Police stations in Bali have an important task to maintain security and public order. The police station is also a place for law enforcement as well as providing protection, protection, and service to the community as well as carrying out other tasks.

What are the main functions of members at the police station in Bali Indonesia?

The main function of the police station in Bali is to be ready to carry out the duties of the National Police within the jurisdiction of the Police in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. As a civilian, you can ask for protection from the police if certain problems are found.

Functions and Duties of the Police Chief and Deputy Polres

Police Stations in Bali

The Chief of Police has the important task of fostering, leading, supervising and controlling organizational units within the Police. Do not forget to bring elements of regional implementers in their ranks as well as give advice and considerations to the Kapolda related to the implementation of tasks.

Meanwhile, the deputy head of the police is to assist the police chief in carrying out his duties by supervising, controlling and coordinating the implementation of his duties. Within the limits of his authority, the Deputy Chief of Police leads the Police in the event that the Chief of Police is unable to attend.

The Deputy Chief of Police can also give advice and considerations to the Chief of Police in terms of making decisions that are closely related to the main tasks of the Police.

Functions and Duties of Bag Ops

Police Stations in tabanan

Bag ops has the important task of planning and controlling the administration of police operations. Bag ops also assists the implementation of community activities or government agencies, by providing information and documentation of police activities.

Bag ops also has an important role in controlling headquarters observations. Bag ops also performs functions as administrative preparation and implementation of police operations. Bag ops also regulates planning for the implementation of pre-operational training, including cooperation and training in the context of police operations.

The planning and control of police operations, including the collection, processing and presentation and reporting of operational data. Complete with security for community activities or government agencies. Of course, the development of operational management includes the operational plan and its orders are also carried out by the operational department.

Bag ops also helps coordinate and control the implementation of headquarters security within the police station. In addition, Bag ops also helps manage information and documentation of its activities.

Propam’s Task

Inside the police station there is also a Propam, which has the task of carrying out coaching and maintaining discipline. Propam also plays a role in internal security and services for public complaints allegedly carried out by members of the police. In carrying out the tasks as intended, of course Propam will carry out the following functions.

  • Provide public complaints services regarding irregularities in the behavior and actions of the police personnel.
  • Enforce discipline and maintain order and internal security for police personnel.
  • Conducting disciplinary hearings or professional code of ethics as well as professional restoration of personnel
  • Supervise and evaluate police personnel who are currently serving or have been sentenced.
  • Issued the rehabilitation of police personnel who had carried out their sentences and were not proven to have committed disciplinary violations.
  • Performing financial function services which include financing and financial accountability reporting.

Bagren’s Functions and Duties

Bagren has an important task to prepare a work plan, by controlling the budget program and analysis. In addition, Bagren also evaluates its implementation, including planning for the development of the regional unit.

The function directly carried out by Bagren is the preparation of medium-term and short-term planning for the police. One of them is the strategic plan and draft work plan. Another design is the preparation of a budget requirement plan in the form of a budget work plan.

Bagren also took part in the administration of budget authorization at the police level and monitoring. So that the preparation of the budget realization report and the preparation of the accountability report can be planned properly and correctly.

Sium’s Tasks and Functions

Sium has the duty to carry out general administrative and administrative services. Another task is to train headquarters within the police station to make it more comfortable. In carrying out these duties, of course, Sium carries out the following functions.

  • Performing general administrative and administrative services such as secretarial and regional police archives.
  • Perform headquarters services such as office facilities and protocol services for ceremonies.

Siwas Functions and Duties at Bali Police Stations

Siwas has the duty to carry out routine general monitoring and supervision. So that the implementation of police leadership policies in the field of coaching and operations can be well planned. In carrying out these tasks, the guidance and operations are carried out in all work units. The siwas can carry out the following functions:

  • Supervise and monitor the planning process and implementation of work achievements.
  • Supervise and monitor resources which include personnel, facilities and services.
  • Provide advice and consideration to the leadership on irregularities and violations found.

Siwas has a function that strongly supports the performance of the police in Bali. So, you can rely on it if you find various types of problems such as resources covering the material and facility fields.

Satintelkam Duties and Functions

Satintelkam has a function in the field of security and services related to public crowd permits. Also assists in the process of issuing SKCK and receiving notifications of community activities or political activities. As well as making recommendations on applications for permits for firearms holders and the use of explosives. The functions held are as follows:

  • Satintelkam conducts development of intelligence activities in the security sector.
  • Perform coding and intelligence products within the Polres
  • Carry out operational activities of security intelligence for the purpose of early detection and early warning. Thus, the development of information networks through the empowerment of intelligence function development personnel is better.
  • Updating the biodata of formal or informal social organizations and local government figures.
  • Documenting and analyzing the development of the strategic environment and the preparation of intelligence products.

Functions and Duties of Bagsumda

Bagsumda has an important task to carry out the development of personnel administration, as well as facilities and infrastructure. Also participate in the training of health functions and services, as well as assistance and application of existing laws.

The functions carried out by Bagsumda are personnel development and administration, such as career development for police personnel. Bagsumda also functions for periodic salary increases, transfers, appointments, dismissals, personnel maintenance, and spiritual welfare development.

Bagsumda took part in the psychological development of personnel such as mental health and psychological examinations for firearms holders. Functional training is also organized by the Sumda which includes the technical functions of the police and the integration between supporting functions.

Bagsumda also has the following functions:

  • The first function is as a health service for members of the police and their families.
  • The second function is the administration of facilities and infrastructure such as inventory or distribution of general supplies.
  • The third function is to implement an accounting management information system for state property.
  • The fourth function is the maintenance of service and construction facilities such as electricity and water.
  • The fifth function is assistance services and law enforcement
  • The 6th function is to provide legal aid services to police institutions and personnel
  • The seventh function is to provide legal opinions and advice as well as carry out legal counseling to personnel and their families and communities.

How to Search police station listings in Bali?

Search police station listings in Bali is quite easy if you really need help. You just have to search on Google map or ask people around. We will summarize how to do it in the search tutorial below:

  • Open the Google map application then type police station in Bali
  • After that Google map will show a row of police stations that you can visit.
  • You can follow the path as indicated by the map
  • Arriving at the office, you can say the complaint you have at this time.

The police usually accept all complaints raised by civilians. Because, the duty of a police officer is to protect and protect the people under his leadership.

How to Find Police Stations Near Me in Bali?

The Police Stations have an important role to carry out general surveillance or monitoring either through incidental or direct observation. Under the policy of the Indonesian police leadership, of course you will find coaching and operations carried out by all work units.

How to find the police station near me in Bali is quite easy if you are observant of your surroundings. Police Stations Near Me in Bali can be found by looking around you, or calling the relevant police number. How to find it is as follows:

  • The first way is to rely on the smartphone you have, which is to open a Google map and then look for the nearest police station.
  • The second way is to ask the people around you. Make sure the person you are asking is someone you can really trust.
  • The third way is to do research independently by paying attention to the surrounding conditions.

What is Bali Police Number?

Bali police stations Number is the Bali police number which is closely related to the number plate in Indonesia. The number plate is generally a motor vehicle number sign which is usually abbreviated as a police number. This aluminum plate is a sign of the number of motorized vehicles in Indonesia and has been registered at the Samsat joint office.

Bali Police Number Under Law

Police stations license plates are present under the law of the republic of Indonesia number 22, which is part of the registration and identification of vehicles. The license plate number is also a very legal proof of ownership of a motor vehicle.

As for there are several number plates of a motor vehicle from the city of Jabodetabek which includes the cities of Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, South Tangerang, and Bekasi. Indonesian number plates are issued directly by the Korlantas Polri, which has the symbol and inscription of the Korlantas Polri.

It should be noted that the number plate is not immediately issued by Korlantas and is considered invalid, because the police number if it is not used properly will be subject to a ticket. Each type of vehicle certainly has a number plate color that is adjusted to the function.

Color Bali Police Number

Police stations numbers are usually black with white writing, while official vehicles are red with white writing. There is also a provision that public transportation uses yellow with white writing.

If based on the National Police Chief Regulation number 7 of 2021, private vehicles will gradually use white plates with black writing. The use of motorized vehicle number signs in Indonesia, especially in Java, is a legacy since the days of the Dutch East Indies.

What is the Main Function of Having a Bali Tourist Police Contact?

Bali is a city that has a special police force to handle cases guarding foreign tourists while on vacation to Bali. The police are the tourism police, the cases handled start from the loss of family members or loss of goods and money.

The tourism police stations are no stranger to the Balinese people. The reason is that the tourism police often roam around looking for tourist boarding houses. The tourism police have a duty that benefits the surrounding community, because you can contact the Bali Tourist Police Contact if a problem occurs.

The existence of the tourism police makes foreign tourists unable to arbitrarily while in Indonesian territory.

Cases Handled by the Tourism Police

The tourism police stations also handle cases of domestic violence to criminal cases. The tourism police office is located in the tourist center of Bali, namely on Jalan Kuta Raya number 141, Badung. The tourism police are part of the POLRI and are under the auspices of the Bali Police.

The tourism police stations are also the command center to handle various types of cases related to foreign tourists in Bali. The tourism police will accept all types of complaints or reports involving foreign tourists. The complaint will later be submitted to the police in the relevant area.

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