the geopolitical factors of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Bali is the safest place to live and avoid conscription.

At a time when Russian and Ukrainian citizens are conscripted with a high risk of death, citizens prefer to join outside the country. In fact, a senior international relations researcher also assessed that tourists working illegally in Bali were not just a geopolitical issue.

This is because the problem of the need for stronger law enforcement is assessed from the alleged written report working in Bali and needs to be verified first. This also applies to foreigners working to reduce the income of local residents. From regulatory issues to what fields allow foreigners to work and own businesses.

Based on reports from the tourism office in Bali, the number of foreign tourists coming to the island of the gods will reach 2.1 people during 2022. The number of foreign tourists is dominated by countries such as Russia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, tourists from Russia accounted for 58,000 arrivals or around 2.69% of the total written arrivals to Bali. The number has steadily increased since Moscow’s invasion of Kiev erupted and skyrocketed.

Can Russians get Visa on Arrival in Bali?

Bali Visa for Russia

Russia will receive a visa in Indonesia if it complies with the applicable regulations. One of them is as follows:

  • Russian citizens must fill out a Visa application form, and a valid original passport must be valid for at least 6 months upon arrival in Indonesia.
  • Must provide a copy of passport and copy of return ticket.
  • Also provide copies of hotel bookings and proof of having living expenses for themselves or their families while in Indonesia.
  • Recent color photo with size 3×4
  • A minimum complete dose vaccine certificate and a statement letter that is willing to comply with all applicable health protocols in Indonesia.
  • Have proof of ownership of travel insurance which includes health financing or a statement that is willing to pay independently if there is a covid.
  • Letter of guarantee from the guarantor and permission to use the filming location if there are interests other than viewing and sightseeing.

Russian Citizens Deported in Bali?

Deported Citizens

The head of the immigration office deports a foreign national of Russian origin for abusing his residence permit by working as a comedian in Bali. The person has been in custody since March 8, 2023 and will be deported on the 14th of month 3, after a press conference at the office.

Denpasar Immigration also monitors the person through his activities on social media and directly appears as a stand-up comedy comic in Bali. When questioned by Denpasar immigration, he did not admit his profession as a comic. But immigration has seen the show firsthand and pocketed several show brochures as proof.

Teddy also said that the person entered Indonesian territory through the Ngurah Rai international airport using a socio-cultural visit residence permit. The validity period is until May 5, 2023.

Bisa B211 is a one-time travel visit permit granted by the Indonesian government to foreign nationals for tourism purposes or meeting family. Other activities are social activities, non-commercial arts and cultural activities, government assignments, non-commercial sports activities, comparative studies, business talks, purchasing goods, and transit.

Foreign nationals who work in Indonesia also cannot use the residence permit considering that they are required to have a limited stay visa. Denpasar Immigration also ensnared the person with article 75 paragraph 1 of law number 6 concerning immigration.

This article is an article that regulates immigration and has the right to take action against foreign nationals who violate the rule of law in Indonesia. Such as carrying out dangerous activities or endangering security and public order. Thus, these citizens have been secured by the Bali immigration, after further investigation by the authorities.

Russian Community in Bali?

Russian Community

The landslide of the cliffs of two villas in South Kuta became the strongest starting point for villa fraud which was a village or a community of Russian tourists. There are allegations of fraudulent practices of leasing villas between fellow foreign writers that occurred in Bali.

Initially, there were complaints from one of the Caucasians who rented a place there because he admitted that he was tricked by the citizens of that country. It turned out that the villa only had a registration permit, because he asked the owner, who is a Balinese citizen, to immediately take care of the permit.

His request was then ignored until the two points of landslide occurred again in early March 2023. Moreover, more enforcement on the building sector also resulted in a conflict regarding permits or not. He also admitted that the area in the villa was a village community for Russian foreign tourists.

This villa has a total of 5 which are foreign tourist communities or form groups called kampung. Communities of foreign nationalities express themselves to form their own community, so that allegations of fraud between them are revealed.

It is known that there are reports related to building landslides because this fraud mode just happens. As for what was promised according to the conditions in the field, so that the two cliffs were declared landslides on the north coast of Balangan.

The Russian community was then prosecuted by the authorities, because they were considered to have violated the terms and conditions that apply in Bali.

Ukrainian Community in Bali?

Ukrainian Community

The head of the Ukrainian community in Bali only gave his name as Dmytro, who chose to extend his holiday in Bali after the invasion began. Until now he is building a community in Bali for other Ukrainians.

For the past 8 months, the head of the Ukrainian community has only focused on this community. The goal is still the same. Because to help Ukraine find a way that the community can help. At the same time building strong relationships with local communities and local government.

After the war started, the Ukrainian travel agency decided to move its base back and hired some Ukrainians. Some of the Ukrainians were ordered to work there. Even some Russian citizens also offer support to fellow citizens who want to move to Indonesia.

The head of the Ukrainian community also has a consultant to help Russian-speaking companies set up shop in Indonesia. The chairman also owns a hotel in Bali where he moved at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic in Bali.

Not only that, because the community leader also helps dozens of businesses to start a business in Indonesia. They are also looking for ways to earn money again, especially for their families as they want to grow their existing business.

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