Sanur is one of the best areas in Bali to spend the vacation. The place is very beautiful with many tourist attractions. There are a lot of things to do in Sanur that will be memorable for your life. The beaches are beautiful and the activities to do here are very fun.

To enjoy some activities here, you don’t need to spend a lot of money. The prices are very affordable. With only IDR 300k, Sanur will give you the best moment ever. Here are some recommended activities that you can try during Sanur, Bali.

10 Things to Do in Sanur Bali

  1. Going to Sanur beach

Sanur beach is the top attraction in Sanur. This beach has many unique things to do in Sanur to enjoy your holiday at an affordable price. The length of the coast is about 8 km and you’ll be satisfied just by strolling around the coastline. Sometimes, you’ll see kite festivals here.

On this beach, you can enjoy the sunset in the afternoon. There is no ticket price to visit the beach unless you want to try some facilities. With 300k, you can do parasailing for only 225k, banana boat at 200k, rolling donut at 210k, or jet ski at 300k. If you want to enjoy the sea-sighting, you can take the kano at 25k per person.

The location of Sanur beach is on Jalan Danau Buyan, Desa Sanur. It is only 9 km from Denpasar City. It is not the best place to surf because the waves are calmer on this beach, but you can go snorkeling. Swimming in this area is free and safer because the area is shallow.

  1. Visiting the Le Mayeur museum
Le Mayeur museum

There is a museum in Sanut that is very popular named Le Mayeur. Le Mayeur collects many beautiful paintings on the wall about the beauty of Sanur and the society of Sanur before 1950. You can stroll around the museum and read some books that were collected by Le Mayeur.

The outside of this museum is Balinese architecture which invites many people to come to this museum. This museum tour will gain more knowledge about Bali, especially Sanur. The location is on Jalan Hang Tuah, Sanur. The entrance fee for this museum is only 50k per person.

  1. Big Garden Corner

Going to Big Garden Corner is one of many things you can do in Sanur. Using an artistic concept of a garden beautified with statues and sculptures, this recreational family destination looks even more unique. Visitors can see the mini version of Indonesia by visiting this place. Big Garden Corner has a variety of green spaces connected by leafy paths. It is located in Sanur, and also has many spots to chill like cafe, kids playground, portable swimming pool, and resting area as well.

The entrance fee of this place costs IDR100k per person. The shady environment in giving Big Garden Corner a cool and super comfy vibe to it. There is also a souvenir shop in this garden where you can buy petal brooches and orchid fragrances. The special store is located inside the garden. So, don’t miss out!

  1. Going to Dream Island

Dream Island is one of the best spots that you can visit in Sanur. The location is on Mertasari beach. You can enjoy the green park here to have joyful recreation with your family. The most popular spot is the sea swing at the coast with a sunset background in the afternoon.

Dream Island has white sand and small waves, so it’s fun to bring the kids to swim and have fun here. This place is new and created as an instagramable spot in Sanur. There is a mini bridge from the coast to the water and it becomes a hot spot for the tourists taking some photos.

The location is only 15 km from Sanur beach. The visitor only pays 20k per person to visit this area. Besides strolling around the beach, you can enjoy some good Balinese food of Balinese in many top restaurants in Sanur. The parking area is available for motorbikes, cars, and buses.

  1. Lunch at Pitaloka

Eating out in Pitaloka is one of the things to do in Sanur. This place a favorite of tourists looking for Halal food in Bali. This restaurant sells all of its dishes at cheap prices. The main menu at Pitaloka Bali stall is local indonesia and international food. Pitaloka is on Jalan Batur Sari number 90, Sanur Bali. You can enjoy a day with IDR 300k in Sanur with great food here.

  1. Touring at Griya Santrian Gallery

Santrian gallery shows many exhibitions with Balinese and Indonesian cultures in them. Most of the arts in the museum are full of spiritual vibes and holistic-themed, so the visitors find peace when they see the arts. They open every day and some communities are usually open for art dialogue.

It’s not only the gallery that they have in this place. You will see that this gallery has some offers such as a spa and swimming pool. You can visit only the gallery for a complimentary price, but it is not more than 200k per person. There is a place to have casual dining and drink after strolling through the gallery.

  1. Sanur Bali Festival

This tourist attraction won’t rob you of your money because you can enjoy it for free. The locals or Balinese on some occasions will have events or festivals at the beach. Even though the people only celebrate exclusively for Balinese, the tourists can enjoy the festival too by watching the performance.

  • Art Festival

There is an art festival in Bali that will spoil your memory. This is like a big party for the Balinese. The event is annual in Sanur. The locals will show the art, costumes, and Balinese musical at the festival. This is the biggest festival in Bali that you shouldn’t miss during your stay in Bali.

  • Kite festival

The kite festival is fun to watch because the people won’t only fly the kite. They will have a kite competition and the kites are flying above the sea. Hundreds of kites are flying in the morning and they hold it in dry seasons, from May to September. Many gigantic kites are flying as well.

  • Sanur village festival

There is the Sanur village festival and it is on Sanur beach. This is an annual festival and has been celebrated since 2006. There are many things to see at this festival such as art exhibitions, food, and culture. Since it is on the beach, there are boat shows too and they compete to win the prize.

  1. Visiting Sanur beach clubs

Never gone to a beach club before? It’s time for you to go to a beach club in Sanur. Sanur is not that very popular with beach clubs, but some good clubs are very excited to visit. Usually, it’s at the beachfront of the hotels but other visitors can visit without booking a hotel room.

The popular clubs in the area are Byrdhouse Beach Club and Artotel Beach Club. The entrance fee varies, but it starts from 100k per person and you will get a welcome drink. To enjoy more facilities, you have to pay more but it is still under 300k.

The clubs offer a large pool to swim with tropical vibes around the pool. They have gazebos to stay chill at the side of the pool. If you want to have some drinks and snacks, you can enjoy the mini restaurants and cafes on the deck. It faces the beaches and is very interesting to enjoy Sanur Bali Nightlife.

  1. Eating street food at Shindu Night Market

Street food is always special to have because it will satisfy your taste bud in Bali. Sindhu Night Market is the best place to go shopping in Sanur because they have many kinds of street food with Balinese and other local area specialization. Some of the most popular ones are fried rice, satay, and nasi campur.

Not only the entrees, at this place you will find many serves of food such as durian, veggies, and juices. They sell it at a reasonable price even though you are a foreign tourist. One serving is not more than 100k. They are only open from 6 PM to 11 PM every day.

  1. Sanur watersports

Some water sports to enjoy at Sanur beach are not bad ideas. If you want to have some adrenaline activities, having water sports activities in Sanur should be on your list. The waves at this beach are calm, so you can enjoy some activities such as snorkeling and parasailing at an affordable price.

The experience only costs you less than 300k. They charge you around 100k-250k for activities. It’s affordable, yet gives you the best moment in Sanur. You can see some traditional boats too at the beach. The local fisherman will bring you to explore the sea and fish together in this place.

Those things to do in Sanur above are the fun activities you can do if you choose Sanur as the area to spend a beautiful holiday. The atmosphere is always warm since the locals are very friendly. The accommodation and food are great to explore too.


  • Veby Merta

    A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches, food and local lifestyle.

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Veby Merta

Veby Merta

A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches,...