Indonesia’s cancellation of the U-20 world cup host made Indonesian citizens angry, even though this decision was purely from FIFA itself. FIFA’s decision to cancel Indonesia as the host ended the long dream of young players who had been waiting for 46 years.

Indonesian Anger

Reasons for Angry Indonesia

The Indonesian people expressed their anger and annoyance at the group that rejected the arrival of the Israeli national team. Even on social media, the anger against those who contracted with the presence of the Israeli team resulted in the failure of the u-20 world cup which was very high.

Wayan Koster is one of the figures who has become the target of the anger of the Indonesian people. Even the discussion about the arrival of the Israel U-20 national team from March 21 to 28 on social media was divided into two camps. The first side stated that they support Israel’s presence because they think sports cannot be mixed up with political interests.

Wayan Koster own statement rejecting the presence of the Israeli national team was then amplified by a supporting account or buzzer as well as 9 other accounts. The account is an account of the government’s opposition which is an account supporting Wayan Koster. In contrast to those who support the presence of the Israeli team, because the majority of these accounts are accounts supporting the government.

While the second faction itself is as much as 60%, which openly rejects Israel on the pretext that Israel is a war criminal. They also agree that the existence of Israel is tantamount to betraying the existing constitution. The voice of rejection has grown since the governor of Bali, namely Wayan Koster, made his statement on March 26.

PSI disappointment

FIFA at the time of the formation of Indonesia to host the U-20 World Cup made PSSI disappointed. PSSI said they were disappointed and sad but could not refuse the decision. Until now, discussions about the arrival of the Israeli U-20 national team from March 21 to 28 on social media have been divided into two main camps.

The Outburst of Anger of Netizens

Although there is another analysis from the emotional side that was captured, namely the majority of netizens who were angry at groups and parties for the rejection of the Israeli team. Moreover, the impact was that Indonesia’s status as host was revoked by FIFA itself.

If you refer to March 29 until now, the portion of anger is different again because Indonesia was canceled. So the anger that occurs in the group is the counter Israel which is higher than usual. Angry netizens also seem to really care about sports, which are mostly young people.

Outbursts of anger were expressed directly at the figure of Ganjar Pranowo, with the caption you make me sad. Comments containing a lot of disappointment were spread by the people of Indonesia to the hundreds of thousands of comments. The comment contained Indonesia’s disappointment because Mr. Ganjar had buried the dreams of Indonesian football children.

Another satire also came to one of the national team players, who said that the future of Indonesian children was still starting a career. A rush of angry comments and insults were also presented by Indonesian netizens who did not accept the cancellation.

FIFA Sanctions

FIFA Possible Sanctions

According to Kusnaeni, the cancellation of Indonesia as host for the 2023 U-20 World Cup had expected this to happen. This is because the chairman of PSSI himself, namely Erick Thohir, flew to Doha on Wednesday afternoon. The presumption is that Indonesia does not comply with the protocol standards set by the federation so that it continues to fly the flag and play the Israeli national anthem when the tournament begins.

Another problem that occurred was that FIFA still recorded a number of deficiencies in terms of infrastructure, stadiums and training fields. Both of these are very crucial so that the president’s statement guaranteeing the participation of the National Team cannot shake the attitude of the federation.

As for FIFA, it has prayed for security guarantees when playing matches, so the Israeli flag was raised and the national anthem was played, which tended to be difficult. With a series of existing problems, Kusnaeni said that Indonesia has been subject to sanctions which are very likely to occur.

In fact, the general deputy chairman of PSSI has given motivation to the U-20 National Team footballers after FIFA officially revoked Indonesia’s status as host. The punishment that is in front of our eyes is the cancellation of the National Team from participating in international events.

There is a possibility that the U-20 National Team will not be able to qualify for the next world championship, if you look at it from a concrete perspective, this will happen. In fact, for this match the National Team has been preparing itself since 2 years ago. It has even been handled by coaches with super expensive fees so as to bring in outside players.

Even though playing via the free channel, this cancellation is the end of his long dream now who knows how much longer he has to dream. When we are only one step away from the same event, it is suddenly torn down and we are potentially punished. This is the reason for the voices of disappointment from the players and the public.

Lost Momentum

Missing Moment

Through the U-20 World Cup, it actually became a trigger so that it could accelerate in terms of the feasibility of stadium infrastructure and the management of matches. However, no one could have guessed that this momentum would be lost with the cancellation of the World Cup.

Likewise about the voices on social media who are grateful for the cancellation of Indonesia as host. Because, the U-20 World Cup is unlikely to happen, considering the Kanjuruhan tragedy which is considered irrelevant. The appointment of Indonesia as the host occurred in October 2019, until it was finally canceled this year.

In responding to Kanjuruhan not being optimal, many people can understand because the public saw the steps taken during the Kanjuruhan tragedy. However, the world cup is not directly related to Kanjuruhan.

Character Responses

Erick Thohir

Erick Thohir is the general chairman of PSSI who said that he had tried his best when he met the FIFA president. Especially for the holding of the U-20 World Cup which has taken place in Indonesia.

At the meeting, Erick Thohir also entrusted President Jokowi with messages for football fans and their players. Despite assessing the current situation, FIFA decided not to continue with the implementation.

Erick Thohir asked his players to stay strong, especially football fans who can keep their heads held high by this tough decision. This is because the Indonesian football team must prove to FIFA that they can work harder in transforming football. Mainly refers to football that is clean and accomplished and makes the country proud.

Even though preparations for this match have been made since 2020 and ended up being in vain. This was stated directly by Nova Aryanto, who said that he was far from his wife and family to prepare all of this. However, what people in the National Team got was a disappointment before the U-20 World cup started.


President Joko Widodo also expressed his disappointment and sadness after FIFA canceled Indonesia as host for the U-20 World Cup. Jokowi advised not to waste energy blaming one another.

As a big nation, Jokowi added that we must look to the future and make this a lesson for all of us. Mainly for the Indonesian National Football, because this bad luck must be faced together.

The cancellation of Indonesia as the host made it possible for Hokky Caraka to be replaced by another country. FIFA is said to be appointing one of the U-20 World Cup semifinalists, namely Japan, as a replacement for Indonesia, to complete the quota of 4 Asian countries.

Regarding the replacement host, of course a meeting will be held in Paraguay between the FIFA president and the president of the Argentine football association.

Know the 4 Convicted Countries


FIFA has also banned the Russian National Team and Russian clubs from playing in competitions under their auspices. So that there was no Russia in the 2022 World Cup. This decision was taken by FIFA as a form of punishment against Russia which was involved in a war with Ukraine.

The pressure received by FIFA from various big countries was accepted, especially from countries such as England, Poland and Sweden who refused to play against Russia.

Kenya and Zimbabwe

FIFA imposes a temporary playing ban for a country if the government intervenes in federation affairs. This case was also experienced by Kenya at the beginning of the year. So that Kenya’s sports minister closed the football federation’s activities related to alleged misuse of money.

South Africa

FIFA also imposed a ban on South Africa, which at that time was indeed in the midst of political rifts between apartheid and the boycott movement. FIFA only restored South Africa’s rights in 1990, namely, on political issues, it was confirmed that they would be destroyed. In other words, the punishment of hardship lasts 30 years.


Yugoslavia is a country that no longer exists, but was once one of the major countries on the European continent. So that FIFA and UEFA had imposed a ban on playing against Yugoslavia for the European Cup, in 1992 and the 1994 World Cup.

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