Bali Belly is a disease experienced by tourists when on vacation in Bali. This case has again become a topic of conversation for tourists who have vacationed on the island of the Gods and like to taste a variety of Balinese specialties. Moreover, Bali is a place

What is Bali Belly?

Get to know Bali Belly

Bali is a favorite tourist destination on an international scale, so it is crowded with tourists from various parts of the country. In fact, there are several Indonesian citizens who have friends or relatives abroad who are interested in visiting Bali.

Bali does not only offer a million charms, because there are several health problems that may occur to tourists who are visiting Bali for the first time. While Bali Belly is the name given to stomach and digestive problems.

Tourists who go to Bali and are adventurous are very susceptible to Bali Belly, this is because they are not careful in paying attention to the cleanliness of the food and drinks they consume. Bali Belly is a condition in the form of diarrhea or one of the digestive problems that can occur due to consuming food that has been contaminated with viruses and bacteria.

This case of diarrhea has existed since ancient times, the reason being the infection of tourists in Bali, especially from abroad. So that tourists call it a disease in Bali in the form of Bali Belly. There is no difference between diarrhea and the disease, whether experienced by Balinese or tourists.

So far there have been no reports of Bali Belly cases because affected tourists usually seek treatment immediately and are not fatal. The cause of Bali Belly is consuming food that has been contaminated with viruses or bacteria. The viruses are of the Rotavirus and Norovirus types and the bacteria are of the E. Coli, Salmonella, or Campylobacter types.

In several studies, Bali Belly was caused by contamination by Escherichia colli bacteria or other unknown things. Thus triggering a reaction in the digestive system, because the contamination itself comes from food such as raw food and food that is not cleaned.

Besides that, Bali Belly disease also comes from contaminated drinks or ice cubes, including water used when rinsing your mouth while brushing your teeth. Symptoms of Bali Belly itself are symptoms of digestive disorders in general.

What tourists feel when experiencing the Bali Belly is a feeling of nausea and vomiting to diarrhea with varying degrees of severity.

Bali Belly Symptoms

Bali belly has symptoms that begin to appear within 1 to 10 days such as flatulence and dizziness that afflict sufferers. When visiting a new place, visitors usually try local food which is an activity and a must do.

Just like foreign tourists who have a vacation in Bali, who feel familiar with Bali and don’t hesitate to eat all the local culinary delights. In fact, people really have to be careful in choosing a place to eat and the food that will be consumed later.

Indonesia is a region that has an unsafe water supply for consumption. Unlike Australia or America, because Indonesia has a tropical and humid climate that makes bacteria in food grow much faster.

In addition to the climatic factors in Indonesia, food hygiene is also influenced by its processing and storage. Serving food may not always be optimal, thus increasing the risk of spreading bacteria.

How Bali Belly Treatment?

How treatment

Bali Belly can be overcome with treatment that is appropriate to the severity experienced by the sufferer. Especially for those who have mild symptoms, Bali Belly is above it by resting or drinking lots of water and making sure the water you drink is clean.

Certainly different from someone who has a history of digestion, because they can take drugs that are commonly used. Try to use the drug according to the symptoms you are suffering from so that you feel comfortable.

If the sufferer gets discomfort in the stomach such as nausea, vomiting, to diarrhea that gets worse. So, tourists will be advised to immediately go to the nearest health facility in order to get faster treatment.

How to Avoid Bali Belly?


Bali Belly is a condition that can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness in consuming food. Bali Belly is closely related to food sold in Bali, so the public and foreign or local tourists are advised to be careful when buying and consuming food while on vacation in Bali.

Be wise in consuming food, such as paying attention to the packaging and presentation aspects. Also pay attention to whether the food is closed, there are no flies and is not stale. It’s a good idea to buy fresh or cooked food.

As for traders, they must maintain cleanliness in processing food, by covering the food on display so that flies do not infest it. Both traders and buyers are also encouraged to diligently wash their hands before and after eating.

Traders and buyers are also encouraged to maintain cleanliness by adopting clean and healthy living behaviors.

Activities in Handling Bali Belly

  • Consuming bottled water, especially plain water.
  • Try to always wash your hands and use hand sanitizer before eating.
  • Try to order drinks without ice to avoid unsterilized water.
  • Avoid washing fruit or vegetables using tap water.
  • Pay attention to food consumption and it’s a good idea to choose fresh and freshly cooked food.

What are the Facts About Bali Belly?

Often Attacking Tourists While Traveling

Bali Belly is a disorder of the digestive tract that is important for tourists to know about Bali. This disease generally attacks foreign tourists when visiting Bali. Bali Belly does not only attack tourists, because it also attacks several other people who are in Bali.

The first fact from Bali Belly is a disease that attacks tourists while traveling. This disease is experienced by half to 1/3 of foreign tourists visiting Bali. In fact, travel insurance companies say that medical teams have treated thousands of Australians suffering from this disease in 2022.

Meanwhile, problems with the Bali Belly digestive tract can occur when someone travels to another area. This is caused by consuming food or water that is unusual for the body, especially those who always keep their bodies clean and healthy.

Please note that these conditions may occur when the sanitation or climatic conditions are different from the area of origin. The viruses that most commonly cause Bali Belly are rotavirus and norovirus, generally found in Bali.

Apart from viruses, Bali Belly also has other causes such as bacterial infections from E. Coli, Salmonella, to Campylobacter which are also triggers.

Diarrhea to Joint Pain

Bali Belly generally shows several symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, hot and cold sweat, to joint pain. Sufferers will also experience headaches and dehydration when suffering from this disease. In general, these symptoms will appear after two to five hours after being contaminated with a virus or bacteria.

Maintain cleanliness

Of course, Bali Belly can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness, because Bali Belly is caused by viruses and bacteria. The way to prevent it is to prevent cleanliness around such as hands, so sufferers must wash their hands.

Tourists must also pay attention to the food and drinks consumed during their vacation. Other tips in handling are getting plenty of rest and drinking water regularly. Also make sure that food and drink intake is clean, because sufferers can take analgesics for pain and fever. If the symptoms get worse or the blood dissolves in the stool, then the patient can see a doctor.

Avoid Consuming Undercooked Meat

Bali Belly can be avoided by not consuming undercooked meat. As a tourist, you can pay attention to the cutlery that will be used. If cutlery is in a wet or unclean condition, it’s a good idea to avoid using it.

In general, tourists must choose food carefully and carefully. If a food place looks unsanitary, then try not to buy it even if the price is very cheap. It’s better to avoid eating at these places, especially if you have a history of digestive problems or are planning to travel to Bali with children.

As a tourist, you can consult a doctor first, to get supplements or vitamins to prevent bacteria from entering the body. Bali Belly is a potentially contagious disease because bacteria and viruses can move.

Transfer of bacteria and viruses from person to person through food and water. This is the reason why you or your travel partner who has experienced Bali Belly must maintain cleanliness by washing your hands and not touching your face. Thus, it can prevent transmission of viruses or bacteria that may be in food.

Bali Belly is a disease state that can last for several hours, one day to 4-5 days. If you or your travel companions have experienced it, then immediately visit the nearest pharmacy or doctor so you can get medicine.

Tourists can also take care of themselves and their families who want to travel to Bali, by paying attention to food intake. Food intake that must be consumed is food intake that is nutritionally balanced and does not contain certain ingredients. Such as bacteria or viruses that can be seen from the quality of the food.

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