Melukat cleansing rituals in Bali is a ritual tradition found in Bali. This one ritual is a sacred and impressive ritual because it is attached to nature. As is well known, the name Bali has many rituals intended for people who believe in Hinduism.

What are Backpacking ideas in Bali?

Melukat Cleansing Rituals in Bali to Balinese Culture

Bali is one of the tourist destinations that has a million charms that are very charming. Both in terms of culinary, aesthetic tourist attractions and very thick culture. Bali has a traditional ritual called melukat, melukat is one of the traditional rituals found in Bali.

Doing Hugging

Especially for those of you who have visited the island of the Gods, you must have heard of the melukat tradition. This tradition is closely related to the life of the Balinese people, and has existed since the time of the ancestors so that it is continuously preserved until today.

Please note, that the idea of ​​backpacking while in Bali apart from enjoying the culinary and tourism, you can also do melukat. Melukat is believed to be able to cleanse humans of negative elements, such as the nature of being easily angry and always feeling anxious.

These elements are one of the elements that disturb the balance of life. Therefore, you have to purify yourself by doing melukat in Bali. By doing melukat, you will indirectly refresh your soul and mind.

What is Melukat The Purification Ceremony?

Melukat cleansing rituals is the most popular tradition among tourists, one of which is a homeland artist who performs many melukat rituals in Bali. Melukat itself comes from the word sulukat which means good andlukat which means self-purification, this basic understanding of course you must understand.

Understanding Melukat

Melukat is self-purification using water for the ceremony. These activities are considered to be able to cleanse oneself and one’s mind and dispel negative things from the outside or from within. The water used in these activities can also eliminate dirty influences that can damage humans.

Melukat is a tradition that is given help from the universe, so you have to do this tradition if you want to do purification. By purifying oneself, the layers in the human body are cleaner and more balanced. So that the mind that is owned will also be brighter, full of fortitude, kept away from anger, peaceful and compassionate.

Facts About Melukat Cleansing rituals

Melukat is a tradition that exists in Bali and uses a special water source that is believed to have purity. Melukat is included in the category of activities that are full of ritual elements, because this tradition is preceded by a series of rituals led by a priest.

People who will carry out this tradition will be given a spell and given a splash of ivory coconut water before bathing. This activity is carried out before the person bathes in this very clear water source.

The community also strongly believes that melukat is a means of asking for blessings from the creator. This happens because after carrying out this tradition, a person will become much cleaner in soul so that it is easy to get blessings.

What are the best places to do Melukat Ritual?

Melukat cleansing rituals is a tradition that exists in Bali, and is carried out in special water sources that are believed to have purity. In general, this water resource is carried out in a place that comes from very pure springs. It is not surprising that after doing melukat someone will feel fresher than before.

Watu Klotok Temple

Watu klotok temple is one of the places that is often used as a self-purification center. This one place is also known for the beauty of the beach and its charm in the south of Klungkung. This temple is located in the land of serombotan, and has become a prima donna for those who want to do embracing or deepen spirituality.

Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is one of the best places to perform melukat cleansing rituals . Because, the city of Gianyar is a good place to do hugs because it has a lot of positive energy from nature. You can find Lovina beach in Kalibubuk village, Buleleng sub-district.

The melukat place on Lovina beach is the right place, because this beach has calm sea water with blackish sand. Lovina Beach also has dolphin attractions that can be seen in the morning about 1 km from the beach.

Campuhan Windhu Segara Temple

Campuhan Windhu Segara Temple is the next place of worship which is located in Padang fierce Denpasar, precisely in Kesiman. Campuhan is a combination of sea water and river water, which is in harmony with Campuhan’s embrace and is located on the beach.

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple is the next place that must be visited if you want to do penglukatan. This place is located in the village of Manukaya, Tampaksiring sub-district, Gianyar Regency, famous for having many Pancorans.

For most of the time it has been used, Tirta empul is a place that is believed to be a source of clean water and is considered holy water. This place is often used for Hindu rituals even though the water quality is starting to deteriorate due to contamination from the surrounding area.

Tirta Sudamala Temple

Tirta Sudamala Temple is a temple located in Banjar Sedit, and provides a natural view that blends between the temple and the holy spring. You can also enjoy the expanse of rice fields and the existence of people who until now still uphold cultural and spiritual values.

Embedding can be done in this place because it has 9 showers which are believed to be the melting of Dewata nawa Sanga and two lower showers. Two showers lower than their height are also believed to be the forgetfulness of Widyadara and Widyadari.

The two Pancorans are the Pancorans that are used for them, especially those who have just finished undergoing the Mepandes ceremony or cutting their teeth. Of course there is a special shower that is used when there is a Pitra Yadnya ceremony.

Tirta Pingit Temple

Tirta Pingit Temple is a place that is the best place to do melukat from all kinds of fatigue. This one place is not so far from the temple, because it is located in the east about 10 minutes drive, if you pass through the path.

You as a visitor will descend a beautiful valley with charm. While the other blocks can be used as a place for melukat, because the temple is divided into three areas. These areas are the Nista Mandala, Madya Mandala, and Main Mandala.

What are the best times to do Melukat?

Melukat cleansing rituals is an activity or ritual carried out by some Balinese people, this ritual is a cleansing ritual to increase the sense of patience that exists in humans. Of course there is a very best and right time to do melukat activities.

Melukat cleansing rituals is a ceremony carried out to cleanse the soul and mind in humans spiritually. This one tradition is a form of tradition that is carried out from generation to generation by Hindus as a self-purification activity, so that the soul of the people becomes more holy and avoids negative auras.

Execution of Melukat

Melukat cleansing rituals is the best ceremony performed on auspicious days in Hinduism. Some of these activities are good days such as full moon, tilem, and kajeng kliwon. Of course the ceremony in question is a ceremony carried out by a stakeholder and equipped with offerings.

This ceremony is a completed ceremony such as prascita and bayuan who have been given a spell. People who will do melukat will of course be used first and doused with coconut ivory water. The ritual is then followed by bathing in a lake or river, as well as a place that is believed to be sacred or a blessing.

Melukat itself is a tradition that is cleansing and is defined by doing a job to release something that is attached. Something that is attached is something that is considered less good, and must be released through religious ceremonies both physically and mentally.

The melukat ceremony is one way to cleanse and purify oneself to get closer to the figure who is considered the source of holiness. Melukat is not just a matter of ritual activities, because it is done with a strong intention and motivation to purify oneself.

Melukat is believed to purify patterns of thought, speech, and behavior which are considered to be in line with the teachings of Hindu society. In its activities, the body will be purified by bathing in various sources of water, the mind is also purified by practicing spiritual knowledge.

Words are purified by always telling the truth and pleasing others, while consumption behavior and by doing good. This activity is an activity that reaps peace and truth so that it does not hurt anyone.

That is why, the melukat procession is a process that is carried out by just taking a bath. However, this one process is accompanied by prayer and other purification processes as suggested in the scriptures.

What to do During Melukat?

Melukat cleansing rituals is one of the activities carried out by some Balinese people. This one activity is a ritual activity, in which there are several activities that must be carried out before carrying out the melukat ritual activity.

Recognizing the Type of Melukat

Melukat cleansing rituals is an activity that is divided into several types, the first type is Melukat astupugku. This one melukat is done to cleanse and purify one’s calamity caused by the influence of the birth of Satwam, Rajas, Tamas, which is unbalanced within him.

In addition, there is melukat gni ngelayang which is a procession and is carried out in the form of treatment. This procession is usually carried out by someone who is suffering from a certain disease, so that person does the process to cure his illness.

Melukat gomana is a type of ritual performed for the redemption of a birthday due to the proper influence of wuku. Priority is also given to those born during the wuku wayang.

There is also melukat surya gomana which is a type of ritual performed to remove stains and dirt within. This melukat is usually done on newborn babies, especially during Nelu Bulanin.

Melukat sumarebeda is melukat which is done with the aim of cleaning the kama jaya and the kama Ratih. In general, this melukat is done at a wedding ceremony so that the people who are getting married are kept away from evil.

Melukat prabu is one of the rituals performed to invoke the leaders in order to gain glory. In addition to glory, these leaders are also asked for safety for the leaders and prosperity while carrying out their duties.

There are several other types of melukat called melukat nawa ratna, which is a ritual with a specific purpose. The purpose of this activity is not much different from melukat prabu, because it has a function to ask for prosperity, safety for leaders and glory.

How to Huddle

Melukat cleansing rituals is an activity that has procedures that must be obeyed. Tourists who follow the melukat ritual say they are asked to come to a place, because it is usually done on a piece of land overlooking a river or spring.

The first rule is to bring offerings made by Hindus to be destroyed during prayer before starting the ritual. The second ritual is to change clothes before doing self-cleaning.

In addition to being required to dress modestly, tourists are also encouraged to replace them with Balinese fabrics when performing this ritual. Almost everywhere is provided with a locker to change clothes before deciding to clean himself.

There are several melukat processes with shower water that must be sequentially from right and left. The sequence in question is a certain sequence of dousing oneself with several showers. The order depends on the habits that exist in the melukat cleansing rituals place, so tourists just follow the flow and the rules.

After carrying out these activities, tourists will be provided with a changing room to rinse and use clean clothes. Then of course they can pray again, the last tourists will be cleaned with holy water by officers or Hindu priests.


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Angela Julie is an Australian-born freelance writer and world traveller. Based in Bali, this free spirited adventure addict, with long hair and sandy feet, is always in search of wonders off the beaten...