Tips for traveling Bali are tips that you can take when you decide to travel to Bali. Some of these tips are suitable for you beginners who want to spend vacation time on the island of the Gods. Moreover, the island of the gods is the best island you can visit, if you want to unwind and be tired from working for several months.

What are some tips for traveling Bali first time?

Tips for Traveling Bali

Bali has several charms not only about the beach, because there are highlands to terraced rice fields which are the advantages of this area. There are several reasons that are often heard from tourists, because Bali presents the best cultural panorama.

Renting Vehicles

The Island of the Gods is one of the islands that is not yet friendly when it comes to transportation for tourists. It’s a good idea to rent a motorbike or car, because you are required to have a driver’s license and submit proof of identity, either a photo ID or airplane ticket.

The prices offered are mutually affordable prices for renting motorbikes or cars. The time system offered is also 24 hours or a day, the terms and conditions that you must comply with also apply and are not much different. So, tips for traveling Bali before you decide to start renting it, you must ensure the condition of the vehicle and the completeness of the documents.

Determining Vacation Location Plans

You also have to be able to determine and plan your vacation location while in Bali. Bali has lots of interesting tourist attractions that can be visited, such as Kuta Beach and Kintamani. Some of these places do not require you to pay a fortune, because some of them only charge parking fees.

However, try or not focus on a few panoramas that are free. Because, you can also choose various types of tourist areas with quite expensive rates such as the Uluwatu temple to see the Kecak dance performance. You can also visit Garuda Wisnu Kencana to enjoy a location that is indeed impressive.

Before deciding on a vacation location plan, it’s a good idea to do your research first. You also have to determine the time needed to do the vacation, with all the beauty it has to offer. This must be complemented by various types of tips on visiting holiday locations in Bali.

What are the things to know about Bali?

There are several things you should know about Bali. Apart from the fact that the culture in Bali is difficult to find, Bali also provides various types of souvenirs such as trinkets and typical fabrics. You can also enjoy various types of ornaments found on this island of the gods.

Clever Booking Tickets and Lodging

You have to be smart to book tickets and lodging in advance, if you decide to take a vacation to Bali. Booking tickets and lodging is something that must be done even if you come on a normal day and not the holiday season.

You have to do this activity, so you can get tickets and lodging because Bali is a very crowded place. Bali is one of the islands that has many visitors for various types of purposes, in addition to traveling, some of these visitors come for business purposes.

Choose Favorite Menu

A vacation to Bali certainly feels incomplete if you don’t enjoy some of the favorite menus that are served. There are lots of obligatory specialties that you can enjoy, such as duck betutu, jinggo rice, satay wraps, and many more.

This situation cannot be denied, because the entire menu of these foods has a very delicious taste. However, you have to make an effort to enjoy it at street stalls. Because, the taste offered is also not much different but comes at a much cheaper price.

Especially for those of you who follow Islam, then you have to be careful while in this place. You have to be careful in choosing various types of dishes, because most of them are non-halal dishes. However, there are several cuisines that provide halal menus with the best restaurants.

The next tips for traveling Bali for beginners is to eat first or buy at the market before going to tourist attractions. Buying logistics for food or drinks at tourist sites is indeed quite expensive, because the difference can reach twice the price it should be.

Paying Attention to Customs and Culture

The thing you should know when in Bali is to always pay attention to customs and culture. It is important to pay attention to local customs and culture, because when someone comes to the temple, it is much better to bring polite clothes.

Also pay attention to whether there is a banten or not, because Banten is a dish shaped like an ordinary flower and occupies the front of a pinta or a statue. If you accidentally step on, don’t forget to say sorry. Because, the customs of the Balinese people are still upheld, so you have to respect these customs.

You should also respect some of the rules for not taking photos or videos in certain areas. At least you can enjoy the beauty of the island of the gods which is fun. It would be much worse if a vacation to Bali did not pay attention to customary rules like this

What are some tips for traveling Bali on a budget?

You can also vacation in Bali with a low budget. So you can minimize expenses to decide what expenses, and still get the best facilities. You should also know some tips for traveling Bali on a budget, so that traveling can be more comfortable.

Separate Budget For Each Purpose

You also have to be able to separate the budget for each need you have. Before you decide to go on a Bali tour, you must prepare some funds and make a budget allocation for each need. If you have made a classification of funds, then try not to mix them with personal funds for fun. It would be much better if you save a little cash, the goal is not to spend too much.

Eat at Affordable Places

The problem of eating is often a dilemma when deciding to travel in Bali. There are times when you want to try all Balinese culinary specialties, but you have to think that your finances are running low. The solution that you can choose is to choose a place to eat that provides an affordable menu.

There are so many stalls or street vendors selling delicious food at pocket-friendly prices. There are also lots of shops that are specially made for backpackers, so you can buy food instead of visiting restaurants with exorbitant prices.

Press Transportation Budget

As a traveler, experiencing the most expenses is usually on transportation. Especially if you go to Bali without bringing a private vehicle. An example of moving from one tourist destination to another requires transportation costs.

The tips for traveling Bali cheaply while in Bali is to rent a motorbike, because going out will be much more efficient in terms of time. You can also visit several tourist objects that are located close to each other, this activity is done so that the transportation you do is more stressful.


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Angela Julie

Angela Julie

Angela Julie is an Australian-born freelance writer and world traveller. Based in Bali, this free spirited adventure addict, with long hair and sandy feet, is always in search of wonders off the beaten...