Digital nomad in Bali is an activity that is commonplace, because this activity is a term for someone who works in a place that is bound by time and place. So that their work is more flexible and can work from anywhere, and can work anywhere.

What are digital nomads to stay in Bali?

There are so many digital nomads to stay in Bali that you can make choices. Because, you can make these considerations to work while traveling, one of the places is Bali. The place is a place that is supported by high speed internet access with a variety of entertainment options.

Sanur House

Rumah Sanur is a co-working space designed like a coffee shop so it looks very relaxed. Not just providing a place to work, because you can also work while enjoying the accompaniment of live music that makes the atmosphere more lively.

Of course there are a number of communal spaces in it that can be used as a location for exhibitions and other events. You can also enjoy several other facilities, these facilities are facilities that you can only get at the Sanur house.

Tropical Nomad

Tropical Nomad is the right place if you want to see a view of green rice fields. This place has a beautiful panorama of rice fields and is designed with a minimalist concept, complete with an all-wood interior design.

This place has a spacious room that is dominated by all-white colors, making the working atmosphere there more comfortable and calm. You also should not forget the ornamental plants that are green and placed in several spots of the room, thus giving an aesthetic color combination.

You can also work in the available outdoor space, because the outdoor room provides the best natural atmosphere. The best price is provided for those of you who want to register as a member, because if you don’t want to register, you can also enjoy room facilities by ordering food at the cafe.

Outpost Canggu

Outpost Canggu is the best place you can try, because this place has a very unique and artistic interior design. You can already enjoy a comfortable outdoor workplace near the pool or in a super comfortable room.

The price offered is an affordable price, with the best price you can get the best facilities. Some of the best facilities such as WiFi, access to events, discounts, Outpost Canggu Super Pass, and more.

Biliq Seminyak

Biliq Seminyak is a location in the Badung district. You can get this location at a very affordable price. So you can enjoy super convenient facilities such as high speed internet. You can also enjoy a small instagramable pool that can be used for refreshing.

Especially for those of you who want to work in a more private and quiet atmosphere. So, there are other rooms that meet these criteria. Whether it’s a group event or a private event, you can do it at this place. Because, this place is a place that provides all the facilities you want.

GoWork Park 23

GoWork Park 23 is a co-working space suitable for digital nomads. This place carries a minimalist concept with an interior design that is dominated by wood. This place has a layout and atmosphere that makes the workers of the times to work.

In addition to a very attractive design, this place is supported by various facilities for work such as internet and conference rooms. In addition, there are other facilities, such as a relaxing lounge area, telephone booth, printer machine, multipurpose room for various events, and others.

GoWork Park 23 has also provided various workspace options for digital nomads. Starting from a co-working space to a private office that is very comfortable to live in. You can also easily choose the available packages ranging from very low prices to the best prices.

You can also easily access all the restaurants or favorites in this place. As long as you are in this co-working space, you are required to wear a mask and bring your own drinking place. Also make sure to always maintain your health wherever you are, there are also temperature checks and the provision of hand sanitizers.

How to determine digital nomad Bali cost of living?

The existence of digital technology means that workers do not need to come to the office because their presence can be represented through internet access. The work carried out can also be done from any place by adjusting working hours in the country.

Follow Lifestyle

The first way to determine the cost of living for a digital nomad Bali is to pay attention to the lifestyle you have. This is because you can adjust some of the prices in the co-working space that you choose according to your wishes.

You can also choose the place according to the culinary menus that are there. Also try to be able to follow the lifestyle that you live, because if your lifestyle is glamorous then you can choose the appropriate co-working space.

As you wish

If you want to save while in this place, then you can choose the place that suits you. Try to find recommendations for places that are low budget so you won’t have any money problems while here. However, in general, a digital nomad will not mind the price. Because, what they need is to work while on vacation and a place that is relaxed and comfortable.

How to join the digital nomad community in Bali?

In the digital era like today, many people turn to digitalization to make work easier. The digital nomad trend has been sent by many generations in Indonesia. By doing this fun job, they can combine vacation and work at the same time.

Searching Through the Internet

You can look for some of the best places that you can make a choice. The place is a gathering place for the digital nomad community, which you can use as a reference if you’re interested. With more friends, you can certainly exchange information and thoughts so as to broaden your horizons.

The first way is to search via the internet, you can type according to what you are looking for. Then you can visit the place, then get acquainted with some of the people in that place.

Find in Famous Co-working Spaces

The way to join the digital nomad community in Bali is to find a well-known co-working space in Bali. That way, you can easily find some like-minded friends. So that when you are there, you can immediately share some of the problems you are experiencing.


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Angela Julie

Angela Julie

Angela Julie is an Australian-born freelance writer and world traveller. Based in Bali, this free spirited adventure addict, with long hair and sandy feet, is always in search of wonders off the beaten...