Experience Modern and Traditional Restaurants in Ubud is the best place you should visit while in Bali. The place is a place that offers the Best food destination in Bali ever. You can also spend time eating in a romantic place with that special someone.

What are some Instagramable Restaurants in Ubud?

Please note, that spending time to eat in a romantic place with a special person is something you should do. However, you can also look for places such as restaurants in Ubud, especially if the restaurant is an instagramable restaurant.

Kubu at Mandapa

Kubu at Mandapa is one of the restaurants in Ubud that you can choose to enjoy dinner. This restaurant is the right choice, because the place for dinner usually has a very unique table. Kubu Restaurant at Mandapa is a restaurant that makes your dinner privacy more awake. Because, you will be in a room or cage, where each table will look like a campsite.

At the top of the cage each table is also provided with a very bright lamp, making it easier for you to eat in the atmosphere of the night. Beside the dining area there is also a flowing river which will add a romantic impression to your dinner event.

One restaurant wants to provide a variety of menus up to 8 types of courses to pamper your tongue, because these types are special menus. You can also choose according to your taste, please note that this restaurant serves non-halal food.

Swept Away Restaurant

Swept Away Restaurant is the next place you can visit because it is surrounded by green views and clean rivers. The green scenery and clean river are in the vicinity. If you want a natural-smelling dining atmosphere, then you can choose this place because it is very suitable.

Of course there are several menus to choose from at this restaurant, and these menus are also juxtaposed with other menus that are no less large to order. As for each table, it is approved to be arranged in such a way as to make it look romantic, and make you not forget the moments and experiences here.

As for this address, precisely on Jalan Raya Sayan, Ubud, Bali, you can also easily make a table reservation before coming to this place. This place is one of the most suitable places for those of you who want to relax while enjoying food with your partner.

What are The Best Restaurants in Ubud?

Ubud is one of the areas in Bali, this area presents the best activities such as the best restaurants. You can easily try the culinary delights found in Bali just by being in an Ubud restaurant.

Hujan Locale

Hujan Locale is one restaurants in Ubud that makes you enjoy the vintage feel. Its interior design is an interior design that is very typical of the colonial period. There are several types of delicious Asian food that you can taste in this place.

This one restaurant also serves the best place for halal food and roast pork. For those of you who are Muslims, then you can be wiser in choosing the menu when you are at this one restaurant.

Please note, bring it for every dish that will be served, of course it will be cooked directly by a very expert chef. You as a customer can also choose a menu of typical Sundanese and North Sumatran dishes provided in this place.

You can choose the top, so you can find the seat that you enjoy the most. The topmost room will put you in the most exotic place. You can also see the beauty of Ubud at night while enjoying some of the best food menus.

Blanco Par Mandif

Blanco Par Mandif

Blanco par mandif is a restaurant in Ubud, this restaurant serves some Indonesian and French specialties. This restaurant overlooks a river called Campuhan, the river is one of the most popular rivers in Ubud.

There are several menus that you can order well, such as smoked aubergine mushroom melange, coco husk grilled octopus, and sher wagyu MR9. In addition, this one restaurant provides a package menu and is no less tempting than some menus in general.

The location of this restaurant is right in a museum, so you can also enjoy the beauty of the museum at the same time. It must be an unforgettable experience, when you enjoy a meal with your family with a very historical museum dish.

What are the names of restaurants for vegetarian food in Ubud?

Ubud is also one of the places that provides vegetarian food, you can easily enjoy it by choosing the appropriate menu. Vegetarian food is some food that comes from vegetables.

However, you can visit several names of restaurants in Ubud that serve vegetarian food. One of the restaurants in Bali that serves vegetarian food is the restaurant listed below. Make sure you have a sufficient budget, with good taste if you want to visit the restaurant.

Vegetarian food restaurants usually make some of the best menus, although they are also juxtaposed with some meat menus in them. Some of the special menus are vegetarian food menus that are only consumed by tourists who visit this place.

Locavore to Go

Locavore to go is one of the restaurants that is classified as a well-known and very popular restaurant in Ubud. This restaurants in Ubud is actually a small restaurant, but it is very popular among the people of Ubud because the menu is European cuisine.

The atmosphere in one’s family is also made as attractive as possible as in a European restaurant. You can also enjoy some of the famous menus in the restaurant such as rosted quail breast, grilled octopus, and goat liver mousse. In addition to these menus, there are still several special menus for vegetarians who do not want to eat any kind of meat.

What are the best spots for lunch in Ubud?

You should also know that there are many great places to have lunch while in Ubud. Many people do not know that Ubud has a variety of romantic places and the best place to enjoy lunch.

Bebek Tepi Sawah

Bebek Tepi Sawah is the best place that is directly adjacent to the rice fields. This dining place will look like a wooden gazebo that is very comfortable to live in. Although the place is adjacent to rice fields, the food menu provided is also the best food menu with western specialties.

On Sunday nights you can enjoy free dance performances culture in Bali that will be shown in this one restaurant. This part is the most unique part, and you must visit when you are in Ubud. Because, in addition to a very indulgent restaurant menu, you will enjoy a very beautiful view.

Bridges Bali Ubud Restaurant

Bridge Bali restaurants Ubud is one of the restaurants in Bali, this place offers a romantic and memorable dinner. You will be spoiled with several dining tables that are equipped with candle decorations, so that it adds to the romantic impression.

This restaurants in Ubud has several places to order and on reservation. You can design a place on the terrace or in the interior. Also make sure there are restrictions on places that suit your needs and desires, even though all the places here are beautiful and comfortable places.

At the front of the restaurant there is a very beautiful river, the river adds to the amazing impression while eating at this restaurant. The interior design of the restaurant is filled with some very interesting artistic works, these works will make your days more enjoyable.

What are the best warungs in Ubud?

People usually go to restaurants in Ubud to find the best places, but you can choose from a variety of restaurant offerings for the best dining moments. It’s not just eating, because you have to visit a lot of places that are worthy of being a destination.

By visiting some very worthy places as a destination, you will not feel bored while in Ubud. Ubud offers some of the best places although they have to be searched for with good choice of place.

Cascades Restaurant and Bar

Cascades Restaurant and Bar is the best place if you want to find a dining atmosphere like in a villa. This option is one of the restaurant options that is designed with a luxurious design, located in a very beautiful area of ​​​​Bali.

This restaurant does not only offer Asian cuisine, because you will enjoy some Japanese specialties and other foods. A food menu contained here is a food that deserves thumbs up, because the food has a good taste.

Clear Cafe

Clear Cafe is the best place you can visit, especially if you prefer healthy but luxurious food. This place to eat serves the place to eat that you mean, you can try it as a place to add to the best dining experience.

You don’t need to worry anymore, because the price that is helped by each menu is also very affordable. So you can order according to your needs and tastes, complete with the budget you have.

Folk Pool and Gardens

In addition to the clear cafe, you can also visit the folk Pool and gardens, which is a restaurant located around a cool pond and garden. The place for the food is made as shown on a special cot. This one place guarantees to give you a deep impression for the place to dine.

If you want to go to Ubud, then you can invite your partner to go to this place. Because, this place can make you and your partner enjoy a beautiful and very romantic dinner. As for some of the menus served, the best elements that you can enjoy with your partner. The menus are served at very affordable prices with a budget.

What are the 15 Best Ways to Experience Modern and Traditional Indonesian Culture in Bali?

As a visitor to Bali, you should know that there are 15 ways to enjoy various types of modern and traditional event offerings in Bali. If you want to enjoy the atmosphere in Bali, then you have to do 15 activities that make you get to know Balinese culture.

  1. The first activity we have to do is to try the culinary in Bali.
  2. The second activity you have to do is to try tourism and enjoy the tours in Bali.
  3. Don’t forget to also try some of the best restaurants in Bali to find out the culinary delights. Culinary in Bali is a culinary that is worth trying, because pampering the tongue with a variety of flavors is the best form of healing.
  4. You can also try to ride the means of transportation found in Bali.
  5. Also attend some of the best ceremonies that are often held in Bali.
  6. You can also attend events and enjoy the Balinese atmosphere in the morning.
  7. Bali usually has certain celebrations, of course you have to know and appreciate it more deeply if you want it.
  8. You can also enjoy some exciting activities that only exist in Bali. There are lots of exciting activities such as snorkeling, diving, walking in the mangrove forest and other activities that you can do in Bali. Moreover, you can do these activities with a mediocre budget.
  9. Also learn some of the languages ​​found in Bali, so that it is easier for you to get to know the culture in Bali, such as traditional ceremonies or certain celebrations.
  10. The culture in Bali is closely related to modern culture because there are so many people going in and out of Bali.
  11. Also enjoy the views of the sea and beaches that are only found in Bali, complete with sunrise and sunset.
  12. You can also enjoy some fun activities such as taking a morning walk or doing other things.
  13. Don’t forget to always understand the rules in Bali and obey them.
  14. You can also hunt for cheap foods, if you have a limited budget.
  15. Rent also some means of transportation that can be used when you are in Bali.


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Veby Merta

Veby Merta

A university student with a love of travel and adventure. Veby has lived in Boston, but Bali will always be home. She has traveled to all corners of the world and fallen in love with Bali for its beaches,...