Sanur is one of the best areas in Bali to enjoy your vacation. It has a lot of tourist attractions not only for adults but also for kids. Fun family activities in Sanur are the reason why you have to visit this place if you come to Bali with your family.

Top attractions in Sanur are affordable as well. It is the main reason why you can save your cost because some attractions have family packages too. By spending a holiday on this island, you can create joyful memories with your kids. Here are some recommended activities in Sanur.

12 Fun Family Activities in Sanur

1. Going to Dream Island

Fun Family Friendly Activities in Sanur

Dream Island is one of the destinations that will lead you to have some fun family things to do in Sanur. The area has a sea swing that becomes the best spot to take photos. The background is the Indian Ocean and it is very instagramable to visit with your kids.

Dream Island also has some horses to stroll around. The kids are allowed to enjoy this with a professional guide following. At the beach, many restaurants and cafes sell coconut drinks, snacks, and Balinese traditional cuisine to fill your hunger.

The location of this place is in Mertasari Beach, Sanur. Many people have said that this place is the Gili Trawangan of Bali because of the white sand and the tropical greenery. You only need to pay about IDR 20k per person to enter the area and free if it’s on package of sanur family accommodation.

2. Diving in Bali SeaWalker

Snorkeling in Bali SeaWalker is easy and entertaining, both for adults and kids. This area is shallow but offers fascinating scenery underwater. Bali SeaWalker is on Puri Santrian, Sanur. The fee is only IDR 400k per person, yet it gives a memorable moment in life. 

The kids will go underwater with a big helmet like Sandy in Spongebob Squarepants. The helmet will protect their head from the water and it gives them oxygen. So, adults and kids who cannot swim still can enjoy these activities without worrying about lack of oxygen while snorkeling.

What do you see underwater? There is nemo in Sanur underwater and sometimes people call this activity “Finding Nemo”. The area also has great coral reefs and other fishes to see. And since the area is shallow, you can walk underwater. 

3. Bali Kite Festival

There is a kite festival in Sanur that is usually held from July to August since it is the peak of the dry season. The sky is clear and there is a mid-strong wind to fly the kite. This festival is on Sanur beach. The tourists are welcome to join this festival too by having a giant kite.

This activity impresses adults and kids, especially foreigners. Kite festivals might not be available in other countries because it’s hard to find the right time to play them. The parents and kids can learn how to play it and it’s family friendly activities in Sanur

4. Cooking at Bamboo Shoot Bali

Another experience that you can have with your family is attending a cooking class. Usually, cooking class is more into baking but this class is very different. You and your kids will attend a class to cook Balinese cuisine, then the dishes are for yourself.

It is a great experience since you will not find a cooking class to cook Balinese cuisines anywhere. Bamboo Shoot Bali provides fresh ingredients and a clean environment. The menus can be different from one another, depending on the menu you choose to cook during class.

The location of Bamboo Shoot Bali is on Jalan Tirta Empul, Sanur. For a person, the entrance fee is about IDR 450k but it includes the ingredients you’ll cook with your kids. The activity starts at 7 AM and ends at 1 PM, so it is the dish you cook for brunch or lunch.

5. Bali Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Sanur doesn’t have wild waves to surf, so it is perfect for stand-up paddle surfing. You will have a board and a paddle to surf at Sanur Beach. This is another fun family activity in Sanur and your kids are welcome to enjoy this too even though they are inexperienced. 

You can go to Bali Stand Up Paddle Surfing School for this activity. There will be a guide to teach you how to paddle surf while standing. The guide is just a few minutes, and after that, you immediately go to the beach. The school is on Jalan Cemara 4B Sanur and the rate is IDR 250k.

6. Chilling at Big Garden Corner

This place is another interesting spot for fun family activities in Sanur. Big Garden Corner in Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai, Sanur. The garden is full of blooming flowers and there are some statues inside. It is a great opportunity to capture the moments with the kids.

There is a kiddies pool inside the garden and they can enjoy that mini waterpark with different packages. They also serve Balinese and international cuisine in their restaurant. When you are visiting here, you will enjoy the trip to the garden. The place is very cool to chill or stroll around.

7. Sailing at Gili Cat Fast Boat

If you are enjoying a trip by boat, you can try to go to Gili Cat Fast Boat in Sanur. The water is so clear and it will entertain your scenery while taking the boat. Many tourists come to this place because they can take a fast boat to enjoy the sea and mini islands in Sanur.

You can take a cat fast boat with the whole family and there will be a fisherman that will guide you. The price to take one boat is less than IDR 100k, so it is a very affordable moment to enjoy. There are some mini stalls at the beach and they serve delicious yet cheap snacks and food.

8. Bathing at Pura Tirta Empul Segara

This is a religious site, but tourists are welcome to visit this place. This is a temple in Sanur that has a mini pool. You can soak and swim there, but you may see a lot of people, especially tourists, join in the pool. This landmark has Bali architecture and some locals are here too.

The water is sacred for the Balinese. It’s not ordinary to soak yourself since the meaning of it is cleaning yourself with water. Some hours may be busy, but people here are praying too. The atmosphere of this place is very peaceful even though there are a lot of visitors at times.

9. Playing at KidzCafe Sanur

A kid cafe is never boring for kids under 9 years old. In Sanur, there is a Kid’s play cafe named KidzCafe Sanur. This place is a great playdate place because there are indoor and outdoor areas for kids. After strolling around Sanur, chilling at this place is very recommended.

The parents can chill outside the cafe, while the kids are enjoying plenty of plays there such as jungle gym, slide, play kitchens, and trampoline. The cafe inside this place is a perfect spot to enjoy some authentic coffee, originally from Bali.

10. Doing yoga

Doing yoga in Bali has different vibes than doing it in other places. You can take this activity as a fun family lesson. There is a studio named Power of Now Oasis in Sanur that provides a yoga class for adults and kids. 

The studio will teach you a lot of basic poses to calm your soul. The kids will also join the lesson with proper manners but are in different classes from the adults. You will find local children in this area too and spend time having fun with them.

11. Visiting turtle island

Bali is the home of many turtles. This is in Serangan island, Sanur, but more popular than turtle island. It takes a 20-minute drive from the center of Sanur to reach the beach. This place looks like turtle conservation in Bali. It is the best things to do in Sanur with kids.

You can see what the animals look like from closer. You don’t have to pay any ticket entrance to go to this place, but they might need a donation from you. The purpose is no other than to improve the conservation program in Sanur, Bali.

12. Going to Sanur Beach

Another fun family activity that you can do in Sanur Bali is visiting Sanur Beach. This is not a place with big waves, but it is great enough to enjoy the sunset. The kids can swim at the beach because it is a shallow beach with crystal clear water.

Pantai Indah in Sanur has amini gazebo. There is a paved pathway to go there. This place has been popular to take beautiful photos for tourists or those who want to hold a pre-wedding session. There is a small cafe in Pantai Indah that serves snacks and beer.

There are many fun family activities in Sanur that you can enjoy with the kids. Spending a holiday in Bali isn’t only for adults, but also the kids since they have so many attractions to enjoy. The vacation will be more fun and memorable at the affordable prices they offer for family activities.


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Angela Julie

Angela Julie

Angela Julie is an Australian-born freelance writer and world traveller. Based in Bali, this free spirited adventure addict, with long hair and sandy feet, is always in search of wonders off the beaten...