If you are interested to solo travelling to Indonesia, Bali is worth the most top picks in your list. Bali is turning into a well-known destination for solo travelers. To assist you with traveling alone in Bali, in this post we will share all about solo travel in Bali, where to stay and what to do there, including the tips for budget friendly for singles. 

Is Bali Fun for Singles? 

The answer is certainly, Bali is a tranquil place for a singles retreat. With perpetual stretches of sandy sea shores, lavish tropical forest and the mitigating hints of the wilderness, this island is the ideal spot for a wellbeing get-away. Enjoy days filled with bliss and beauty.

Bali is an ideal destination for solo travel. It’s not difficult to get around and meet new inspiring companions. Additionally, it’s an optimal spot for turning off and jumping profound into self-introspection and inner exploration.

The Island of the Gods offers a huge scope of activities for solo travelers and for all preferences: outdoor adventures, climbs, surfing, celebrations, along with coworking spaces, yoga retreats and numerous local cultural activities. Come what may – the climate is generally well disposed and inviting.

Where to Stay in Bali Solo Traveler

Where to Stay in Bali Solo Traveler

On the island there are facilities for all necessities and tastes. Homestays and guesthouses are both less expensive to remain in and are better for meeting people, as opposed to hotels.  Most of them include breakfast and fantastic swimming pools as well. So, staying in a Homestays or guesthouses is really budget Friendly for Singles/ Solo Travel in Bali

Moreover, to reside in a homestay that is run by Balinese families truly gives a nearby taste to somebody’s experience in Bali. It allows the opportunity to live in a traditional compound and be invited to daily local life. In all probability, visitors are welcome to traditional ceremonies in the temple of the village: the most effective way to plunge profoundly into the ageless Balinese culture and spirituality. It will establish the vibe of a performance travel insight.

Many solo travelers in Bali start their vacation in Seminyak or Kuta. Seminyak is more famous for families and mid-reach to extravagant voyagers. Kuta is more for backpackers and budget voyagers. However, the two regions can get extremely occupied. To get a comparable energy with less people, Canggu is the way to remain on your solo Bali trip. Batu Bolong is the best spot to stay in Canggu. It’s not exactly as occupied as the Berawa Beach region, yet there are such countless spots to eat and shop. 

In Ubud, there is a homestay, Wayan’s Family Homestay. The room cost is exceptionally modest. The family is so beautiful and supportive, there’s a pool which is astonishing to chill in following a day in the intensity, and there are places to associate with different travelers. They include breakfast as well. You can look over eggs or a pancake each day.

For extravagance accommodation, Four Seasons Resort and Como Uma are exceptionally appraised choices. Their reviews are extraordinary and are incredible decisions for honeymooners and those searching for loosening up retreats to burn through the majority of their excursion to Bali.

Solo Travel in Bali Things to Do

Solo Travel in Bali Things to Do

To remain alone during your solo travel in Bali, the most ideal choice is to simply snatch a bike and go for a ride in the lavish open country or find wild beaches. The Northern part of the Island is ideal for that. It’s the best spot to go pursuing cascades, swimming and scuba jumping. While unwinding and embracing that independent inward excursion, you can sign up for a quiet retreat in the Balinese slopes.

In the event that you favor a more distinctive encompassing, the town of Ubud is ideally suited for solo travelers ready to encounter that urban vibe. Simply snatch a book and sit in a comfortable bistro, like Kafe in Hanoman Street.

Another extraordinary experience is the visit of a healer. There are many healers around the island, who not just actually look at the condition of wellbeing by old mending strategies, yet in addition not seldom give some direction for your life. Furthermore, Bali is the ideal spot for wellbeing and spa treatments. Whether as customary Balinese massage, herbal baths or other health treatments, the island has everything.

At the point when you need to meet new companions while solo travelling, yoga classes are an extraordinary spot to find people explorers and Ubud is the spot to be. Yoga focuses like The Yoga Barn give a balanced encounter, with additional 100 classes each week, 7 studios, monthly studios, euphoric moves, acro yoga jams, talks and other occasions. 

For individuals that adore the ocean side the most, the village of Canggu brings everything to the table. You can join a surf camp and meet new courageous peeps while riding waves? There are surf camps all over Canggu, Seminyak, Kuta, the Bukit Peninsula and different pieces of the island. 

Ideal for solo female travel in Bali, there are the Goddess Retreats, offering a captivating space where the best of yoga, wellbeing and health retreats meet up in a carefree and cordial climate loaded with tomfoolery, chuckling and a lot of opportunity to loosen up from the tensions of life. Also, Pelan Pelan Surfcamp is a decent choice for doing that. It offers a combination of surfing, yoga, astonishing Indonesian food, and spa Medicines, right outside the horde of Canggu.

Bali is a good place for digital nomads all over the planet. There are numerous cooperating spaces on the island, with astonishing and energetic networks and endlessly bunches of occasions. Ideal for systems administration while on vacation, and why not, perhaps examining the next innovative undertaking and getting motivated by new thoughts. A work-ation at its ideal.

Bali has a ton of live events down the southern coast, like Sunny Side Up Tropical Fest at Potato Head in Seminyak. While Ubud is home of the Bali Veggie lover Food Festival and the Ubud Food Festival, unmissable for the foodies out there. Additionally, Bali has the biggest yoga celebration in Asia, BaliSpirit Celebration. 

Solo Trip to Bali Cost

Solo Trip to Bali Cost

Maybe you are wondering how much it costs for Budget Friendly for Singles/ Solo Travel in Bali? It all depends on many things, one of which is lodging, and transportation. Well to save your expenses. You can do some of the following tips.

Choose Off Season

Usually, January is the off-season month, where the cost for traveling is the cheapest compared to other months. However, you need to check again whether that month is also an off-season month for your travel destination. The more detailed information about your destination, the more likely it is to save budget. In addition, because you are traveling alone, you can also be more flexible in changing your destination if something unexpected happens.

Compare Flight Ticket Prices Actively 

Different from some time ago where buying round-trip flight tickets could save more on the budget, now this may no longer be the case. You have to be more active in comparing airline ticket prices, considering that there are quite a lot of attractive ticket offers that you can take advantage of. You can check the cheapest ticket prices from traveling applications, or follow Instagram accounts that often offer flight ticket promos.

Find Hotel Promos or Choose Cheap Hostels

Find Hotel Promos or Choose Cheap Hostels

In addition to being active in looking for flight ticket promos, you also have to be active in looking for hotel promos considering that you have to bear the cost of lodging yourself. To save even more, you can choose hostels with lower rates than hotels. Considering that you will spend more time exploring tourist sites, of course you don’t need to have a budget that is too big for lodging, the most important thing is the strategic location and the condition of the clean rooms to be occupied.

Join a Solo Travel Group or Find a Roommate

Look for a solo traveler group and join them. This way you can save more. Apart from that, you will also get invaluable experience by making new friends from different places.

If that is not possible, you can still find a roommate to lighten your stay budget friendly for singles.  Use websites like TravBuddy, TravelChum and CruiMates which will find you other travelers who have the same goals as you. Happy travelling! 


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Stefan Miles

Stefan Miles

Besides being curious about people and their cultures, Miles enjoys writing and messing around with a camera. Miles’s favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs,...