Best hostels in Bali are the best hostels that you can choose, especially if you are staying in Bali with a partner or alone. If you want to stay in a strategic location while on vacation in Bali, then you have to make sure a hostel is the right choice.

What are the Hostels in Bali Kuta?

Kuta is the right choice, if you want a vacation to Bali with a very minimal budget. You can also choose some recommendations from the best hostels, where the place can be lived by you alone or with a partner.

Puri Rama Hostel

Hostels in Bali Kuta

Puri rama hostels in Bali is the best hostel that you can choose because it provides the facilities you need. Some of these facilities are a swimming pool and several other facilities. The architecture of the hostel is very nice to look at, it is located in Kuta with a classic design.

The design is the same as Balinese houses in general, this type of room is included in the best of the four types of rooms available. Deluxe private is one of the best choices, because it comes with a small refrigerator inside.

If you are a solo traveler, then you can choose a room with a dorm type. In this place, there are lots of rooms for a male or female solo traveler. You can also enjoy the other advantages of this place, one of which is the swimming pool in the hostel.

The swimming pool is a swimming pool that is open to all bar patrons, because there are so many visitors who like this type of hostel. The reason is the service at the very friendly staff and some of the facilities offered.

Swandewi Homestay

Swadewi Homestay is the best hostel which is located on Jalan Kartika Plaza, Samudra Lore number 6. Swadewi Homestay is the right choice for you and your family, because this place offers facilities close to Bali’s international airport, shopping centers, beaches, family recreation and entertainment. other.

If you decide to go on vacation to Kuta with your family, then you can rely on Swandewi Homestay as the best place and the right choice for you. As a visitor, you can enjoy various types of the most complete facilities while in this place. Moreover, some of these facilities are assisted by a fairly cheap price every night.

Kuta Beach Hostel

Kuta beach hostel is the best hostel located on Poppies I street, Gang Sorga No. 5, Kuta. This hostel is a very strategic accommodation for travelers, because the place is in the city center, the beach and the place is also in the middle of a shopping center.

You can easily get lots of access to various tourist attractions while you are here. Because, you can not only enjoy basic facilities such as a bedroom, because you can also enjoy other facilities such as bathrooms and swimming pools.

If you decide to stay at this place, then you can visit this best hotel. This hostel is available at affordable prices, you can also order this place via online or offline platforms.

What are Cheap Hostels in Ubud Bali?

Ubud is one of the places that you can visit, in Ubud you can also find hostels. The several types of hostels listed here are one of the best types of hostels and are available at very affordable prices.

The Happy Mango Tree

The happy mango tree Ubud is the best area, because you can enjoy the combination of colors with wooden instruments in this one hostel. Moreover, the place is one of the most interesting and instragamable places.

This best hostel provides a very beautiful view of the rice fields for all visitors. Of course, equipped with a sloping price makes this place more attractive to many people. This imprecise location is quite close to restaurants and the center of Ubud attractions, so you can easily access all facilities outside or inside.

Lagas Hostel

Lagas Hostel

Lagas Hostel is the best hostel equipped with a unique bunk bed, the bed is made of bamboo found in hostels. This hostel is located a bit far from the crowds, this hostel also provides dorm-type rooms only.

There is a female dorm type room in this place, additional facilities that you can enjoy while in this place are a communal kitchen. The communal kitchen is equipped with a stove that you can use if you want to cook something.

What are the Best Party Hostels in Bali?

Bali also provides several places that are very suitable to serve as the best party. You can easily find this type of hostel, if you decide to vacation in Bali. Of course, this hostel is available at very affordable prices and facilities that don’t need to be done anymore.

Nine Dollar Hostel

Nine dollar hostel is one of the hotels that you must meet when you decide to vacation in Bali. Please note, that this hostel is one of the most suitable accommodations for you while on vacation in Bali. In addition to the very affordable price, you can also enjoy the best facilities here.

The location of this hostel is located on Jalan Pattimura number 9, Kuta. As in this place you can enjoy a variety of very adequate facilities at affordable prices. Some of these facilities are very complete toiletries, coffee or tea makers, room facilities such as air conditioning, bicycle rental services, room service and very comfortable beds.

You can pay for this place if you need it, while the budget that must be spent is certainly not as much as when you are at the hotel. You can order it on an online sales platform or online ordering, you can also live to visit that place for the most complete service.

Bali Manik Beach Inn

Bali manik beach inn is the best place which is located on Jalan Benesari number 6. When you decide to stay at this place, then you can enjoy some of the adequate facilities provided by this best hostel.

This hostel provides some of the best places such as toiletries, AC, TV, room service, bicycle rental, and others. With the many facilities that have been provided, of course you only need to pay a very affordable price, you can order this facility via online booking.

Mahendra Beach Inn

Mahendra beach inn is one of the best hostels in Bali for you, which is about 20 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai international airport. If you want to visit Kuta Beach, then you can take it on foot for only 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, you can also go to the beach walk shopping center, which can be reached by a 15-minute walk. Each room at Mahendra Beach is equipped with some of the best facilities that can pamper you while you are here.

Some of the best and most complete facilities are fans or AC, private terraces, toiletries and toiletries, TV, Wi-Fi connection, and others. You can also pamper yourself with some of the supporting facilities in the hostel, such as a spa, lounge, massage, and others.

Mahendra beach inn is the best private hostel that comes at a very affordable price. You can also stay at this place, especially this one accommodation is located on Poppies Lane II Gg. Rota. You can easily book this place through online or offline platforms.

Some of the Best Hostels in Bali for Solo Travelers

The best hostel is a place to stay where you can stay while in Bali, especially if you are a solo traveler. Of course you need the best facilities to boost your activities while in Bali, in order to find the best facilities such as hostels.


Bedbunkers is the best hostel located on Jalan Kartika plaza number 22, Kartika Plaza. This hostel is one of the best lodging places that provide room facilities. The room facilities offered by bedbunkers are facilities with complete toiletries, air conditioning, tv, safety box and various other types of facilities.

Inside the bedbunkers you can also enjoy several other facilities, such as the supporting facilities provided. The supporting facilities include a spa, karaoke, restaurant, bar, BBQ, bicycle rental, massage, and several other types of facilities that can pamper you while you are here.

The price you have to pay to enjoy all the facilities that have been written is a very affordable price. You can stay at bedbunkers at affordable prices and satisfying facilities, per night, you can certainly save more budget than before.

Jesen’s Inn 3

Jesens Inn 3 is one of the best hostels in Bali that you can choose, because it is only 15 minutes away when you decide to drive from Ngurah Rai international airport. The shorter time is 3 minutes when you drive from Kuta Beach, and 5 minutes when you decide to drive from the beachwalk shopping mall.

Please note, that each type of room provided by this hostel is dominated by pastel colors equipped with interesting facilities. Some of the best facilities are TV, refrigerator, safe, air conditioning, and toiletries. Some of these interesting facilities you can enjoy while in this one hotel.

Don’t forget to sample some delicious cuisine at the restaurant or try relaxing in the lounge while staying at the hotel. The lounge is one of the places located on Jalan Bakung Sari number 43. You can easily stay at this place at a very affordable price per night, you can book on online or offline platforms.

Bali Caps Hostel

Hostels in bali

Bali Caps Hostel is one of the best hostels in Bali that you can choose when you decide to stay in Bali. Hostel Bali Caps Hostel is a hostel located on Jl Bypass Ngurah Rai No.9a, Kuta. You as a visitor and hostel user will certainly get the best variety of facilities while in this place.

This place offers very comfortable accommodation at a very affordable price. Some of the facilities provided can also be enjoyed easily while in this place. The facilities provided by this hostel are toiletries, air conditioning, massage, bicycle rental, lounge, non-smoking rooms, and others.

As a visitor, you can easily stay at Bali Caps Hostelat the best price per night. For reservations, you can contact the best booking platforms, or decide to book directly through the hostel reception.

What are Hostels in Bali for Private Room?

As a traveler, of course you can find a place to stay like a hostel while in Bali for a private room. You can find it according to the location you currently live in, make sure you really know the facilities that have been offered with the agreed budget.

Tequiero Bali Hotel

Te Quiero Bali Hostel is one of the hallmarks of being on the Ngurah Rai airport road. This hostel provides the best facilities, such as toiletries, air conditioning, TV, conference rooms, cleaning services, and others. As a hostel visitor, of course you can easily enjoy these various types of facilities at very affordable prices.

You can also order it on several online platforms, or directly order at the nearest receptionist.

S8 Suardana Hotel

Hostels in Bali

S8 Suardana Hostel is one of the hostels in Bali that you can make the best choice. This hostel provides various types of facilities that you need during your vacation in Bali. The room facilities you need are facilities that greatly affect your rest needs.

Some of these facilities are toiletries, air conditioning, TV, comfortable beds, and others. Apart from that, there are also several other facilities, these facilities are supporting facilities provided specifically for guests, including a spa, jacuzzi, swimming pool, massage, bicycle rental, and parking.

With a very affordable budget, you can rent this place because the price is very affordable per night. You can order it through the online platform or order it directly offline. The location of this place is on Jalan Buni Sari 14A, Legian.

So much information that can be explained about the Best Hostels to Stay in Bali for Couples and Solo Travelers, hopefully it can help.


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    A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches, food and local lifestyle.

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Veby Merta

Veby Merta

A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches,...