Bali is not only well-known because of its nature but also its temples. It is also the reason why Bali is known as the land of a thousand temples. Can you guess how many temples in Bali? Imagine that this island has over 10.000 temples. 

Must See Beautiful Temples in Bali

Some temples are considered the most popular holiday destinations. Here, we have the 10 best temples in Bali you should explore.  

Lempuyangan Temple 

Lempuyangan Temple is one of the most popular temples on Instagram. Use the hashtag gate of heaven and you will see so many wonderful photos and videos using this temple as the background. Imagine that you are about to visit the highest and the most spectacular temple in Bali. 

The size is 1175 meters above sea level. This temple is even beautiful with Mount Agung as the background. Prepare your stamina because you should climb over 1700 steps to reach the peak of the temple. 

While passing the steps to the peak, you can see fascinating smaller temples, long-tailed macaque monkeys, and a view of eastern Bali. It is such a unique experience you have never felt before when visiting a temple. Lempuyangan Temple is located on Pura Telaga Mas Lempuyangan Street, Karangasem Regency. It is only a 3-hour drive from Ubud. 

Tanah Lot 

Tanah Lot is a unique temples in Bali due to its location. It is a Bali temple by the sea. You should walk past the market shops and follow the path to go down to the sea before reaching the temple. It is the reason why Balinese people call the temple a Tanah Lot or land in the sea. 

During passing the path, you will see beautiful natural coastal rock formations. The rock formations were shaped over the years by the ocean tide. Due to the location, Tanah Lot is also one of the most recommended temples to visit to enjoy the most beautiful sunset. 

You can also see smaller temples around the area. Sometimes, there are also dance performances that make this temple more attractive to visit. The location of this temple is in Beraban, Kediri, Tabanan Regency. 

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple 

Just like Tanah Lot, Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is also an iconic water temple in Bali. It was constructed to honor Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the lake goddess, Dewi Danu. The location of the temple is on the shores of Lake Bratan. 

The view is so mesmerizing with the mountains as the background. It is also a great photo spot. You should go there in cloudy weather to get all the fantastic views. It is because sometimes, Ulun Danu Beratan temple is full of fog and it is a bit hard to see the surroundings. It seems that this atmosphere changes into a mystical one. The location of this temple is on Beratan Lake, Candikuning, Baturiti in Tabanan Regency. 

Goa Gajah 

Goa means a cave, whereas Gajah means an elephant. So, Goa Gajah also means the Elephant Cave. The reason why it became one of the best temples in Bali is because of its unique architecture and location. You are about to enter a cave to reach the temple. 

The architecture at the entrance is also eye-catching enough and shows the characteristics of Bali. In the 9th century, this temple was used as a sanctuary and sacred site for prayer and meditation. Although it is known as the Elephant Cave, there are no elephants at all around the location. 

The name of the temple is taken from the Hindu God Ganesh who has the head of an elephant. Inside the cave, you will see seven statues of women holding water pitchers. It represents the seven holy rivers in India. 

It is also an opportunity to see another destination known as the Petanu River and rice fields along the path. The surroundings are so wonderful. Go to Bedulu, Blahbatuh in Gianyar Regency when you want to explore this temple. 

Pura Tirta Empul

Pura Tirta Empul is also one of the beautiful temples in Bali you should explore. You are not only seeing temples in this area but also holy spring. Just like the name, Tirta Empul which means a holy spring in Balinese. Balinese people built this temple to honor Vishnu. 

Due to the holy spring, people believe that this temple was a bathing area. Local people also believe that it produces holy water and uses it for a bathing ritual. Indeed, the surroundings are so beautiful. You can take a bath in the holy spring with some terms and conditions. Tirta Empul Temple is located on Tirta Street, Manukaya, Tampaksiring Regency in Gianyar. 

Pura Besakih

Do you know the largest, holiest Hindu temple in Bali? Yes, it is Pura Besakih Temple. Balinese people also call this temple the mother temple. The age of the main temple is over 1000 years old now. It is surrounded by 80 smaller temples. Unfortunately, not all temples are open to the public.

Pura Penataran Agung is the largest, along with its seven areas. The atmosphere is so quiet and relaxing because the temple is located on the southwestern slopes of Mount Agung. The location of the temple is Gunung Mas Street, Besakih, Rendang Regency in Karangasem

Pura Saraswati 

Remember to visit Pura Saraswati if you are visiting Bali. This temple is considered a small temple, but it looks so beautiful. You are about to pass through lotus ponds that seem to guide you to achieve the temple. 

Just like its name, this temple was built to honor Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, wisdom, and art. The color of the temple is also a bit different from other temples. You will see a temple with vibrant orange color. Stay in the temple until the evening if you want to enjoy the Balinese dance performances. It is located on Kajeng Street, Ubud, Gianyar Regency. 

Pura Saren Agung

Pura Saren Agung

Pura Saren Agung is also known as the Ubud Royal Palace. It is one of the famous Bali temples in Ubud because the location is near the town center. The temple was built in the 1800s as the official residence of the royal family of Ubud. 

The location is near Saraswati Temple. It takes a 3-minute walk from Saraswati Temple to go to Pura Saren Agung. This temple is located on Raya Ubud Street No. 8, Ubud Regency. 

Samuan Tiga Temple 

Samuan Tiga Temple is another big temple in Bali. It was built in the 10th century. The location is near Goa Gajah Temple. It is only 800 meters from the Elephant Cave to Samuan Tiga Temple. It takes only a 10-minute driver if you start the trip from central Ubud. It may not be as popular as other temples above, but it is so crowded when there are Hindu ceremonies. The location of the temple is in Bedulu, Blahbatuh, Gianyar Regency. 

Gunung Kawi Ruins 

Gunung Kawi Ruins is a unique and interesting temple in Bali. The location is underground on the side of a cliff. Experts believe that this temple was built in the 11th century. The architecture of the temple looks spectacular. The atmosphere is calming and fresh once you enter the temple.  

Now, you know at least 10 best temples in Bali. There are so many other temples you can find on this island. Another crucial thing you should learn before visiting the temples is what to wear to Bali temples. Most temples ask you to wear a specific cloth, such as a Balinese sarong to appreciate the culture and religion.


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    A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches, food and local lifestyle.

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Veby Merta

Veby Merta

A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches,...