Visa Extension at Bali can be extended if you meet the various conditions set. In general, visit visas are granted to foreigners who will travel to Indonesia. This visa is given to those who have affairs in the context of government duties, education, social culture, tourism and others.

Visa is very useful for you, especially if you always have business in the context of overseas assignments. Having a visa will make your trip smoother.

How do I get a visa on arrival extension?

visa on arrival extension

Please note, that a visit visa is given to those who wish to continue their journey in another country. Mainly for those who do the activities listed below:

  • Doing social activities, such as arts and culture
  • Performing very important government duties
  • Doing non-commercial sports, and conducting comparative studies
  • Conduct short training courses and provide guidance
  • Conduct counseling and training in the application and innovation of industrial technology. Innovate industrial technology to improve the quality and design of industrial products. So that foreign curious cooperation is easier.
  • Perform a variety of emergency and urgent work.
  • Those who conduct business talks and purchase goods, or those who attend international exhibitions.

Foreigners who obtain a visit visa upon arrival to Indonesia are included in the list of countries with a visit visa upon arrival. A visit on arrival can be given for at least 30 days, and can be extended once with a length of stay of 30 days.

Foreigners can apply for the remainder of the visit through Indonesian representatives abroad. You can also go through a guarantor in Indonesia by submitting to the directorate general of immigration in Bali. The Indonesian embassy or consulate general is the party authorized to issue visit visas.

A visit visa is granted a length of stay of 60 days, and can be easily extended four times. Each extension is of course given a length of stay of 30 days. Foreigners who visit several times to the territory of Indonesia only for the purpose of visiting, or for business purposes and government duties, then they can rely on a visit visa.

However, a visit visa in several trips is valid for up to 1 year. With the condition, the name of the visit is a maximum of 60 days and cannot be extended.

Visa Extension on Arrival

There are several conditions that you must agree to if you want to extend your visa on arrival. Meanwhile, some of these requirements are as follows:

  • Domicile certificate which must be clear and requested from the local government.
  • Data guarantor that must be provided If you want to arrange a visit visa.
  • Have a valid passport in the country and the passport is not expired.
  • Have a return ticket to the country and comply with some applicable procedures.

Procedure To Do

The procedures that you must do after complying with several requirements that must be approved are as follows.

  • Applicants can submit an application by complying with several conditions to the counter staff.
  • The files will certainly be checked directly by the inteldakim for approval.
  • Conduct photo processing and interviews with 5 working days to complete.

Please note, that the period of completion of the visa on arrival extension service for foreign nationals is 5 working days. The 5 working days will be counted from the time the applicant makes a PNBP payment through a bank or other payment channel.

If you want to extend your visa on arrival, then you can comply with various requirements and carry out the procedures that must be carried out. A visit will certainly be useful for you if you have very important activities, especially in Indonesia.

The procedure that you have to do at the time of visa extension is of course very varied. This procedure is very easy for anyone to understand, when you have an extension, you just have to submit the documents to the consulate general. Later the consulate general will determine whether the documents you have are relevant or not.

Easy Ways to Visa Extension online for Bali?

Visa Extension online for Bali

Since April 2022, the tariff changes for visas and residence permits and re-entry permits are effective. Especially for you foreigners who hold a single visit permit, and are in the territory of Indonesia, of course, you can apply for a new ITAS. The application for a new ITAS is of course mandatory through the mechanism for changing the status of the residence permit on the online residence permit service.

Transfer of residence permit status can be done on the online residence permit service or direct data to the local immigration office. As for the payment of non-tax state income, of course, it is done for vitas on share. Some of the provisions that apply and must be known by the visa holder are as follows:

  • If you are a foreigner who holds a limited stay permit or permanent residence permit, of course you can apply for a new residence permit. The application for a new residence permit can be through an application for a visit visa or a limited stay visa.
  • The application for a new residence permit through a visa application must indeed be submitted before the residence permit expires. Because, if at the time of the application can be known by many people, the application will be postponed. Information will also be sent to the guarantor to complete the payment of the overstay fee at the immigration office and submit proof of completion of the payment. If at the time of the fight it is known that the foreigner has overstayed for more than 60 days, then the application to be made will be rejected. The rejection of the application is accompanied by immigration administrative action in the form of deportation and must immediately leave the territory of Indonesia.
  • Please note, bringing in foreigners will not be subject to overstay as long as the immigration pnbp payment in the application can be made before the residence permit expires.
  • Application for a tourist visit visa is mandatory to use a corporate or business entity guarantor.

You can use the application if you want to extend your Visa online. This application will be the basis for representatives of the republic of Indonesia abroad or the consulate general. The task of the application is to issue visas for foreigners.

For that, you must ensure that you apply for a visa in accordance with the intent of the foreigner’s activities in Indonesia. As an Indonesian citizen, you should be aware that foreigners who abuse their Visa and those who provide opportunities will be subject to criminal penalties as stipulated in Article 122 of 2011 concerning immigration law.

The consulate general is very concerned with the technology that is currently developing, and also has efforts to minimize the use of paper. So that the visa approval process will be carried out paperless. Therefore, we hope that you can help us in our care for the earth program by applying for a visa approval online.

You can also use the application can be online on weekdays. As for how to make and extend a Visa to go abroad can be seen as follows. Conditions that are getting better and better have made various countries begin to open their borders.

This opened border contains international tourists who can return to travel abroad. Of course, there are important requirements for traveling abroad, namely a Visa. Visas are very useful and are issued directly by a country through a representative or embassy.

How to Apply for a Visa Before How to Extend Visa in Bali?

How to Extend Visa in Bali

How to apply for a visa before how to extend a visa in Bali is very easy to do. In this case you just need to follow some of the steps listed below.

How to Apply for an Overseas Visa

There are several ways that you can do, if you want to apply for an overseas visa. The method is as follows:

Doing Visa Registration

Visa registration is a crucial first step when making a Visa abroad. You can start looking for information on the website of the embassy of the country you are going to before applying for a visa. The trick is to pay close attention to the terms or documents needed to register.

If you have met all the requirements, then you can immediately register and get a schedule, so that the next stage can be done.

Completing All Types of Documents

If you have successfully registered and are waiting for an interview call schedule. So, you can be prepared to complete the documents that must be completed. In general, when you want to apply for a visa, you will need the following documents.

  • The first document is the original KTP and a photocopy of the KTP.
  • Original passport and photocopy of your passport.
  • Passport photos that are adjusted to the provisions of the country you want.
  • An application form that must be filled out honestly.
  • Proof of visa payment, especially for countries that have conditions to make advance payments.
  • Work or study certificate that must be attached and sponsor’s certificate
  • Health certificate obtained from the best specialist doctor.
  • Ordinary financial documents in the form of salary slips or accounts.
  • Itinerary and proof of enlargement of airline tickets that all documents must be collected in a special envelope so that it does not happen later.

Document Verification and Interview Process

You will of course get a call from the embassy of the destination country that has been determined. Apart from the embassy, ​​you will receive calls from other designated places for document verification and interviews. For that, you can check your email often so you don’t miss this crucial stage.

Try to bring all kinds of documents that you have prepared in advance when you are being processed for document verification and interviews. Also, be careful to prepare photocopies of the documents. Also, try to dress neatly when it comes to document verification and interviews. It is better to arrive early so as not to get caught in a long queue with other applicants.

Making Payments and Withdrawing Visa

If the documents you have have been declared complete by the embassy, ​​then you can be prepared to pay the visa fee. The visa fee only needs to be paid once, therefore, if you have paid in advance during the registration process. 

Also try to keep proof of visa payment that will be brought when you pick it up later. Taking a visa is certainly similar to making a passport, because the way to make a visa is not completed in 1 day. You will be informed to wait for the issuance of the visa within a few working days or even weekly.

This of course depends on how many visa applicants are also being processed. You can continuously monitor your communication media, either via SMS or email to notify you of taking Visa.

How to extend visa in Indonesia?

How to extend visa in Indonesia

A visa is a document you can rely on while you are abroad. Visas can expire and can also be extended easily. Visa extension can be done if you comply with the various requirements that have been applied.

If at first you already have a visa in a country, then you just have to extend it when it expires. How to extend a Visa will certainly not be complicated if you know how. You can also follow some of the steps we have provided below. How to extend a Visa in Indonesia is as follows, This is the general way.

  • You can prepare a document whose function is to extend the Visa you have as a passport. Also bring the visa extension application form and a photo, you can adjust it to the requirements of the visa extension destination country.
  • Submit documents by coming in person or online. If you go online then you can visit the website that is available.
  • Be prepared for the interview process when it is done.

If you feel that you have prepared various kinds of visa equipment, then you can wait for the notification whether the extension of the visa document can be done or not. Steps or visa extensions for overseas are very easy to do. Because there will be no rejection if you have completed some of the required documents.

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