Co-Working space for digital Nomad is a place that you can go to, because this place is known as a quiet place. When you are in the Co-Working space in Bali, you can do all kinds of work, by ordering unforgettable mainstay menus.

What is the price for Co-Working space in Bali?

price for Co-Working space in Bali

Bali is synonymous with fun and interesting tourist destinations, so Bali was chosen as the right place for a vacation. Many make the island of the gods as a place of migration for workers, especially those who come from within and outside the country.

Co-Working space is a new phenomenon in the world of work for the Indonesian people, this place is usually used to do important work. The function of this building is a place for every worker who is in the creative process. Workers who have a creative process must be in optimal comfort conditions.

If the comfort conditions have been optimal, it will certainly make the job complete faster. It should be noted that in the design of the Co-Working space there will be uniformity of certain theories or formats that are required. This makes the interior or exterior design very flexible, especially if the design follows the wishes of the owner or the needs of visitors.

Some of the places available in Bali are flexible and can increase morale. As a freelancer, you can choose this place as the best place, especially if you love to work while on vacation.

Bali Co-Working Outpost (Price)

Outpost Co-Working space Bali has received an award, namely the best Co-Working Space in Bali. Outpost after having the most branches in Bali, there are also three main locations such as Ubud and Canggu. The price offered starts from 220,000 only, if you offer a monthly price of course around 2.7 million rupiah.

G88 CoWorking Space(Price)

G88 Co-Working space is a place that provides a co-working space at a more affordable price. You can rent this place starting from Rp. 100,000 per day, while if you want to rent it monthly, you can only spend under 2 million.

Kinship Studio Bali (Price)

Kinship Studio Bali is the most appropriate Co-Working space for work mobility while in Bali. With a price of 220,000 rupiah, you can use this place from 08.00 am to 8 pm. If you want to rent this place for a monthly price, then you can start from 2 million.

Ubud Hub (Price)

Hub ubud is a pioneer of the number digital lifestyle in Bali, its location is very strategic. You can find hubud in the heart of Ubud, exactly opposite the Monkey Forest. Because, the stronghold has become the choice of most expats.

If you have plans to move to Bali or live in Ubud, then you can visit this place. In this place they often hold seminars and workshops about technology, get this place at a very affordable price.

The price of this place starts from 220,000 per day, and the most expensive package without hours is 2.9 million. Surely you will get the most complete and unforgettable facilities. So you can work more quietly, and grow creative ideas in this place.

What are the best places for digital nomads in Bali?

Overseas who come from within and outside the country must have a job, it could be one of their jobs is freelance. Not limited to working in offices, because freelance is also in great demand by many people, because they can work more flexibly and anywhere.

Livit Hub Sanur

Livit hub Sanur is the place we recommend if you are looking for Co-Working which is close to Denpasar city center. This co-working space provides various facilities, so many visitors are interested in visiting this place many times.

Livit hub is a Co-Working that was founded in 2011, with a mission to provide facilities for entrepreneurs. The facilities provided for entrepreneurs are used to develop themselves and work independently.

You should also try some of the premium facilities provided. Because Livit Hub Co-Working space provides a comfortable workspace for you. You can also enjoy a healthy food menu that is available 3 times a day, complete with a cafe and a cozy atmosphere.

Conducting meeting rooms, Skype booths, and other activities can be done in the quiet area of ​​Sanur’s livit hub. Livit hub Sanur also provides a quiet area for worship and rest, complete with Rooftop facilities that provide views of the sunset over Sanur and Mount Agung.

If you are interested in visiting this place, then you can visit Bali and go to Jalan Bumiayu, alley pungut Sari number 6, Sanur. This place is the best place to do work remotely, apart from the facilities that make you comfortable, you will enjoy very friendly service.

Genesis Creative Centre

Genesis Creative Centre is a Co-Working space that has a calm environment and cool air. Not only that, because this place is supported by complete facilities, so you can be more comfortable working in the Genesis Creative Centre co working space.

If you want to get away from the coastal area, then this place is the right place to work for you. This place not only offers the best comfortable Co-Working space facilities, because you are also treated to views of beautiful rice fields.

Genesis Creative Centre is the right place for those of you who want to take part in yoga and several types of workshops. The cafe surrounded by bamboo trees can also be the best spot that is a pity to miss. You can visit this place on Jalan. Pantai Berawa No.99, in Nort Kuta , Bali.

What are the best coworking spaces in Canggu?

Co-Working space is still used as a favorite place for freelancers to do their work. By going to a Co-Working space, doing work is more comfortable because there are various facilities available to support a freelancer to be more productive.

Tropical Nomad

Tropical Nomad is the most appropriate place in Canggu, this place has a service aspect that provides free food and drinks. This place also gives permission to bring food or drinks from outside. If you are the first visitor, and this is the first time you visit this place, you will be charged 120,000. Meanwhile, if you have matched this place, then you will be charged a price of 180,000.

Outpost Canggu

Outpost Canggu is a Co-Working space that you can visit, because this place is a favorite place for freelancers. The location of the Canggu outpost is between two places, namely Canggu and Ubud. This Co-Working was founded in 2016, and has grown a lot so far this year.

The facilities offered are very diverse, that’s why this place is very suitable to be used as co-learning, co-working, co-living. Because, this place offers the best facilities with high quality. You will be amazed by the facilities provided here.

Please note, that the Canggu outpost has a building and interior design that was designed directly by an experienced architect, namely Alexis. This place also has a comfortable ambiance, which is complemented by a location near the best beaches in Bali.

As a visitor, you can enjoy some of the facilities available here, such as 85 chairs and a work desk. In addition, there are also several facilities that will pamper you such as private meeting rooms, Skype booths, private pools, and cafes with healthy and delicious menus.

If you are interested in visiting this place, then you can find it on Jalan Raya Semar number 1, Canggu, Bali. We guarantee, that this place is the most appropriate place, If you need a quiet place to do work.

What are the Co-Working spaces in Bali for Digital Nomads?

Co-Working space in Bali is the perfect place to do your job. As a freelancer, you will be provided with some of the best places, such as meeting rooms and private rooms. Especially for those of you who work as a freelancer, or are looking for a comfortable place to work when you go to Bali, then we will recommend the best Co-Working in Bali.

Dojo Bali Co-Working

Dojo Bali Co-Working is a place that is facilitated with its own cafe and swimming pool. You can also go to this place because this place has a very fast internet network. The internet network is a network that rarely has problems.

As a visitor, you can enjoy various types of events in the dojo. Almost every day there are exciting events that you can visit. In addition to getting experience while in Bali, it will certainly increase your creativity as a freelancer.

Biliq Bali Co-sharing Space, Seminyak

Biliq Bali Co-sharing space was established directly by corporate finance, which often looks for Co-Working space to work while on vacation. The founders of this place initially found it difficult to find a place that provided adequate internet facilities, which were equipped with hourly rentals.

With this background, Hansen as the founder then established Biliq Bali Co-sharing Space. Biliq Bali Co-sharing Space is located right in Seminyak, because Seminyak is the best place to set up this place. Moreover, Ubud and Canggu have a lot of Co-Working space.

The location in Seminyak is also very strategic because it is close to the airport, this location is also very friendly for newcomers to Bali. This place does not provide a comfortable workplace with adequate wi-fi, because you are also treated to the best facilities while here.

The facility is a work desk by the pool, because apart from working you can also attend various workshops. By participating in various types of interesting workshops, you can gain a lot of experience as well as make new friends.

The location of this place is Jalan Yudistira Number 3A, Seminyak, Bali. If you want to visit this place then it is the right choice. You can work in peace in Seminyak, especially at the Biliq Bali Co-sharing Space, the best Co-Working in Seminyak.

What are the co-working spaces in Bali 2022?

Co-working space in Bali is a favorite location for digital nomads, because there are so many. Moreover, the facilities and prices offered are also very diverse. Therefore, you can choose according to. Try to choose the right Co-Working, so you feel comfortable working there.


ZIN@Work is the best place, especially if you want a comfortable Co-Working space in Bali. You can also use an affordable rental price, because this place could be the right place for you.

There are also three areas of Co-Working space provided here. Communal space is the first, in the form of an open space that is shared, as well as a comfortable place to do work. Dedicated desk is a place in Canggu, in the form of a private room.

There is also a private office, where this place can be used for you and some colleagues. The facilities offered are also very complete and adequate, this is reasonable because the rental prices offered are also very affordable.

Work will be much more relaxed if you decide to visit the ZIN@Work . This place is located at Jalan Nelayan No.78F, Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, also an affordable place if you go here with Google map.

Finns Rec Club

Finns Rec Club is a lifestyle hub that just so happens to have one of Canggu’s most cozy environments for work-life balance. In true co-work style, there’s every kind of meeting room and work space you could imagine

As a hard worker, of course you need the most appropriate place to do your work so that work mobility is guaranteed. The owner of Finns Rec Club, has proven that this place is the right place to accompany him during his 3 years living in Bali.

The facilities offered at this place are also very impressive, so you can enjoy a variety of facilities at affordable prices.

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