Besides a honeymoon destination, Bali is also a great place for a family vacation. You can invite your children to take a trip to Bali. One of the places you can visit Canggu. There are many activities you can do with kids in Canggu. It starts with surfing, horse riding, or playing in the waterpark. Not only enjoying Bali’s beauty, but your kids will also do other fun activities there. 

It is not a secret that Canggu provides various party playgrounds for kids. The friendly neighborhood has been developed well in Canggu to make kids enjoy various activities there. That is why many families choose Canggu as their destination for a family vacation. 

WHAT ARE THE 8 Top Things To Do With Kids in Canggu?

For those who plan to fly to Bali with their family and kids, here are some activities you can choose with kids in Canggu.

1. Playing at Splash Waterpark

Canggu is a kid-friendly Bali trip. That is why it is not surprising if you can find a waterpark there. Many kids love to pay for water, and it is the best time for them to slip and slide down the world-class slides in Splash Waterpark. There are many kinds of slides provided in the waterpark, so your kids can choose their favorite slide. 

Besides various slides, there is a delish dining menu in the waterpark as well. Thus, after getting tired of playing with water, you and your kids can enjoy Indonesian or western dishes. Those dishes can be ordered directly to your table or your sun bed. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

2. Staycation in the Villas 

A staycation in Canggu is a good choice for a family vacation. With many kid-friendly villas in Bali, your kids will never get bored playing around in the villas. With many facilities provided in the villas such as a swimming pool and trampoline, your kids will play all day long. 

With various choices, you can choose the best villas you want. Starting from the ordinary until the luxury one. Some villas also offer a great view to create a peaceful staycation with your kids. Staycation for healing with your kids will never be easier than this. So, you must choose the villa and enjoy the vacation!

3. Horse Riding

Give your kids another experience on their vacation by horse riding. This is a great and fun activity with kids in Canggu. You can find a horse-riding place with an international riding facility for your kids. Here, it can accommodate the entire family who wants to ride a horse. 

Some facilities offered are camps, photo shoots, show jumping lessons, and many more. For kids, there is private kids’ lesson with an experienced and internationally qualified instructor. Doing something new when visiting Bali is not a bad idea though. In addition, your kids also will enjoy the trip more with this kind of activity. 

4. Surfing with Kids

Holidaying with kids in Canggu will not be complete without surfing. Bali has many great surfing spots, and you can invite your kids to enjoy surfing as well. In Canggu, you just came to the surfing school there and let your kids try this water sport. 

With many great surfing schools, you can choose a private or a group surfing class. With a professional instructor, you don’t need to worry about safety. In addition, while the kids learn surfing, parents can also learn together with the kids or watch them from the shore. It’s up to you.

5. Crafting in Canggu Jewelry Class

Boost the kids’ creativity during the vacation by crafting in Canggu Jewelry Class. This is a great activity with kids in Canggu during the vacation. Besides, to get the jewelry made on their own, the kids will learn how to create silver jewelry. It is something new that your kids may not find at home, isn’t it?

The class itself is for 7 years old kids and more, and they will be guided by the professional silver jewelry maker in Canggu. Thus, there is no worry anymore if you let the kids boost their creativity in this class. The class also can be arranged or booked first depending on your vacation schedule in Canggu.

6. Cooking Class in Canggu

Visiting Canggu with kids and toddlers will be more fun by attending a cooking class. In Canggu, some places are providing cooking classes for kids or toddlers. Usually, this class is for kids aged 4 to 12 years old. With an experienced chef, the kids will learn to cook some new dishes every week. 

Even some cooking classes will give a Certificate of Cooking that is signed by the Head Chef. Visiting Bali to get a cooking class in Canggu is recommended. It will be a memorable thing to do with your kids while they visit Bali because they can learn to cook local dishes too. So, are you interested in inviting your kids to do this activity?

7. Playing at Tamora Gallery and Parklife

Kids love playing, so during the vacation, inviting the visitor to a playground in Canggu becomes one of the great ideas. There is Parklife where your kids can enjoy a beautiful, green, and safe playground. There are many facilities offered such as a bouncy castle, jungle gym, a mini beach, and an outdoor cinema. With these complete facilities, your kids will be happy to play their favorite activities. 

Besides, there is Tamora Gallery which provides an uber-cool lifestyle shopping place. You can ask the kids to choose their favorite activities there. In this place, you also can find cafes, restaurants, fashion boutiques, and even Bali baby supplies in Canggu while waiting for the kids to play. Let your kids play well, and you can find out the things you want in Bali at the same time. 

8. Visiting Pool Club

Do you want to hold parties with kids in Canggu? You and your kids can just visit the pool club in Canggu. It is the perfect place for all family members to chill and enjoy the beauty of Bali. You also can find a pool club with an eco-village vibe for enjoying the Balinese vibe more. 

You can enjoy many healthy Indonesian and western foods in the pool club. Meanwhile, the kids will get their special menus from the restaurant. For a birthday party, you just need to book the place with decorations, prizes, and a pool with games arranged. You also can add a surprise party as well here. 

To sum up, those are the eight top things you can do when you visit Canggu with kids. Besides all of those activities mentioned above, there are many other interesting activities for your kids. For example, you can visit the trampoline center in Canggu. Your kids must be happy to jump and play all day long. Otherwise, you can let the kids learn to climb there. 

Creating a peaceful, enjoyable, and memorable family vacation will be easy because there are many activities you can do in Bali. Not only do sports activities, but your kids also can learn about cooking, surfing, horse riding, and even crafting their jewelry. With all of the activities that you can do with kids in Canggu above, now you can start to prepare for your vacation to Bali. 

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