Hospital in Bali is a hospital that has a duty to serve patients. This hospital has the appropriate facilities, from rooms to credible health workers. There are various kinds of supporting equipment needed for treated patients in the hospital.

Hospital is one of the needs needed by most people. Without a hospital, of course, health will decline so that the death population increases.

Where are the Locations of hospitals in Bali?

Locations of hospitals in Bali are spread all over Bali. If you need a hospital, you just need to go to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency. There are various hospitals in Bali that can be utilized for all types of interests related to health.

Bali Jimbaran Hospital

Bali Jimbaran Hospital

Jimbaran Bali Hospital is the closest hospital in Bali. Jimbaran Bali Hospital has several specialist doctors and has been established since 2015. Its specialists include heart disease specialists, urology specialists, orthopedic specialists and specialist doctors. The location is precisely on Jalan Kampus Unud No. 52, Perarudan, Jimbaran-Bali.

Kasih Ibu Hospital

Kasih Ibu Hospital

Kasih Ibu Hospital is the closest hospital that was established in 1987. Kasih Ibu Hospital Group is the company that oversees the Kasih Ibu Hospital. Of course there are two other branches besides the one in Denpasar, the branch is in Tabanan or in Saba.

Bhayangkara Hospital Denpasar

Bhayangkara Hospital Denpasar

Bhayangkara Hospital Denpasar is one of the public services that serves health services. This hospital is open 24 hours with the best facilities, especially for those of you Denpasar residents who are in this area, so you can visit and take advantage of its services.

Bhayangkara Hospital Denpasar, precisely at the address Jl. Trijata No.32, Sumerta Kelod, Kec. North Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali 80233. If you have trouble finding the address, then you can look for it on Google maps or directly call the available phone number.

Bali Royal Hospital

Bali Royal Hospital

Bali Royal Hospital Hospital is a hospital located at Jalan Tantular number 6 Renon Denpasar. Bali Royal Hospital Hospital is the closest hospital in Bali which has been operating since 2010. The location of this hospital is very strategic and easy to access, it also comes with various health facilities complete with excellent services.

The 60 rooms owned by the Hospital are equipped with modern diagnostic support facilities such as CT Scan and USG. Various kinds of diagnostic support facilities are laboratory, hemodialysis and 4-dimensional ultrasound. You can rely on this hospital if you need supporting examination facilities.

Manuaba General Hospital

Manuaba General Hospital

The next hospital is the Manuaba General Hospital, established in 1978 which is still a manuaba clinic. Marwaba Hospital is the closest hospital in Bali with a location on Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto number 28, Pemecutan Kaja, North Denpasar sub-district or Denpasar city.

Siloam Hospital Bali

The next Hospital in Bali is Siloam Hospital which is equipped with a trauma management unit and medical evacuation. This hospital provides mobile hospital services, day chemotherapy and hemodialysis. Accreditation has been obtained by this hospital mainly from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

What do you need to know about international hospital in Bali?

State-owned international hospital in Bali is being realized. As in general, the potential of health tourism is the reason for the construction of an international hospital. The consolidation of international hospitals is expected to be able to consolidate pharmaceutical SOEs.

Pharmaceutical SOEs can also become Indonesia’s defense fortress in the field of health security. The state-owned international hospital in Bali has made various advances. This progress can be seen since the laying of the first stone which was carried out directly by the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, at the end of the year.

International hospitals are not present only as a form of arrogance. This hospital is dedicated to Indonesian people who usually rely on hospitals abroad. The facilities in international hospitals are adequate facilities so that they are in accordance with hospitals in developed countries.

For the welfare of international hospitals, as the color of the Indonesian state, they should promote. If the hospital is developed, the job opportunities will also be wider, and health services will be easy to obtain.

International Hospital Infrastructure and Its Purpose

The basic infrastructure of hospital buildings and areas has also begun to be seen. The Bali international hospital building is located in the Sanur area, Denpasar. The construction of an international hospital has two important goals for tourists and Balinese people.

The first objective is to introduce Bali as a health tourism destination. The second purpose is as a health support facility that has premium quality. The funds needed for the development of a special health economic zone on a land area of ​​50,000 km2 are around 1.7 trillion.

The entire project, which is expected to be completed in 2023, appoints biofarma as the holding leader. Hunting led by biofarma can be seen as a form of appreciation and trust from the government. Holding health is a health that is able to record positive profit growth when it grows.

It should be noted, that biofarma knows a net profit of 1.93 trillion throughout 2021 and grows 567% when compared to the performance in 2020. The construction of this international hospital is a follow-up initiative of the concerns expressed directly by the president.

Seeing the Success Potential of International Hospital

Indonesia has the potential to lose 97 trillion as a result of more than 2 million people seeking medical care abroad. Indonesians seek various kinds of health care, such as checking medical conditions and treating bones and teeth.

Most of the approximately 750,000 Indonesians went to Singapore for treatment and seeking treatment. On the same occasion, about one million people in Indonesia mostly departed from Medan to go to Malaysia for treatment.

Malaysia and Singapore managed to capture 74% of the health care needs of Indonesian citizens. 100,000 Indonesians also choose to go to Thailand for non-medical aesthetic treatments. This research is also proven by research in South Korea, which is the next goal. This is because South Korea has attracted nearly 300,000 Indonesians seeking aesthetic and orthopedic treatment.

For this reason, an international hospital in Bali is indispensable. To overcome the quality of excellent and transparent care that does not exist in Indonesia. Of course, accommodation during treatment which is priced at a low price is the main attraction.

The President also hopes that the international Hospital in Bali that has been built will prevent the departure of the Indonesian people. The completion of the Bali International Hospital really made the Indonesian people not go for treatment abroad again.

Please note, that the health cluster holding will certainly cooperate with non-profit organizations managing health facilities in America. In managing these health facilities, the health and wellness tourism industry in Indonesia is expected to grow by 6% by 2025.

There are also the three highest and most popular sectors from the medical sector, namely the orthopedic care sector, the dental care sector, and fertility. The top 3 positions in the fitness industry are also directly occupied by the spa and fitness industry.

State-owned international hospitals have a health ecosystem that agrees with the various wishes of the Indonesian people. The presence of an international hospital, of course, will make you no longer need to go far abroad for treatment.

What are the Best Hospitals in Bali For Tourists?

There are 17 hospitals in Bali that declare themselves as part of the Bali Medical Tourist Association. This association was deliberately formed as a forum for gathering and consolidating. The consolidation was carried out because it was closely related to the medical tourism program, aka treatment while on vacation.

The potential that the best Hospital in Bali has for tourists is huge. This is because developed countries tend to seek treatment abroad because of long waiting times. In addition to the long wait, certain actions and the high cost of actions in their home country. The best Hospitals in Bali for tourists are as follows:

  • The first hospital is Sanglah Hospital, if you are a tourist you can visit this hospital.
  • The second hospital is the Bali Mandara General Hospital, this hospital is very easy to find on the Google map.
  • The third hospital is the Bali Mandara eye hospital, the Bali Mandara eye hospital provides health services that benefit you.
  • There is also a Prima Medika Hospital that is ready to handle your complaints.
  • In addition, there is a penta Medika clinic that provides the best health services.
  • There are also Denpasar Love Hospital, Saba Love Hospital, Mata Ramata Special Hospital, Bhayangkara Hospital, 911 Dental Clinic, Unud PTN Hospital, Badung Mangusada Hospital, BIMC Nusa Dua Hospital, BIMC Kuta Hospital, and Siloam Kuta Hospital.

The existence of a hospital for tourists in Bali has certainly been planned by the government, mainly regulated in the Minister of Health regulation number 76. Bali already has several hospitals with international standards complete with supporting medical equipment.

In addition to supporting medical equipment, there are also very competent medical and paramedical personnel to serve you. Associations in Bali have created a standardized model of service for medical tourists, so that online and offline marketing patterns can be realized.

What are Bali Private Hospitals?

Bali private hospital is a hospital you can rely on if you need privacy. There are also many hospitals of this type, especially in Bali, equipped with very satisfying services, especially for you, even if you are new.

Bali private hospital can be visited by anyone, you will get complete health services with various information about health.

Balimed Hospital

The first hospital is the Balimed Hospital, which provides all forms of the best health services. Not only health services, because Balimed Hospital provides competent medical personnel in their fields.

Balimed Hospital coincides on Jl. Mahendradatta No. 57 X, Padangsambian, West Denpasar, Bali. You can use this hospital as the best alternative in the event of a health problem or emergency.

If you want to prove it, then you can start by proving it when reading the testimonials. The process carried out by the Balimed Hospital is faster because it has a machine to take queue numbers.

BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua

The next private hospital is BIMC Hospital Nusa Dua. The itdc area block d Jalan Nusa Dua Continental Bali is the complete address of the BIMC Nusa Dua hospital. This type of hospital serves emergency situations with the best doctors and cares deeply about their patients. The services provided are never seen from race or ethnicity.


There is also BIMC Ubud which received the best reviews among other Bali private hospitals. The hospital, which is located precisely on Jalan Sanggingan, Ubud, Gianyar is a hospital that has extraordinary services. The entire hospital staff such as doctors and security guards are very friendly and there are no exceptions, including BPJS patients.

What are the Best Private Hospitals in Bali?

Best private hospital in Bali are various private hospitals that you should know. This private hospital serves a variety of health services with competent workers and friendly service.

Bangli Medika Canti Hospital

The next hospital is Bangli Medika Canti Hospital. Bangli Hospital is a private hospital that has been established since 2011. You can visit this hospital on Jalan L.C. Subak Aya, Bebalang, Friends, Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali.

Bangli Hospital has 4 basic specialists namely surgery, pediatrics, internal specialists and obstetrics. Health care facilities at Bangli Medika include outpatient facilities with 11 specialist polyclinics. These polyclinics include cardiac, skin and genital, orthopedic, eye, dental, and neurological polyclinics.

Bangli Hospital is the closest hospital in Bali, which has medical support facilities. The medical support facilities range from medical record facilities, radiology or X-rays, laboratories to pharmacy and nutrition.

Puri Raharja Hospital

Puri Raharja Hospital is the closest hospital in Bali, included in the category of a private hospital located in the middle of the city. Puri Raharja Hospital has several excellent services such as endoscopes, chemotherapy, hemodialysis and urological surgery using specialist doctors.

That’s a little bit of information that can be conveyed, hopefully it will be useful.


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Veby Merta

Veby Merta

A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches,...