Best magical waterfall in Bali is the place you must visit If you love waterfalls. A vacation to Bali is a dream for many people, because many people have several plans to do while in Bali. One of them is to follow natural attractions such as waterfalls.

When in Bali I want to see Waterfalls?

When in Bali you want to see a waterfall, of course you have to visit it. Tourism in Bali itself is famous for its exotic beaches, complemented by views of the surrounding waterfalls. There are so many places that attract tourists from home and abroad to come to Bali because of the beauty of the waterfall in Bali.

Leke-leke Waterfall

Leke-leke waterfall is a waterfall in Bali that presents a beautiful and real view at a tourist attraction. This tourist attraction is only located in the Tabanan area, while access to tourist attractions is fairly easy because tourists only need to walk.

You only need to pass a few bridges with a footpath that has been built in such a way. In addition to a waterfall that is so beautiful, visitors can also easily find a small pool that is very clear. The small, very clear pond is a pond equipped with shady trees. The trees are trees that surround the natural pool area, thus creating a truly beautiful atmosphere.

Nungnung Waterfall

Nungnung waterfall is the best waterfall with the most popular tourist attraction among tourists. This waterfall has a height of approximately 50 m, mentioning such an amazing view because the beautiful and green atmosphere is a tourist attraction.

Tourists who want to see the beauty of the waterfall have to walk and descend some stairs. Because, the location is in a forest valley, but you don’t need to worry because along the way you will be accompanied by views of green rice fields and forests.

Jembong Waterfall

Jembong waterfall is a waterfall tourist attraction that has a very beautiful view. The attraction of this one waterfall is the uniqueness of the water, the water has a height of 15 m and is in the form of a basin.

Please note, that there is a natural pool that can drain water and form a waterfall again so that it looks like a terraced. As a tourist, you can easily enjoy the lowest waterfall pool, which has a depth of about 1 M with clearer and cooler water.

As a visitor, you can enjoy the clearer water if you want to swim in a natural pool. You can only find this clear water at one of the waterfalls in Bali, namely Jembong waterfall.

Barracks Wall Waterfall

Barracks wall waterfall is a waterfall that is not widely known so it is not too crowded with tourists. The location is behind a cliff and requires a trip of about 700 meters from the parking lot, especially when you want to get to the waterfall.

You can also enjoy views of the forest and green rice fields, which will accompany your trip. This waterfall has a very beautiful and very unique natural panorama. The water flow can pass through the red cliffs as the name suggests, namely the barracks wall which means red wall.

As a visitor visiting Bali, of course you should know some of the waterfalls in Bali. Waterfalls are one of the other tourist alternatives in Bali. You can find a row of waterfalls with amazing views in several areas in Bali.

What are the biggest waterfalls in Bali?

There are so many waterfall tourist motorcycle taxis that are not as crowded as the beach, so the waterfall is a condition of one of the tourist destinations that is much more beautiful than the beach. Each waterfall in Bali has its own beauty and characteristics. There are also several waterfalls that have very large media and are often referred to as the largest waterfalls.

Aling-aling Waterfall

Aling-aling waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Bali that must be visited. This waterfall presents a green view surrounded by cliffs and quite shady trees. The height of the waterfall itself is about 35 meters and is split into two parts.

The flow of the Aling-aling waterfall is heavier on the right side. The flow of the waterfall forms a natural pool just below with a ravine depth of approximately 4 M. Aling-aling waterfall is a recommended waterfall that you can visit, because it is included in the category of a large waterfall and only in Bali.

Gitgit Waterfall

Gitgit waterfall is a waterfall known as one of the highest waterfalls in Bali. The water discharge is very heavy with a height of 48 M, this one waterfall is known to be clean with very cool water.

As a tourist, you can easily swim in the pool to unwind after walking to reach the waterfall location. When you decide to visit this tourist attraction, you will pass several community plantations such as clove and coffee plantations.

The location of this waterfall is in a mountainous area with a beautiful atmosphere and the best air. The air around the waterfall is clean and free from pollution. So it is very calming for anyone who visits the Gitgit waterfall.

Melanting Waterfall

Melanting waterfall is a waterfall tourist attraction that offers green views and brings the eyes closer. The atmosphere in it is a very natural atmosphere with cool air, but the main charm of this tourist spot is the waterfall that flows from a height of 20 meters.

The journey to the location of this waterfall in Bali is not so difficult, because you only need to walk about 500 meters from the parking lot. The scenery that is served during the trip is green plantations and very lush trees.

What are the famous waterfalls in Bali?

There are so many famous waterfalls in Bali, because the waterfall in Bali have their own charm. The attraction of the waterfall adds to the adventure story you have.

Dusun Kuning Waterfall

Dusun kuning waterfall is a natural tourist spot that is famous for its exotic waterfall views. This one waterfall flows but with black rocks and becomes a charm in itself, because you can only get some charms only in this waterfall.

The water discharge from this one waterfall in Bali is not too wide, but it flows down from a height of 25 m which makes the water splash in all directions. Tourists who are close can certainly feel the freshness of the water which is really clean and very natural.

Rangrong Cave Waterfall

The most beautiful waterfall on this one is a waterfall that has a very unique and different view from most other waterfalls. Because, the flow of water looks like it comes out of the mouth of the cave and flows through the rocks.

Tourists are advised to dress modestly and maintain proper behavior while in the area. Because, the location of this one waterfall is a very sacred location by the local community.

Sekumpul Waterfalls

The flow of the waterfall from the tourist attraction is so beautiful, because it seems to emerge from behind the green plants. Especially during the rainy season, because the view of the waterfall is really green with an always heavy flow. Tourists should come when the weather is sunny so that the trip to this place becomes safer.

The access road to reach this waterfall is through hundreds of very steep stairs. In addition, you can also pass other road access to reach the waterfall, because you have to cross a river. This waterfall attraction is indeed suitable for tourists who like adventure and challenges.

Peguyangan Waterfall

The next waterfall is the most beautiful waterfall that can be the best holiday destination in Bali. The attraction of this place is the flow of the waterfall which is on the beach. There is also a pool which is the end of the flow of the waterfall before it falls into the sea, because the pool can be used by tourists to swim while enjoying the beautiful scenery around it.

Wana Ayu Waterfall

Wana Ayu waterfall is one of the waterfall attractions that is easily visited. This waterfall is a waterfall object that flows with a height of 35 m and falls in a natural pool. The flow of water passes through the cliff wall and is surrounded by various types of green plants.

The beautiful view of the waterfall can be a very cool photo background. Moreover, the atmosphere is not too crowded so that visitors can be more satisfied and free to take the best photos in these various places.

Carat Falls

There is one waterfall tourist attraction in Bali which is still very natural and has not been visited by many tourists. When you are at that location, you will find two waterfalls. One flow of the waterfall is only about 4 meters, which is quite safe for tourists to swim in the pool or stream below.

The higher waterfall offers a beauty that is so enchanting, even though its location is on a steep cliff so that tourists can’t just get close.

What are the best waterfalls in Ubud?

Bali itself has an area like Ubud, some of the most beautiful waterfall in Bali attractions with their own area are Ubud. You can visit it if you are already in the area.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Tegenungan waterfall is a waterfall tourist attraction that is quite famous and is usually crowded during the holiday season. The path that tourists need to take to get to the location of this waterfall is to just go down a few steps.

The scenery around the waterfall is so beautiful and green, so that the flow of water slides down from a height of about 15 M with a fairly hard water discharge. Tourists who come to this place can swim and even do cliff jumps.

Sumampan Waterfall

Sumampan Waterfall is a waterfall located in Ubud and has been formed for a long time and is part of the river flow. This one waterfall is somewhat different from other tourist attractions, because it is formed from a fairly unique formation process.

This waterfall in Bali was formed based on an irrigation tunnel that had a leak, so that the water seeped up to the sides of the cliff. The seepage results will gather at one point because there is a project to excavate solid rock under the cliff

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

The next waterfall is Kanto Lampo Waterfall, which has a terraced waterfall view with the attraction of other tourist attractions. The height reaches about 15 meters which flows to the surface of the rock cliffs.

You can also enjoy a beautiful and enchanting panorama, thus making many tourists use it as a photo background. The water contained in it is cool water, so it can be used to soak the feet to unwind.

However, when you are in this place, you have to be careful, because there are some parts of the stone that are often found with moss. The mossy rock can make you fall suddenly, especially if you are not careful when passing through the place.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung waterfall is a waterfall in Bali that is no less aesthetic, because it offers natural beauty by combining two waterfalls in one location. This place is hidden between the cliffs, if you are lucky you can see the sun shining through every gap.

Tourists can easily try swimming or exciting water activities while in this place. You don’t have to just feel hot, because there are high cliffs and tendrils of plants that surround the river area.

Requires more struggle to reach this location, because the terrain you need to go through is quite steep and filled with several challenges. However, all the fatigue of tourists will not be paid in cash after seeing the view from the waterfall which is so beautiful to the eye. Visit to prove the truth.

With this article, I hope this article is useful for readers.


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Angela Julie

Angela Julie is an Australian-born freelance writer and world traveller. Based in Bali, this free spirited adventure addict, with long hair and sandy feet, is always in search of wonders off the beaten...