Nyepi Day is a day to commemorate the turn of the Saka year. The Nyepi celebration is a momentum for Hindus on the island of the Gods, so that Hindus remain silent in silence. People are also not allowed to light a light or fire during this day.

When is Nyepi Day 2024 in Bali?

11 March , 2024

Nyepi Day is a holiday that is celebrated on last Wednesday, March 11, 2024 to be precise. Of course, there are lots of traditional ceremonies held to welcome Nyepi day in Bali. The Nyepi tradition is summarized like the Melasti ceremony and several other ceremonies in Indonesia.

What are the activities during Silent Day in Bali?

Melasti Ceremony

The Melasti ceremony is the presentation of prayer items and sacred objects in water sources such as seas and rivers. When the Melasti ceremony takes place, there are many objects that are sacred and sanctified by bringing them to the river or to the sea.

Segara or the sea is considered to be the god Ruci, which Fatimah will then rest in the village temple until the day after the Nyepi day ends. These pratima are again placed in their respective temples after being purified.

The preservation must have been completed in its entirety by the time of the afternoon. The purified Pretima must also be in the bale agung when this happens.

Seeking or Tawur

Mecaru is a purification ceremony with the presence of offerings for the blind so as not to disturb human life. Tawur itself is held on the 9th lunar month, the day before Nyepi day begins. This ceremony is carried out in every family home, in every village in Bali or sub-district.

Tawur is a purification carried out by Hindus at a crossroad or in their respective homes, of course by taking one of the offerings. Residents make offerings addressed to the symbols of negative things in life. The goal is to prevent humans from the negative things that exist.


Pengerupukan is a ceremony that is held after the year or spreading rice. Residents then make fires or torches to illuminate their surroundings, and heal their homes and yards and beat various objects to make noise.

Pengerupukan is done to expel the bhuta kala because of the house or yard environment. At the village level, an ogoh-ogoh procession will be held as a manifestation of bhuta kala which has negative characteristics. The ogoh-ogoh themselves in the direction around the village are then burned, because the goal is that things that have a negative smell disappear and don’t interfere with human life.


The next activity is Nyepi day, which does not see the activity of the residents as usual. This happens because most Hindus are fasting, so they practice the Brata Penyepian chess, which consists of:

  • The first is to observe Geni, namely not to use or light fires and inflame passions.
  • Observe work, namely not carrying out physical work but increasing activities that aim to purify the soul.
  • Observe Lelungan who doesn’t travel but is introspective instead.
  • Observe Lelanguan which does not incite joy or enjoy entertainment but focuses on Ida sang hyang Widhi.

Brata is an activity that begins at dawn until dawn returns the next day. Hindus certainly believe in everything that is transitional and is always preceded by a dark symbol.

Shoot Geni

Ngembak Geni is a ceremony that falls the day after Nyepi day and is the last traditional tradition in the Saka New Year celebration series. This event was carried out by holding visits between family and neighbors. During the event, Hindus are expected to forgive each other because according to the principle that I am you and you are me.

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Tips to Survive Nyepi Day in Bali

Provides Snacks and DVDs

As a visitor you are exempt from the prohibition of lighting a fire during Nyepi day. Then you can cook as long as it’s not visible from outside the room or villa. It’s also okay to store snacks or meals for your small pantry. The same goes for in-mosque entertainment such as DVDs or other luxury entertainment which is prohibited among the Balinese.

Watch Ogoh-ogoh

OGOH-OGOH – Salah satu nominator lomba ogoh-ogoh mengikuti parade pada Kasanga Festival di Catur Muka, Denpasar, Sabtu (18/3). Sebanyak 12 ogoh-ogoh yang menjadi juara dari empat kecamatan di Kota Denpasar mengikuti parade tersebut. (foto/eka adhiyasa)

Ogoh-ogoh are giant statues that are creatively made to depict Balinese demons. It usually reaches a height of up to 6 m and is built by different youth groups in a competitive spirit. These finest creations are paraded through village streets on a silent night, as they are usually accompanied by loud gamelan accompaniment and often bamboo torches for added dramatic effect.

As traffic in the main resort area is usually diverted, it’s a good idea to plan where to watch the parade. There are some of the most popular places to watch the festive parade such as central Denpasar or Ubud.

Book a Full Spa Treatment

Nyepi day is a great opportunity to take advantage of solitude and seclusion. So you can spend your time with a quality spa and full day treatments. This is the perfect time to reflect and truly relax in Bali.


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Tommy Lewis

Social and adventurous at heart, you will find Andrea on a multi-day trail in a remote wilderness, climbing a mountain, kayaking down a desolate river, learning to fly a plane, and working on his surf....