Canggu is an area that is famous for its tourist charm, both beach clubs and food. You can enjoy various kinds of food in Canggu and know the place. Because, Balinese food is known by many people in Indonesia and is famous for being unique.

The variety of local foods found in Canggu can spoil your tongue. The place can also be reached, either using google maps or asking people.

Where is Canggu Hangout Places?

Canggu Hangout Places

The best hangout place must be equipped with a variety of food to make it more fun. Hanging out is also incomplete if it is not accompanied by friends or family. Of course you can invite your friends at the best hangout places in Canggu.

Hangout places can be done anywhere, of course, it will add to the fun if it is done in the open or on the beach. One of the places that you can choose is a restaurant or a place to hang out to spend drinks and discuss with friends.

Shady Shack

The next restaurant recommendation is Shady Shack, which is located in the district of North Kuta. The shady shack restaurant provides a variety of vegan food menus that are very healthy and taste very good. You can also order a variety of western menus at this restaurant.

This best restaurant provides a variety of burgers, omelets, bowls, salads, toasts and other dishes. Although the price is very high, the quality and taste of the food is unquestionable. This restaurant is also very suitable to be used as the best place to hang out with people you like.

What are the Best Warungs in Canggu?

Recently, the Canggu area has become a favorite destination for every tourist visiting Bali. Canggu is an area that is the best magnet, because it was one of the Legian areas in the 2000s era. There are lots of tourist spots in it and you can explore well.

There are also beautiful cafes in it, complete with exotic beaches that make Canggu the most addictive region. If you are not experienced when you are in Canggu, of course you will think about which area has good places to eat at affordable prices.

Of course, there are a lot of the best Warungs in Canggu that you can enjoy, complete with a variety of luxuries on offer. On this occasion, we will provide a good place to eat at very affordable prices, especially in the Canggu area.

Warung Varuna Canggu

food in Canggu

Warung Varuna is a stall located at Batu Bolong Beach road number 89x, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, in Bali. Warung Varuna provides various types of food and drink menus at very affordable prices of course.

You as a customer can easily order fried rice, fresh chicken, koloke, capcay, and various other western menus. Western menu that you can enjoy is a variety of sandwiches, toast, pancakes, American breakfast and others.

Warung Varuna is a stall that provides some highly recommended vegan menus. Some of the menus include vegetable omelette with menu prices ranging from 20 thousand to 50 thousand only.

Warung Goûthé

The next stall is Warung Goûthé which is located in North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. This type of warung is perfect for those of you looking for classic French food, baked goods & desserts, so you can enjoy the best food at Warung Goûthé.

Not only is the menu very complete, because the Warung Goûthé stall also has a diverse menu. You don’t have to worry if you’re hungry at night, because you can visit this shop at any time. In fact you will also enjoy a very affordable price.

The address is right on Jalan  Pantai Berawa No.7A, North Kuta, Bali

Warung Local

Warung Local is a recommended best warung in Canggu, because this shop provides a variety of simple Indonesian menus. The menu available is a menu that has quite affordable prices. Not only that, because there are also a variety of side dishes and vegetables to choose from.

Three types of rice are provided directly at the Warung Local, the three types of rice are red rice, yellow rice, and white rice. The side dishes and vegetables that accompany the rice are also varied, one of which is soy sauce-seasoned eggs, grilled chicken, green chili chicken, kale, and other vegetables such as chickpeas and many others. In addition, there are also several menus that can shake your tongue, the menu starts at 5000 only. You can visit the address in Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No.10, Canggu, North Kuta , Bali.

Warung Bu Mi Canggu

You can go to Warung Bu Mi if you are around Batu Bolong beach. The location of this shop is precisely in Canggu. Provides a very complete variety of Nusantara menus, so you can choose white rice, brown rice or yellow rice.

The side dishes contained in it are also very diverse, ranging from processed chicken or processed eggs. You can also order a package menu at a very affordable price, because there are a variety of seafood and rendang menus in it.

Warung Bu Mi is a stall that you can visit if you feel hungry, you can also enjoy a variety of preparations if you are in the Canggu area. Warung Bu Mi is one of the best places, enjoy a variety of menus that can spoil your tongue only at Warung Bu Mi.

What are the Best Indonesian Food in Canggu?

There are so many best foods that you can find in Canggu, because this area is known as a local tourist spot that is rich in local cuisine. The tourists, of course, will look for the best Indonesian food places, especially in Canggu.

Canggu is the best Indonesian food place that you can choose. In Canggu, you will get a variety of the best food offerings at very affordable prices. You can also invite anyone or relatives to visit this place and enjoy the food in it.

Mixed rice

food in Canggu

Mixed rice is a food that you can taste next. This Balinese food has a delicious taste, so it makes your appetite increase even more. The main ingredients of mixed rice are white rice, Balinese satay wrap, shredded chicken with Balinese genep base seasoning, urap, chicken lawar, matah sauce, and sambel embe.

Nasi Campur is a typical Balinese food that you can find when you are in Bali. This type of food is local food which is a blend of various kinds of the best taste.

Jinggo Rice

The next Balinese food that you can try is Jinggo rice. Jinggo rice is similar to cat rice, but jinggo rice is more savory and spicier than cat rice. Usually Jinggo rice will be served with satay wrap, noodles, fried chili sauce, meat, tempeh and chili sauce as a complement.

As a tourist, you can find Jinggo rice anywhere. Nasi Jinggo will be sold on the roadside if you visit Bali and Canggu.

Rujak Buleleng

Rujak Buleleng is a typical Balinese salad. Made from various types of fruit cut into small pieces, then doused with fresh and very spicy rujak seasoning. There are differences from this one salad with other salads. The difference lies in the spices used in this salad.

The condiments of Buleleng rujak are vinegar, palm sugar native to Buleleng, shrimp paste, salt, rock bananas, and cayenne pepper. Ingredients from stone bananas are then added to produce a very astringent taste. So that comes the food that has a very complete taste and pampers the tongue.

What are the local food in Canggu?

Balinese food is a very unique food, the characteristic of this food lies in the basic spices in it. Not only the food is unique, because the taste and name are also unique. Balinese food is a blend of Chinese, Indian and Middle Eastern cultural food.

The combination of food with three cultures makes Bali have its own charm in every taste of the food. As a tourist, you can try a variety of food in Bali in an easy-to-find location.

The food in Bali is food that can attract tourists, because it will not be found in other areas. The food in Bali is never separated from the spices of the existing culture. You can find a variety of local food in Canggu which is easy to find.

Chicken betutu

Chicken betutu is a food that is familiar to all of us, because processed chicken of this type is able to shake anyone’s tongue. Betutu chicken is processed with spices such as lime leaves, and other spices. The various blends of spices make the betutu chicken rich in taste.

Sate Lilit

sate lilit food in Canggu

Besides chicken betutu, there is also satay wrapped, which is a popular food in Indonesia. This typical Balinese satay has a difference with other types of satay. If the satay is generally skewered using a bamboo skewer, the satay wrap uses ground chicken or fish.

Sate lilit is a typical Balinese dish that is twilled on a lemongrass stalk. The meat used for this type of satay can be mixed with grated coconut which makes the taste even more savory. You can try the processed satay wrap when you visit Bali someday.


Serombotan is a local Balinese food, the flavors contained in it are no less unique and tempting to taste. This type of Balinese food is perfect for those of you who like vegetables or vegetarians. Because, it is made from various types of vegetables such as long beans, eggplant, bean sprouts and others.

The vegetables will finally be given a kalas seasoning made from various types of spices. The variety of spices will enrich the taste of the serombotan. Not only kalas seasoning, because in the serombotan there is also peanut sauce which will make the taste of this food more unique and delicious.


Lawar is the next food that you can easily try. Maybe many of us think that this type of food is made from bats. Though this food comes from vegetables that are rich in nutrients. There are also many types of this food, ranging from lawar kuwir which contains mutton meat, and various other lawar which contains chicken meat.

There are also pork lawar, red lawar and white lawar that you can taste while visiting Bali. Lawar is the best and worthy food for you to consume when you arrive in Bali later.

What are the Best Restaurants in Canggu?

You can visit the best restaurant in Canggu if you have the opportunity to visit this best place. In Canggu, there are many restaurants located not far from Berawa beach. You can come to this variety of restaurants to make reservations and with your family.

The best restaurant is a place that you can make an alternative if you are in Canggu. Canggu provides various types of restaurants complete with menus offered in them. Starting from local menus to western menus that can be enjoyed with family.

Lawar Kuwir Men Koko

Lawar is the best food you can eat when you are in Bali. One of them is Lawar Kuwir Men Koko, this type of lawar is located not far from Berawa Beach. Known for the best lawar dish with duck meat inside.

As a consumer, you can order Lawar Kuwir rice or Lawar Kuwir mixed with shredded chicken and other menus. The rice lawar menu is priced at the best price of 15 thousand only.

Milk and Madu

The next restaurant recommendation is Milk and Madu, which provides a variety of western menus that you must try. The location is also very easy to find, especially on Jalan Pantai Berawa number 52, in North Kuta District. Milk and Madu is perfect for breakfast and brunch.

This type of cafe provides a brunch place in the traditional style of a joglo house, also known for its pizza menu. You can also enjoy a variety of homemade pizza when you visit this place, there are also other menus such as salads, sandwiches, and various breads.


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Social and adventurous at heart, you will find Andrea on a multi-day trail in a remote wilderness, climbing a mountain, kayaking down a desolate river, learning to fly a plane, and working on his surf....