Bali souvenirs are trinkets that you must buy when you visit Bali. Bali is one of the most visited tours by tourists, both local and foreign. Not only natural beauty, because there is a thick culture and become one of the attractions of the Island of the Gods.

What are the top 10 Bali souvenirs to buy on your Bali trip?

As a tourist, of course you don’t just enjoy your vacation while in Bali. Because, many tourists and not only enjoy the holidays. A return visit will certainly not be complete without bringing home souvenirs or Bali souvenirs.

  1. Pie milk which is a cake with a sweet and savory taste, of course very suitable to be used as a souvenir and can be purchased when visiting Bali.
  2. Salak Bali which is one of the seasonal fruits and is only found in Bali. You can get this one souvenir at a very affordable price. You can also get the latest experience by trying this type of bark, because this one has a very sweet taste.
  3. Barong clothes, which is one of the typical Balinese clothes, and you can make choices if you have a limited budget. Moreover, this one shirt is available in various types of shapes and sizes, the types and colors are also diverse.
  4. Balinese cloth which is one of the typical souvenirs of the island of the Gods and is often referred to as a sarong. Usually this one product is sold in coastal areas, the material it has is cold material and is equipped with beautiful patterns.
  5. Spa products, because Bali souvenirs has a lot of spa products that you can enjoy from body scrubs to body lotions.
  6. Bali peanuts are one of the nuts that you can make a choice, when you decide to buy souvenirs that can be purchased during a visit to Bali.
  7. You can also buy some handicrafts from celuk silver, where the craftsmen usually produce various statues or cutlery.
  8. There are also Balinese joggers who provide some very unique and distinctive t-shirts or furniture.
  9. Tridatu bracelet is one of the bracelets that you can find in several outlets or shops. This bracelet has a very deep spiritual meaning, so almost all Balinese people use it.
  10. Kintamani coffee which is one of the coffee products and should not be left behind to buy, because this coffee is cultivated in the Kintamani area.

What are the best Balinese souvenirs?

The Bali souvenirs that you can choose from in Bali are some of the best Bali souvenirs. You can give these souvenirs to those closest to you, because Bali does not only present natural beauty. Bali has a very strong culture, and this is reflected in the souvenirs found there.

Celuk Silver Craft

Celuk Silver Craft is a craft produced by the community of silver craftsmen. These craftsmen produce various statues or cutlery which later become export commodities. You can witness firsthand the process of making silver crafts that are made from the heating process to finishing, especially if you are in the village directly.

Milk pie

Milk pie is a cake that used to be used for family events or prayers, and now can be enjoyed as snacks and souvenirs. Milk pie has a very sweet and savory taste, making it one of the souvenirs that you must buy when visiting Bali.

Currently, you can certainly make milk pie yourself at home with a video tutorial capital. However, of course the sensation will not be like when you buy a milk pie on the island of a thousand temples. The cost that must be prepared to buy this one souvenir as a souvenir is only 5k.

Please note, that this one snack is a snack that you can give to small children or other people. This one cake is packaged in a box containing 10 milk pies, is one of the cakes that is liked by many people.

Balinese Fabric

Balinese cloth is one of the typical handicrafts from the island of the gods, often referred to as a sarong. Balinese cloth is usually sold in coastal areas, the material is very cool with a beautiful and light pattern. This one hand fruit is suitable to accompany your activities when playing on the beach.

In fact, sarong is commonly used when tourists want to enter a holy temple or tourist spot. The purpose of this is to show politeness. If you want to buy a Balinese sarong as a souvenir, then the budget you have to prepare is very affordable, which is under IDR 100,000 only.

What are Bali souvenir shops?

As a tourist who travels in Bali, you don’t need to worry because there are so many Bali souvenir shops that you can visit. Some of these souvenirs certainly come at very affordable prices, so you can bring them as souvenirs at home.

Krisna Oleh – Oleh Bali

Krisna Oleh – Oleh Bali is one of the figures who presents a different shopping experience compared to other spots. In this one place, you will be presented with a shopping destination with very interesting entertainment. Because, this place is a mix of traditional tourism that is packaged in a modern way and is perfect for buying souvenirs when visiting Bali.

There are so many outlets that serve Balinese products, from clothes to handicrafts. Krisna Oleh – Oleh Bali is equipped with an amusement park that is suitable for relaxing with family as well as hunting for souvenirs in Bali. Krisna Oleh – Oleh Bali also offers the best spa for relaxation after you are tired of traveling and vacationing in Bali.

What are some cool souvenirs from Bali?

Bali is one of the best island of the gods, which provides souvenirs and can be chosen according to your wishes. There are so many tourists who don’t know anything about where to buy souvenirs in Bali. Therefore, you really have to know the shop to buy cool souvenirs.

Barong clothes

The Barong shirt is one of the typical Balinese clothes, which is a t-shirt with a picture of one of the iconic figures of the island of Bali called the barong. This shirt is called the barong shirt, it is also very suitable for making souvenirs and has a very diverse color with complete sizes.

From children to adults, you can choose this dress for them. If you are someone who has a limited budget, then you can choose barong clothes at very affordable prices. Of course this is adjusted to the material used, so you don’t have to worry.

Spa Products

Besides being known for its natural beauty, Bali is also known as a good place to enjoy a spa. But if you visit some areas like Seminyak, of course there are lots of products that you can buy in this place.

You can buy several spa products ranging from body scrubs to body lotions. The size is very mini and diverse, of course this makes spa products to be used as souvenirs for female friends.

Bali Tridatu Bracelet

Balinese tridatu bracelet is a bracelet made of thread and various colors. The tridatu bracelet is one of the bracelets that is almost mandatory for all people in Bali. Besides being used as accessories, tridatu bracelets have a very deep spiritual meaning.

Tridatu bracelets are bracelets that are usually part of religious ceremonies performed by Balinese people. If you want to buy this bracelet, then you can find shops that sell it. The models of these bracelets are also very diverse, ranging from simple models to slightly luxurious ones with the addition of shiny beads and stones.

What are the street shopping in Bali?

Bali is one of the best islands that has street shopping, this place will help you more easily find Bali souvenirs for friends or family. So, you can easily find the right and suitable gift for your family.

Sukawati Market

Sukawati Market is one of the largest markets, and this one market is only found in Bali. This place is located in Sukawati village, Gianyar regency, quite close to Ngurah Rai airport because it only takes you 45 minutes to get there.

Sukawati Market is a market that provides various Balinese souvenirs, so you can choose a variety of products only in this place. This market also provides various types of Balinese paintings, all of their products are the result of Balinese craftsmanship.

Especially for those of you who want to buy souvenirs in this market, then try to be smart in bargaining because the seller will give a fairly high price.

Guwang Market

Guwang Market is one of the places for Balinese souvenirs that you can choose. Compared to Sukawati market, Guwang market is indeed less well known. However, this one market is still in the Gianyar area, exactly 500 meters from the Sukawati market.

This market was built as a supporting market for the Sukawati market, while the goods sold are goods that are not much different from those in the Sukawati market.

Ubud Market

Ubud Market is a much wider market than Sukawati market and Guwang market, so you can walk around to your heart’s content while you are here. In this market, you can find very cheap Bali souvenirs. Although the merchant who is in front of the market may offer goods at a much higher price.

If you decide to enter the market, then you can get a very cheap price. Because, Ubud market is a market that is no different from other markets, so you have to be smart when you are in this market.


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Angela Julie

Angela Julie

Angela Julie is an Australian-born freelance writer and world traveller. Based in Bali, this free spirited adventure addict, with long hair and sandy feet, is always in search of wonders off the beaten...