Lovina beach is a tourist destination that you can visit while in Bali. As we already know, that Bali has a tourist destination that is the original habitat of a herd of wild dolphins. The original habitat is Novita beach, which is located in the Kalibukbuk village of Singaraja.

What are the things to do at Lovina Beach?

Please note, that Lovina beach is one of the beaches in Bali and offers various types of exciting activities in it. You can visit these exciting activities with your family, so you can enjoy the excitement contained in it.

Watching the Dolphin Attraction

On Lovina beach, there are dolphins that are allowed to live freely and receive full protection from the local government. So that anyone cannot catch or trade this very cute marine animal, of course you as a visitor can enjoy it.

In order to meet and see firsthand the action of these dolphins, then you have to go to the middle of the sea by riding a boat with a capacity of 4 to 5 people. Try to get ready to get up early because you have to be in the middle of the sea before dawn.

The dolphins that you will see are dolphins that usually come to the surface in the morning. The time is 06.00 am to 09.00 am, so you must be here at these times.

Fishing in the Middle of the Sea

Especially for those of you who love fishing, then you can rent a boat and return to the middle of the sea. There are lots of large fish ready to welcome your fishing hook. If you are alone, then you must be willing to pay the boat rental fee at the listed price.

If you plan to fish with friends or a group. So, you can rent a special boat or charter at a much cheaper and much more economical price. Of course you can find friends who like fishing, when you are at Lovina beach.

Play at Krisna Funtastic Land

As a visitor, you can also play at Krisna Funtastic Land which is a playground and still one company with the king of Balinese souvenirs. As for the entrance ticket from the ride ticket, of course, you can pay according to a predetermined price, although for each ride you have to be willing to pay an additional fee.

What are the things to do at Lovina Beach?

There are so many activities that you can do while on Lovina beach, because Lovina Beach offers an unusual beauty. The beach is a beach that is known to have the best animals, namely dolphins.

Snorkeling at Lovina Beach

If you are satisfied with greeting the dolphins, then there are other activities that you must do next. The activity is snorkeling and greeting the beauty of underwater life owned by Lovina Beach.

Lovina Beach has various types of coral reefs and colorful fish that you can enjoy while relaxing. If you do not bring snorkeling equipment, then you can use the services of borrowing equipment that can be reached around the beach.

You can easily find snorkeling equipment at very affordable prices. Especially if you take the dolphin plus snorkeling package at once, try to bid a much cheaper price so you don’t lose and waste it.

Visiting the Brahmavihara Arama Temple

Especially for those of you who really like religious architecture, then you can visit the Brahmavihara Arama temple which is not far from Lovina beach. This monastery is one of the temples located on Lovina beach which is similar to the Borobudur temple but a mini version.

In this place, many cultural monks carry out spiritual activities in it. So you can easily do meditation in this place.

What are Lovina beach clubs and resorts in Bali?

Lovina Beach is one of the beaches that has a beach club and resort. So you can release fatigue after a day of visiting or vacationing in Bali. That way, you can return to your hometown safely and your body is not too tired.

Aditya Beach Resort

Aditya Beach Resort is a resort that will pamper you with the beauty of the beach in just a few steps. Once you enter the room, you will feel the best facilities. In the room there is a double bed which is very soft and complete with a mosquito net that adds to the beautiful impression of the room arrangement.

You will also enjoy facilities such as a bathtub for soaking, as well as various other types of facilities such as TV entertainment facilities, and a balcony that leads to the beach. About what activities you can do, then you don’t need to worry because you can rent a boat to see dolphins.

You can ride a horse on the beach, relax with various other facilities, and eat food at a restaurant with a beach view in front of your eyes.

Rambutan Hotel Boutique and Spa

Rambutan Hotel Boutique and Spa is one of the places that offers the best facilities for you. The location is also very close to Lovina Beach which is famous for its activities to greet dolphins. For the facilities in this hotel, you will feel relaxed entertainment by visiting various types of spa facilities and swimming in the swimming pool.

You can also unwind even if you just sit back and relax in a restaurant while ordering a mainstay menu. You can get the scenery in it and it’s not only limited to the beach. Because, this hotel has a very wide green area to refresh the eyes while staying here.

The rooms provided in this place have very complete facilities. Because, there is a double bed and a very soft long sofa, complete with a TV for entertainment. There is also a balcony to relax while enjoying the natural surroundings.

Lovina Life

The next place you can visit is Lovina life, which is a beautiful boutique hotel and doesn’t want to be outdone by other hotels. In addition to this hotel being close to Lovina Beach, this one hotel has lodging that is equipped with several exciting tourist destinations such as Banjar hot springs.

The rooms in this hotel are also very comfortable and complete, because they are also equipped with facilities such as a TV and a balcony with a pool view. You can mix yourself with relaxing in the swimming pool to your heart’s content, moreover there are also several facilities such as instagramable lounge chairs for photos.

Try not to forget to visit the restaurant in this hotel. Because, there are lots of culinary records that you can try while in this place. Moreover, there are several restaurants with interesting indoor and outdoor concepts to visit.

Please note, that there is a specialist restaurant with a vegetarian menu in this place. As someone who is vegetarian, of course you will love being in this place and visiting Root Cafe. Moreover, the prices offered in this place are very affordable prices for tourists.

Lovina Villas and Spa

This one place is a place that you can’t just forget, because you can bring your extended family with you while in this place. Lovina Villas and spa is a place that you can consider as a very appropriate place to stay.

Especially if you are planning a vacation to Lovina Beach, because this beach is in front of the beach with spa facilities that make you more relaxed. The villa contained in it is also very spacious with satisfactory room facilities. Of course, the various facilities in the villa are equipped with entertainment facilities such as flat-screen TVs and mini bars.

In certain rooms, you can also enjoy a balcony and terrace that leads to views of the surrounding beach. Of course there are lots of exciting activities on the beach that will make you feel at home in this place for a very long time.

You can do some exciting activities such as snorkeling, enjoying the sunrise and greeting dolphins, and cycling around the surrounding beaches. You can also go to the restaurant to eat a very fresh seafood menu, which makes your experience more enjoyable while on this beach.

Lilin Lovina Beach Hotel

Lilin Lovina beach hotel is one of the hotels where you can enjoy the beauty and charm of the beach. Lovina Beach is one of the beaches visited by many tourists, it is not surprising that you can choose this one beach as the best place to stay.

The rooms owned by this hotel are spacious and comfortable rooms to live in. The facilities contained in it are also very complete, ranging from a very soft double bed to several other facilities such as a TV.

As a visitor, you can enjoy the view of the beach overgrown with some green trees. This certainly makes you more relaxed when deciding on a vacation. You can also enjoy a variety of private swimming pools in several types of rooms, as well as swimming pools that have direct access to views of the beach.

Don’t forget to always visit a restaurant with a very fresh seafood menu. Because, you can fold into what facilities make you relax after you are satisfied exploring Lovina Beach with a variety of exciting activities.

Padmasari Resort Lovina

Padmasari Resort Lovina is one of the hotels that you can choose when you are on Lovina beach. This hotel has a very strategic location, because it is very suitable for Lovina Beach, Lovina Dolphin Sightseeing and also Banjar Hot Springs.

The strategic location of the place can make you choose interesting destinations while on Lovina beach. This place will make you more relaxed, because the facilities offered are also very good and supported by amazing beach views.

You can also taste a variety of delicious menus at the restaurant, because there are so many restaurant areas on the rooftop that you must visit. You can chat casually accompanied by a view of the beach from a height, equipped with a beautiful gazebo that is there so that the activity makes the dinner even more romantic.


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    A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches, food and local lifestyle.

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Veby Merta

Veby Merta

A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches,...