Bali Baby Friendly that can be visited is the island of the gods Bali, which is a favorite tourist and holiday destination that must be visited at least once in a lifetime. This prima donna island of tourism is well known among the world because it has many tourist attractions for children and families.

What are the Places You Can Travel in Bali with a Baby?

Bali is not only a favorite tourist and holiday destination for adults but also a haven for families with babies and children. There are numerous Bali baby friendly places and activities in Bali, ensuring that both parents and little ones have a delightful and memorable vacation.

Waterbom Bali, Kuta

You can play in water tourism spots which always make the holiday atmosphere more exciting and fun. If you and your family are planning a vacation to Bali, then Waterboom is one of the games that offers exciting activities.

Waterboom is a game set in Bali, and it will be fun if you add it to the hot Bali weather. Surely coming to this tourist spot will be very refreshing, especially with children. When you are hungry after a day of playing on the rides that have been provided, you can go to the restaurant area.

The restaurant provides a wide selection of delicious food and can be paid for using a cashless system, making it more practical and easy. The Waterbom Bali entrance ticket is divided into two categories, namely for children and adults.

Visit Dreamland Water Park Pecatu

Bali is a place that has water tourism and of course children will love it. That place is Dreamland Water Park Pecatu. This family tourist destination is no less fun because there are lots of favorite water games. There is even a paintball arena to choose from while in this place.

Owned Wavepool will allow you and your children to surf happily. Although for safety, this place just floats while enjoying the artificial waves which make the atmosphere more enjoyable. Do not operate the playground starting from 09.00 am to 6 pm.

If you get bored swimming at the beach and hotel, then you can invite your children and family with an entrance ticket of IDR 60,000 per person.

Jenggala Ceramic

Jenggala Ceramic is a place where children can paint ceramics. Children can be invited to learn to paint using ceramic media in Badung district. The exact location is around the Uluwatu Jimbaran area. This workshop has been established in Bali for 35 years and is an educational tourist spot most visited by tourists. Jenggala Ceramic, not only can children learn the art of painting ceramics, but the workshop is also baby friendly, allowing families to create memories together. Children can explore their artistic talents as they paint on ceramic surfaces, fostering creativity and self-expression from an early age. This interactive activity is a wonderful way for children to engage with their surroundings and develop their motor skills.

Apart from being a place to decorate ceramics, children can socialize and interact with other children in this place.

The Keranjang Bali

A vacation to Bali in the Bandung area is incomplete if you don’t visit one of the new tourist attractions, namely The Keranjang Bali. Apart from being a center for attractive souvenirs, this place has an instagramable photo spot complete with attractive interior themes.

You and your family can be satisfied shopping for souvenirs and taking pictures with the children. Moreover, you can invite your little ones to learn about the culture and life of the Balinese people in Kampung Langit, this is also one of the largest and first indoor parks in Bali.

Visit Green Village

The first tourist destination and tourist spot for children to visit while on vacation in Bali is the green village. The location is in Badung, and can be reached in 1 hour from Gusti Ngurah Rai airport. Green village is a place designed by a famous jewelry designer, which was completed by his own daughter.

The Green village stands perfectly, namely the house made of bamboo. With a very beautiful beauty and blends with nature around the Ayung hill. In this place, you can introduce children so they can interact more closely with nature.

You can also see a row of magnificent and beautiful buildings made with bamboo as the main material. In fact, you can also see a row of magnificent school buildings called the green school Bali. Until visiting a plantation that is managed directly by this one green village.

The ticket price for the destination to the green village is 150,000 per person. Although to feel the sensation of staying, you have to prepare more money. For more details about activities, such as staying or touring in this place, you can ask via the official website.

Bali Butterfly Park

Bali Butterfly Park is one of the parks that can be seen by children because there are many rare species of butterflies. This place is a place of research and breeding and preservation of butterflies. Not just seeing various species of butterflies and other animals, because you and your family can take pictures to capture holiday moments.

Each visitor will be charged a levy of 45,000 per person for local tourists, if they want to enter this place. Of course it’s different from foreign tourists who are charged up to 80,000 per person.

Devdan Show

There are indeed many alternative tourist attractions for children and families, ranging from nature tourism to educational tours such as dance performances. Art performances usually last for 90 minutes, because you will be presented with the diversity of cultures from all over Indonesia which will make it like going around and exploring Bali.

You will also enjoy traditional dances with a variety of colorful costumes and special effects. One of them is artificial rain to coals of fire, not only because you will be surprised by the appearance of aerial acrobatics. Don’t worry that each show will be easy to understand and enjoyed by all ages.

Bali Botanical Garden

The Bali Botanical Garden, commonly referred to as the Bedugul Botanical Garden, is the largest botanical garden in Indonesia. In order to arrive and enjoy nature in this garden, you have to travel 60 km from Denpasar. The Botanical Garden is also used as a conservation area for tropical mountain plants in the Eastern region of Indonesia.

Not just enjoying the beautiful nature with cool weather. This is because some families can see a variety of plants such as orchids and ferns. If you are lucky, you can see traditional Hindu ceremonies in Bali.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot is one of the tourist destinations that can be visited while in Bali. You and your family can enjoy the beautiful scenery and the two temples which are by the sea and on the cliffs. Certainly very suitable to see the sunset or sunset. In addition, the facilities there are also very complete so that you and your family can enjoy the atmosphere comfortably.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

The Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural park, situated in the southern part of Bali, approximately 40 km from Denpasar, is not only a cultural landmark but also Bali baby friendly destination for families to explore. This cultural park area is a giant statue which is a landmark or mascot of Bali. Apart from enjoying the splendor of the statue of the god Vishnu, of course you can visit several tourist sites that can be enjoyed in this 200 hectare park.

Especially for those of you who want to enter and enjoy the entire tourist attraction, you can pay Rp. 125,000 per person and children’s attractions. Although you will pay another rate if you are a foreign tourist.

Several Bali Baby FriendlyRestaurants

Aravina Restaurant, Bali Equestrian Centre

Bali Baby Friendly restaurants

Please note that Canggu is known for its Beach Club and unique design restaurants. Although in this area you can also find restaurants and equipped with rides for children to play. Such as a horse riding area, a room for watching children’s films, a swimming pool which is located right next to the restaurant and a sand play area.

Aravina restaurant can be the most appropriate choice to enjoy urine while waiting for the sunset. Parents can also watch their little ones play and have fun while at this restaurant.

Milk & Madu

Bali Baby Friendly restaurants

You can also go to two location at Canggu area one on Batu Bolong street and one in Berawa which has baby friendly restaurants. Milk & Madu is known for its cozy and trendy atmosphere, serving a variety of dishes ranging from breakfast options to salads, sandwiches, and various other international and local cuisines. They are also known for their coffee and refreshing beverages.
Milk & Madu having playgrounds, kids activities, and a kid-friendly menu certainly makes it a family-friendly destination.

Babysitting Services and Nannies in Bali

The best place for babysitting services and Nannies in Bali is a place to choose from. This place usually offers the best service, with strict baby or child care. You don’t need to worry, because this place will guarantee the safety of your children.

Is it Safe to Travel to Bali with a Baby?

Safety Visiting With Children

Traveling to Bali with a baby can indeed be a wonderful experience if families prioritize safety and choose suitable attractions according to the child’s age. Ensuring a baby friendly environment is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable vacation. Exploring Bali’s tourist attractions that cater to children’s comfort and well-being, such as playgrounds, can create a cheerful atmosphere and provide educational opportunities for the little ones.

When planning a family trip with baby friendly to the Island of the Gods, it’s essential to consider destinations that offer a safe and baby friendly environment. This approach ensures that both parents and children can have a memorable and worry-free vacation. From playgrounds to cultural experiences, Bali has a range of options that can make traveling with a baby a delightful and enriching experience for the whole family.


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Stefan Miles

Stefan Miles

Besides being curious about people and their cultures, Miles enjoys writing and messing around with a camera. Miles’s favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs,...