Visiting Bali for a few days or weeks may be the best option for self-healing. Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia that welcomes tourists to spend beautiful moments there. However, all tourists should be aware of staying healthy in Bali because this place may be different from the area you live in.

Bali is a tropical area that only has two kinds of seasons, dry and wet for six months each. Since the situation is far different than in Australia, you have to know how to survive well during your stay. Check the tips to stay healthy and safe below when you are staying in Bali.

10 Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy in Bali

  1. Sunbathing in the morning

Bali has a tropical climate all year. The sun is rising every day and you can enjoy sunbathing. It is perfect to do this activity every morning, around 6 – 11 AM since it is still warm. From a Balinese point of view, the sun is the source of life and it improves your health while in Bali.

How to stay healthy when in Bali with the morning sun? You can go to the beach nearby and enjoy the sunlight with the wind breeze. If you don’t stay near the beach, you can go out of the room you rented and enjoy it in the garden.

However, you should apply some sun protection before sunbathing. If you are sunbathing for more than two hours, you might feel the heat burn your skin and it invites diseases. There are many brands of sun protection sold in Bali if you don’t bring one from your house.

  1. Eating healthy food

Eating healthy food is one of the most important ways to stay healthy in Bali. You might find out the food is very different from what you enjoy at home. Balinese cuisine is unique with strong spices and flavor. If you come to Bali for the first time, you might need time to adapt to the food.

Bali has three kinds of food that are available at the market. The category is satwika, rajasika and tamasika. The three of them will have a particular impact on your health, so you have to be careful when you choose them. Here is the difference when you shop or eat at restaurants for healthy eating in Bali.

  • Satwika

This food is the best and healthiest for your mind and body. They are fresh and contain a lot of nutrition. Choosing satwika is easy. They have a soft texture and sweet taste. Usually, this type of food will increase your excitement and happiness while in Bali.

  • Rajasika

Rajasika is the type of food that will increase the sense of suffering. For some people, it might cause some diseases and discomfort after eating it. The food in the rajasika category has strong flavors such as salty, bitter, and sour. So, you shouldn’t do it too often.

  • Tamasika

To stay healthy in Bali, you also have to avoid the food in tamasika category. This food is not fresh at all. They might be from several days ago and then cooked into the dishes. Be careful when you choose a restaurant since tamasika is the causes of Bali Belly.

  1. Join yoga class

Yoga is an activity that relates to the daily Balinese. It is from the word “yuj” which means uniting the soul with the supreme spirit. Yoga classes in Bali are available with the best counselors that will guide you during the process. It reduces anger and negativity that stay in your soul.

For a beginner, you should have a yoga counselor teach you several activities. There are some activities that you have to understand, such as pranayama, dharana, yama, samadhi, dhyana, and asanas. Those activities will improve well-being and be part of self-healing in Bali.

Yoga is safe to do simultaneously. It improves your health, both body and mind. Practicing yoga is better in the morning before you start activities. After yoga, you will feel fresh to start a day and can do a lot of activities with a positive mind.

  1. Drinking a lot of water

Another way to stay healthy in Bali is to drink a lot of mineral water. Bali is hot during the day and you can be dehydrated if you don’t drink enough water. You can purchase mineral water such as in gallons or bottles at an affordable price.

However, Bali is not a place where you can drink tap water safely. Tap water contains bacteria and usually, it is safer after being boiled. It is easier if you purchase mineral water than boiling it first. Brushing teeth using tap water is also forbidden to stay healthy.

Some restaurants might use tap water to make ice cubes. You have to ensure that the place you visit is restaurants for healthy eating in Bali. They follow the standards and regulations by only using safe materials for cooking and serving the food to the customers.

  1. Washing hands

Before doing any activities in Bali, you have to wash your hands. Washing hands in Bali is easy since you will find many wastafels and public restrooms everywhere. It becomes an important factor to stay healthy in Bali, especially before eating and after going to the bathroom.

For more protection, you can bring your hand sanitizer. It is hard to make sure of the quality of tap water you use to wash hands since different areas will have different quality water. You can carry some baby wipes too when you are in Bali with kids.

  1. Choosing alcoholic drink

Even though the materials are from natural ingredients, the process to change them into methanol may not be hygienic. As a result, there is a poison threat in methanol. The symptoms that may occur to your body are nausea, severe headaches, and fatigue a few hours after drinking the alcohol.

The best way to drink alcohol is to see how the alcohol itself is prepared. You can see the quality by the price. Cheap alcohol is a big red flag that you have to avoid for your health. If you are suffering after drinking alcohol, seek some medical help and examine it properly.

  1. Using mosquito repellent

Tropical areas like Bali have a lot of mosquitoes. It is natural, yet you have to prevent them from biting your skin. Some mosquitoes might only give you an itchy sensation, but some others might give you a fever. Dengue fever is increasing in Bali, especially during the transition from the rainy to dry season.

You can bring mosquito repellent to prevent yourself from getting bitten. There is some mosquito spray for the room too. Nowadays, many brands sell the nice scent of mosquito spray so it is more comfortable to use especially in the morning and before you go to bed.

  1. Keep safe on the road

Traveling from one place to another places in Bali is easy. Tourists can rent a motorbike or scooter, yet you have to register your riding or driving license first. Your license might not apply, so you can go to the police station nearby to register it.

After you get the license, you must obey the rules and obligations for riding and driving. Some signs are universal in Bali and other countries, but you might find it weird to see some people crossing the road while riding. Wear a helmet to stay safe during the ride.

  1. Get vaccinated
Tips to Stay Safe and Healthy in Bali

Get your vaccination before you go to stay healthy in Bali. Vaccination is an essential way to protect yourself from diseases, especially those which relate to mosquitos and viruses. Bali is very crowded with people who come from many sides of the world and we can’t make sure who brings diseases.

In Bali, some medical practices offer vaccination too. You can go there and get the ones that are required during staying in Bali. Besides mosquitoes and viruses, some animals in Bali such as stray dogs and monkeys might carry the virus. Vaccination will protect you from the risk it.

  1. Beware with places you visit

Bali is a sacred place, so you have to be careful with the places you visit. Some places oblige you to wear a multi-layer outfit or clothes that cover your body to the knee. It’s a must to appreciate the tradition, so you have no choice but to follow. So, prepare the outfit before you visit.

Some other places also let the wildlife live freely. For example, there is a population of monkeys in tourist spots such as gardens. They are everywhere and may be aggressive. They tend to steal the food or jewelry you wear. Be careful with them because sometimes they hurt you.

Those tips for staying healthy in Bali above are the best steps to maintain your condition. Bali is fun to create beautiful moments, either for a holiday or a short stay to know more about tradition here. Always follow the guidelines and rules of Balinese for peaceful living in Bali.


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Tommy Lewis

Social and adventurous at heart, you will find Andrea on a multi-day trail in a remote wilderness, climbing a mountain, kayaking down a desolate river, learning to fly a plane, and working on his surf....