Best honeymoon resort in Bali will make your honeymoon even more romantic. Because, with Bali of choice, you will feel an unforgettable honeymoon with your partner. Bali is a very fitting place for a honeymoon, try not to choose the wrong place for a honeymoon.

What are the 10 best honeymoon resorts in Bali?

honeymoon resort in Bali

Honeymoon is the last stage in wedding preparations, it is also something that new couples look forward to. After preparing and undergoing all the wedding events, it’s time for you and your partner to spend time together as husband and wife.

  1. Six sense Uluwatu offers a very beautiful view above 74 meters sea level. This place will make your honeymoon an unforgettable honeymoon, so your partner will love you even more.
  2. The Samaya Ubud is a hotel that provides luxurious accommodation and is surrounded by green rice fields. This hotel has complete facilities to make your honeymoon moment more memorable.
  3. Bubble hotel Ubud is a hotel that will make your honeymoon unforgettable, because of the facilities contained in it.
  4. Amara villa umalas is a hotel for a more private honeymoon and is suitable for you. You can rent a special villa for you and your partner, because with a more private atmosphere, you and your partner can focus on spending time together.
  5. The Kayon Resort is a honeymoon resort in Bali that offers a green view, so you and your partner feel relaxed while you are here. Don’t forget some of the available facilities such as candle light dinner and other facilities.
  6. The Apurva Kempinski Bali is a unique and honeymoon resort in Bali, harboring exotic works of Indonesian art. You can enjoy a romantic dinner with a view of the aquarium around the restaurant.
  7. Kanvaz Village Resort Seminyak is the best place for a honeymoon in Bali, this place is located in the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. Surely you will be treated to some fun facilities.
  8. Jungle Jimbaran Bali is a famous romantic honeymoon spot with fine dining and views of the infinity pool.
  9. Menzel Ubud is the best place for a honeymoon, this place is thick with traditional atmosphere. You can enjoy alone time with your partner with the facilities offered by this place.
  10. There is also a mandapa which is a manifestation of the Balinese atmosphere and is packed with the atmosphere of a 5-star hotel.

What are the resorts in Bali for Honeymoon?

The presence of resorts in Bali for honeymoon will complete your honeymoon activities. Moreover, it is a place that is a favorite honeymoon destination for Indonesian citizens. The natural beauty found in Bali makes this holiday destination endless, because it has its own charm.

The Apurva Kempinski Bali

The next honeymoon resort is the Apurva Kempinski Bali, which is a unique and magnificent resort. This resort is managed by a giant group in hospitality, called the Kempinski. Enter the hotel recommendation for a honeymoon in Bali, because this place offers exotic Indonesian artwork.

You can enjoy the exoticism of works of art in Indonesia at this hotel, because these works of art will dominate the room. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner with a view of the aquarium around the restaurant. Because, the favorite room that is suitable for this honeymoon couple is the presidential suite.

Also enjoy the sea view while relaxing in the private swimming pool, so it will make you relax while in this place. This place also calls affordable prices for one night’s stay, because you only pay about 2 million.

Six Senses Uluwatu

Six senses Uluwatu is the best romantic honeymoon resort in Bali certainly suitable for those of you who want to honeymoon. When it comes to honeymoon, you definitely want to be alone with your partner without anyone bothering you. Hotel Six sense Uluwatu is the answer, because this hotel is located at an altitude of 74 m above sea level.

When you decide to stay at this place, then Six Sense Uluwatu promises a quiet experience and away from the crowds. You will also be spoiled with the scenery in this place, the atmosphere will be more romantic with the scenery.

Enjoy views of the Indian Ocean as far as the eye can see, so you and your partner will definitely feel more comfortable to linger at the hotel. Six senses Uluwatu also pampers you and your partner with 5-star facilities.

Six senses Uluwatu is the best honeymoon resort in Bali, as a honeymoon couple who are still warm, you can choose this place. You can try spa services for mutual relaxation, or other services such as Sky wall in the hotel restaurant.

You can imagine how delicious Dinner with Sunset and the roar of the waves as the background. You will get beautiful memories, please note that there is one slot for one couple every day to enjoy Sky dining rocka restaurant.

What are the luxury Bali resorts on the beach?

Besides being known as the Island of the Gods, Bali also has a lot of beaches. The number of beaches in Bali, making Bali also has a place to stay around the beach. Honeymoon will be more fun, if you wake up you immediately enjoy the beach atmosphere.

Ulu Segara Luxury Suites & Villa

Ulu Segara Luxury Suites is a romantic hotel in Bali located in Nusa Dua. This place offers views of the offshore, so you can get the feel of the beach here. In addition to honeymoon, you can hold a wedding in this place.

This place has romantic dinner facilities on the beach, making your honeymoon moment even more memorable. You can visit the Nusa Dua Selatan Benoa Highway, South Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali.

Jungle Jimbaran Bali

Jungle Jimbaran Bali is no stranger to Indonesia, because it is dominated as a hotel recommendation for a honeymoon in Bali. You can enjoy the romantic atmosphere in the hotel and there is no need to doubt it. Known for its fine dining and views of the infinity pool, this hotel offers a number of activities that will keep you from going anywhere when you book your room.

Couples who love nature will certainly love to spend time in a hotel that faces directly to the beach. Especially for those of you who want to enjoy a hotel during your honeymoon, this hotel overlooking the beach is the best choice.

What are the best Places to stay in Bali for Honeymoon?

Not only for culture and natural scenery, Bali has a romantic atmosphere that can’t be avoided. That’s why there are many of the best places to stay in Bali, so that you and your partner can enjoy holidays and honeymoons together.

The Kayon Resort

The Kayon Resort is a honeymoon resort in Bali with a green view, so that anyone who comes or stays the night will feel more comfortable. From the outside, you will be able to guess the nuances offered by this hotel.

The visitors to The Kayon Resort Hotel, are spoiled by the views outside the hotel. This hotel is perfect for a honeymoon, you can even carry out a wedding at this hotel. The kayon Resort is a romantic hotel in Bali, and offers a honeymoon package that includes a candle light dinner.

The hotel also offers room decor, flower baths, authentic breakfast specials typical of the crayon Resort and Spa services. If you are interested in visiting this place, then you can go to the Banjar kepitu location, Kendran village, Ubud, Indonesia.

Bubble Hotel Ubud

Bubble hotel Ubud is a hotel recommendation for a honeymoon resort in Bali, not just romantic because this hotel also has a unique concept. The unique concept found in the hotel you will not get anywhere else, especially the rooms at the Bubble Hotel are not ordinary rooms.

As the name suggests, Bubble Hotel Ubud is a romantic hotel room shaped like a bubble. The hotel is covered in clear plastic which allows you to fully enjoy the view of the sky and surrounding area. You can imagine how beautiful the view of the sunset in the afternoon, also enjoy the sparkling stars at night.

How much is accommodation in Bali?

You don’t have to worry about accommodation while in Bali, because Bali offers very high quality accommodation. Bali is the best place honeymoon resort in Bali, so it will make your honeymoon activities unforgettable.

The Samaya Ubud

The Samaya Ubud is the most luxurious accommodation in Bali, this accommodation is surrounded by the beauty of green rice fields and hypnotic views of the hills. The hypnotic view of the hill will make your honeymoon relaxing and relaxing.

You can also enjoy a variety of complete facilities provided, thus making your honeymoon moment more memorable. There are also several classes such as yoga classes, cycling to walking through the enchanting expanse of green rice fields.

In the late afternoon, you will be spoiled with seafood dishes accompanied by the swift current of the Ayung river. This luxurious accommodation has views of the Ayung river which passes right next to Hotel Samaya Ubud.

This hotel has a very affordable price per night, you will enjoy the various facilities contained in it at a price below 5 million rupiah per night. You can visit this place on Jalan Baung Sayan, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency.

The Udaya Resorts and Spa

The udaya resort and spa Bali is a hotel recommendation for a honeymoon resort in Bali. This hotel is dominated by wood so it looks very homey. Meanwhile, the wooden interior blends with the green natural scenery that surrounds the culture.

If you want to complete your honeymoon resort in Bali, then you can reserve a romantic dinner at the resort. Of course it will make your honeymoon activities a very memorable moment. This restaurant is located in the sub-district of Ubud, Gianyar Regency.

Kanvaz Village Resort Seminyak

Kanvaz Village Resort Seminyak is different from a romantic honeymoon resort in Bali, because this hotel is located in the middle of Seminyak area. Even so, you can visit this place because it has a hotel interior that is very suitable to be used as a honeymoon hotel.

The hotel is dominated by white and navy blue, every corner of the canvas looks very aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for a hotel for a honeymoon with a strategic location, then this place is the right answer.

What are the best times to visit Bali for Honeymoon?

Recommendations for romantic hotels in Bali, of course, are very appropriate, because you and your partner spend time together. You can enjoy the twilight atmosphere that will feel more delicious, especially if spent with loved ones. You can also enjoy the most beautiful days with your partner, in a romantic hotel on the Island of the Gods.

In Dry Time

The best time to enjoy a honeymoon in Bali is during the dry season. So if you want to go out it will not be blocked by rain, you can also honeymoon on an active working day. These active working days are referred to as non-holiday days.

Menzel Ubud

Menzel Ubud is a romantic hotel for honeymoon in Bali, feel the traditional atmosphere that is very pronounced in this place. Especially for those of you who are looking for hotel recommendations for your honeymoon, then you can choose this place.

Staying at this place is the best choice, because it is a charming hideaway in the heart of Ubud. Enjoy the atmosphere that is guaranteed to make you and your partner enjoy a romantic atmosphere during your honeymoon.

While at this hotel, you will feel the world feels like your own, because this hotel is far from the crowds, making your honeymoon more fitting to be enjoyed. You can feel the various types of facilities available in this place. Because, these facilities will pamper you and your partner.

If you are interested in visiting this place, then you have to prepare a budget of around 3 million only. That way, you can enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon with your partner. Experience other romantic activities, which you can only do at Menzel Ubud.

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