Place to visit in Kintamani will make you feel more at home in Bali, because this place provides the best experience. Vacationing to the Island of the Gods is the moment that many people have been waiting for. One of the attractions of the Island of the Gods is Kintamani, which is a plain with cool air.

What are the 8 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kintamani Bali?

Kintamani is located in Bangli Regency, an area on the island of Bali that is rich in tourist attractions. Not only famous for the Kintamani dog breed, because you will find a cool plain here. Kintamani is the home of the famous mountains in Bali which make the panorama even more stunning.

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kintamani Bali
  1. Climb Mount Batur. You can climb Mount Batur to enjoy the beautiful lake in Kintamani. Although the rock mountain is not as high as Mount Agung, this mountain is very popular. You can find travelers cramming the peak at sunrise.
  2. Batur Kintamani Geopark Museum is the right place if you want to explore the history of Mount Batur.
  3. You can also visit Lake Batur, by canoeing or just enjoying the sparkling surface of Lake Batur.
  4. Sukawana sunrise Spot is the right place if you want to enjoy the sunrise as well as the warmth of the sun.
  5. You can walk along an interesting trail to the top of Indrakila Trunyan. The peak has two hiking trails, the popular and famous for its unique burial traditions.
  6. You can also visit religious tourism, namely the Ulun Danu Batur temple.
  7. Also visit toya devasya, which is the best place for a hot bath in Kintamani.
  8. You can also clean yourself in Balinese style at Tirta Pancoran Solas, in this place you can also feel the warm water.

What are the places to go in Kintamani?

Before you decide to go to Kintamani, then you must check the tourist sites there. Do not let you miss the famous tourist sites in Kintamani, because these locations will make your experience increase.

Batur Kintamani Geopark Museum

If you want to explore the history of Mount Batur, then you can visit the Batur geopark museum. The Batur mountain and lake area has been directly recognized by UNESCO, as one of the global geoparks that has a wealth of archeology and geology.

Mount Batur is also known by UNESCO for its rich culture. You can enjoy all the details, which are displayed in this museum. The Batur Kintamani geopark museum has two floors, you can see the collection in the biodiversity or cultural diversity room.

There is also an auditorium room, the auditorium room provides a number of educational films about volcanoes. There is also an observation post that can be visited to observe the volcanic activity of Mount Batur. Anyone can enjoy the volcanic activity of Mount Batur, you can enjoy it on the Panalokan highway, South Batur.

Sukawana Sunrise Spot

In the Kintamani area, you can also enjoy the Sukawana sunrise spot, so you can enjoy the warmth of the sun. The location to see the sunrise is indeed not to be missed, because Sukawana sunrise makes you unable to enjoy the warmth of the sun as well as the view of the sunrise.

Sukawana sunrise pot is a place that has been neatly arranged, equipped with a platform to make it easier for you to find cool spots. You can enjoy this Kintamani tour, especially when the morning mist begins to part.

When the morning mist begins to part, you can unify your views to the expanse of housing and rice fields beneath your feet. You can also rent accommodation for camping or glamping in the vicinity. If you are satisfied to capture yourself, then you can go down for breakfast to Sukawana Sunrise Cafe.

Glagah Linggah Sustainable Pine Forest

The sustainable Glagahlinggah pine forest is the right place if you like pine forests. The location of this forest is easy to find, because besides being close to people’s homes, this place is also very friendly.

You can enjoy a peaceful rural feel in this place, soak up the atmosphere of insects and the chirping of birds that are difficult to find in urban areas. It will certainly make your ears and heart feel cool, making this place very fitting to get rid of bad moods.

As for the ticket you have to pay to go to this place, it is free. Therefore, you can visit this place at any time, especially if you are going to Kintamani.

Indrakila Trunyan Peak

The peak of Indrakila Trunyan is referred to as the peak of the Trunyan hill which has two climbing routes. This peak is very popular, as the village of Trunyan is famous for its unique burial tradition. Before you decide to climb on this hill, you can first travel to Trunyan village.

You can enjoy the beautiful beauty in this village, a very good view will be a bonus when you have reached a hill that is 1800 meters above sea level. You can also freely see the view of Mount Agung, see the view of Mount Batu and Mount Abang.

In order to maximize the experience, this place provides a camping area for cheerful camping. It would be much more cheerful if the nature was so beautiful, because you can also walk along the interesting path to the top of Indrakila Trunyan. This place is open every day, within 24 hours and never closes.

What are the Kintamani accommodations?

Kintamani has complete accommodation, so you don’t have to worry about finding a place to stay here. In this place you will be spoiled with a variety of exciting activities, these activities you can enjoy only in Kintamani.

Kintamani Penelokan Village

Penelokan Kintamani village is a beautiful village and has many tourist attractions. In Penelokan village, you can enjoy citrus and coffee plantations which are beautiful to look at. The location is on the edge of the Mount Batur caldera, so you can freely enjoy the charm of the mountain to the lake in front of you.

Penelokan village is a village that already has restaurant facilities and a place to stay. So you can sip hot coffee in this cool spot. If you like to see the sunrise, then Penelokan village is the right location.

Especially if the sky is clear, you can see the peak of Rinjani from here. You can also capture the moment which is a mandatory agenda, because every corner of the village is cool and photogenic. Penelokan village is located in Kintamani District, while the opening hours are every day because it never closes.

Where to go in Kintamani?

Kintamani is located in Bali, offering the best tourist destinations that are very beautiful. For that, you have to go to Kintamani to enjoy the beauty that is presented. The beauty presented by Kintamani such as mountains and beautiful lake views.

Langganan Waterfall

Langgahan waterfall commonly referred to as pelisan waterfall, has a very beautiful winding water flow when viewed from above. The water discharge is not too hard, so you can soak while sitting on the rocks.

You can sit for a moment in this place while listening to the gurgling water, which is accompanied by the lush trees. You can also meet local residents who play in the water in this place, of course no one can refuse to get wet in a place as beautiful as this.

Lake Batur

The next beauty that you can enjoy in Kintamani is Lake Batur. You can canoe or just enjoy the sparkling surface of Lake Batur. Lake Batur is the largest lake in Bali, formed from the eruption of Mount Batur.

The shape of Lake Batur is like a crescent moon. The depth of this lake is about 65 meters. You must pay attention to the safety factor when deciding to visit Lake Batur. If you want to feel a different atmosphere, then you can go around Mount Batur by canoe.

Besides paddling around Lake Batur, you can also fish in this place. Try to find local fishermen who can provide fishing guide services. With the services of a fishing guide, you can relax and enjoy the fresh air while waiting for the fish to come.

Mount Abang Kintamani

In Kintamani there is also Mount Abang, Mount Abang in Kintamani is the prima donna of Bali. Especially for those of you who are lazy to exercise, surely you are interested in climbing Mount Abang because it is a cool experience. You can walk surrounded by the authenticity of the trees and grass around it.

You can wear appropriate shoes so that the climb takes place comfortably and safely. The uniqueness of Gunung Abang is the temple in every post. Although the Abang mountain trail is considered friendly for beginners, it is recommended that you still use a guide. When visiting this place, it is guaranteed that you will never regret having been to the village of Abangsongan, Kintamani District.

What are Kintamani hidden gems?

Kintamani is one of the tourist destinations in Bali, which has hidden places. The hidden place in Kintamani, makes this place a favorite by many people.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur is a mountain that you can climb to get a beautiful view of the lake. Mount Batur is not as high as Mount Agung, but this mountain is known as the best mountain. Mount Batur is often visited by tourists, who usually jostle to crowd the peak of Mount Batur at sunrise.

The thing that is hunted by travelers on top of Mount Batur is the view of Lake Batur. The view of Lake Batur from a height is certainly very stunning, thus making many people willing to go to this place.

Mount Batur is still declared an active volcano, so you can smell sulfur from its crater. The smell of sulfur makes Mount Batur even more exotic. You don’t need to worry, because Mount Batur is a safe mountain to climb, so you can find the services of a guide easily.

Segara Ulun Danu Batur Temple Kintamani

Ulun Danu Batur Temple Kintamani is a temple located close to Mount Batur. Often times this temple looks shrouded in fog, it actually makes the scenery more exotic and beautiful to look at. Many religious ceremonies are held at the Segara Ulun Danu Batur temple.

If you are lucky, you will also witness a religious ceremony which is an exciting activity in this place. You will also find the bentar temple and various other buildings with amazing details. You also must not forget to prepare a camera, you also have to comply with some customary norms set in this place.

Sunrise Spot

Pinggan sunrise Spot is located in the village of Pinggan, dubbed the village above the clouds because of its location in the highlands. When the fog starts to fall, you will literally feel like you are flying above a clump of clouds. Also prepare cool sweaters, because you have to be ready to explore every very instragamable corner.

Pinggan sunrise pot is a favorite place for many travelers, because you can see incredible bursts of morning sunlight. The perfect burst of morning sunlight illuminates the village below, it’s good you should be in this place around 05.30 WITA.

In order not to miss a short and precious moment, you should visit this place earlier than usual. This place is guaranteed to be very good and makes your sleepy disappear immediately after being exposed to the morning sun.

What are kintamani hot springs?

Please note, that Kintamani has a hot spring. The hot springs owned by Kintamani can make you addicted. You can invite your family to this place, while enjoying the atmosphere in Kintamani.

Kintamani Hotspring offers an unusual experience, you will enjoy a view that you will never forget for a lifetime. When enjoying the hot springs in this place, it’s a good idea to take your family along. So that the family can also feel the comfort of the Kintamani hot spring.

Toya Devasya Hot Spring Waterpark

Kintamani has a hot spring which is one of the attractions of Kintamani. The place is Toya devasya hot spring Waterpark, this hot spring pool is directly adjacent to Lake Batur. The borders make up the main attraction of this place.

You can feel pleasure, because the aches will disappear thanks to the touch of hot water on your body. Also enjoy the typical mountain breeze from this place. Toya Devasya hot spring not only provides hot water bathing facilities, it also provides water sports facilities.


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Stefan Miles

Besides being curious about people and their cultures, Miles enjoys writing and messing around with a camera. Miles’s favourite meditations are a good book with a cappuccino, feeding stray cats and dogs,...