Stay in Uluwatu is an activity that you can do with your family. Uluwatu itself is the southern part of the island of Bali which has become one of the best destinations. Tourist destinations in Uluwatu are also a must visit with the family, because Uluwatu has good restaurants.

What are the top 8 Cool and Unique Places to stay in Uluwatu?

The Uluwatu area is one of the best areas because it has a variety of tourist attractions. The tourist attractions in question are good restaurants, traditional spas, Balinese temples and beaches equipped with famous waves for surfing.

  1. Dreamsea Bali is a simple hotel with fashionable interiors that can make its customers enjoy sea views at an affordable price.
  2. Gravity Hotel is a hotel that is suitable for relaxing while enjoying the sea view because it has unique and fashionable rooms.
  3. Mick’s place is a place you must visit because it has some interesting offers about hotels that have been in Bali.
  4. The Alchemist is the best hotel ever, this one hotel is able to provide a very romantic place that you can enjoy.
  5. Mule Malu is a hotel with a tropical feel near the beach, has become one of the favorite hotels in Uluwatu, and has a beautiful design with a swimming pool.
  6. Sun and surf day is the perfect hotel for those of you who like to surf and have a vacation at sea.
  7. White palm hotel is a hotel that falls into the category of a hidden oasis on the cliffs of the Balangan coast. This hotel provides the most complete facilities and you can enjoy it.
  8. La joya biu biu is the best lodging place inspired by shells. This one inn has a beautiful sea view, also equipped with a number of rooms or private villas.

Where to stay in Uluwatu?

When you are in Uluwatu, then you have to find the right place to stay or stay. Uluwatu has several types of lodging that can be chosen, because there are several luxury resorts or villas on a cliff. There are many best areas to stay in Uluwatu, you can choose according to your wishes and needs. There are several types of lodging in Uluwatu, of course you can choose the inn according to your budget.

White Palm Hotel

White palm hotel is a 5-star hotel that falls into the category of hidden hotels on the cliffs of Balangan beach. Consisting of 8 rooms with bungalow types that have beautiful designs, and of course these rooms are intragamebel rooms.

This one hotel consists of eight rooms that have private legs and provide delicious food. The food provided is food made from organic ingredients from the local market. You can make a reservation directly through the hotel to get the best price.

La Joya Biu Biu

La joya biu biu is a bungalow inspired by seashells and the beach. This resort is a Balangan resident resort with beautiful sea views. This hotel consists of a number of bungalows or private villas, because this tropical garden with several swimming pools has a private beach.

Sun and Surf Stay

Sun and surf stay is a combination of simplicity and luxury, as it promises a complete getaway with sun and surfing fun. This hotel is right on the beach, which has two of the most famous waves in Bali.

You can easily find a good view when you are in this place. This place has rooms, where each room has a beach view and a hammock on the balcony for sunbathing.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a hotel that offers rooms with natural materials, you can also get this place because it is a house on a hidden tree. The house is located between mango and guava trees, you can even enjoy restaurants and bars built around the trees.

The Alchemist is one of the most beautiful resorts in Bali, because each room has a unique and beautiful design. The interior and the swimming pool contained in it are a favorite of many people. In this place there is also a swimming pool like a fairy tale with romantic level 2 rooms.

Dreamsea Bali

Dreamsea Bali is a simple hotel with fashionable interiors, you can also enjoy sea views at an affordable price at this hotel. The location is right near the beach and is suitable for surfers, especially for those of you who want to enjoy the waves in Bali.

Dreamsea is the best hotel that has a cafe and serves smoothies bowls, delicious coffee and young coconuts. You can choose this one hotel if you want the best place to complete your needs.

Mick’s Place

Mick’s place is a place that is located on a cliff, equipped with a 180° wide view of the Indian Ocean. This place has everything you could want from a hotel near the beach. Because, one of the hotels in Uluwatu has 7 bungalows with tropical gardens and an infinity pool.

The infinity pool contained in it is a pool with a backdrop of ocean waves. Even you as a customer can also easily find an outdoor massage place with a beautiful view.

What are the unique accommodations in Uluwatu?

Vacationing is one of the things that must be done, because it can release fatigue and relax your body. You can choose a unique accommodation in Uluwatu, if you decide to visit Uluwatu.

Melli Bingin

Melali Bingin is a hotel hidden among the trees, of course the trees are a few minutes from the beach. This hotel provides comfortable accommodation like being at home. You can enjoy a hotel that has 4 rooms and be pampered with a calm atmosphere with the best service. The service in question is a service that is tailored to your own wishes.

The employees inside are also very friendly greeting you every day and preparing the breakfast you like. The employees also recommended several tourist attractions in Uluwatu. The atmosphere is complemented by each room that has cool air with modern designs and sensational products.

The Inn Possible Cliff House

One of the hidden treasures found in Bingin Cliff is the Hotel The Inn Possible Cliff House. Hotel the inn possible Cliff is a simple Hotel known for its views and direct access to the beach. With the support of direct access to the beach, making this one hotel has extraordinary beauty.

This inn offers 8 very comfortable rooms, equipped with the sound of the waves. You can also enjoy the breeze with a holiday atmosphere on a deserted island. If you are hungry, then you can try some of the hotel’s restaurants.

The restaurant is a facility that can be enjoyed with family, especially the menu served is the best menu. The menu is cooked by professional chefs who cook with the best skills.

Gravity Hotel

Gravity Hotel is a hotel in Bingin that is suitable for relaxing while enjoying the sea view from the sea. This one hotel has 9 very unique rooms, these rooms are also known as fashionable and comfortable rooms. You can feel staying in a hotel surrounded by tropical gardens.

The restaurant of this hotel provides a variety of delicious dishes typical of Indonesia and western countries. You can order certain foods according to your taste and tongue. Also make sure you have sufficient budget to enjoy accommodation from this hotel.


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Stefan Miles

Stefan Miles

Besides being curious about people and their cultures, Miles enjoys writing and messing around with a camera. Miles’s favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs,...